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A month ago I read some rather negative comments and remarks about MIGUEL SACO and staff. Here is my comment: I work for Miguel Saco Men's Wear as a tailor. We had our uniforms assigned by the company more than five years ago. Our requests to change the style of the fabrics were denied (we asked for 100% wool, but we received fabric with 70% wool). But this was not the only reason why we complained. Since last year we had issues with shortages of important materials such as buttons, zippers or linings among others; these problems affected all departments and sections: retail, office staff and production sections (tailoring and sewing). At first we thought that these shortages occurred because of inventory errors, bad timing of orders or other mistakes, but then we realized that this was not the case. The problem did not originate from inside of MIGUEL SACO, but from its owners: they did not want to order the necessary supplies and invested their money in anything else. This is not a matter of economy or bad management. It's just lack of seriousness and commitment with the company and employees. This problem can be easily resolved by buying what is needed at once (this would also help us get rid of more than fifty tons of fabric which are stored at Miguel Saco). We were promised that all shortages would be solved this year; however, after only one month more problems have arisen: for example right now we do not have lining for our suits and we will not be able to produce for this week (if we don't manage it today, people could not get their ordered suits by next Saturday). This company has been in crisis for three years now. But because of the way it is managed, nothing good has come out; there are problems all around: with production materials, services, deliveries and client complaints (sometimes because of missing or bad-fitting items). We feel like we're the only ones who actually work here. I can understand that Miguel Saco Men's Wear is an expensive store and that these kinds of problems may cause clients to find other places to spend their money; however if the majority of employees were consulted about decisions as important as these things.See full review

etickets logo

There are no well-known online stores that can satisfy our needs to buy clothes or shoes. It's especially hard when it comes to jewelry and accessories. That's why I decided to open my own blog about those things what I choose from the Internet. Today I'm going to talk about one of those famous shops where you can buy whatever you need - Etickets . In this review you will see who they are and how their work looks like as well as read some users' reviews about them. Who are they? Etickets is a UK based company with its head office in London which specializes in selling sports tickets , concert tickets , theater tickets , casino passes, etc. They offer more than 1 million events every month across the UK and Europe . The website of this store was registered in 2014 by Stanislav Batrinovic , who is also the current owner of Etickets . What do they sell? Actually, they sell different kinds of tickets - opera tickets , football tickets , theater tickets , music concert tickets , etc. You can even buy some regular things on their online shop as well if you want to. Pros of using their service: - There are two ways of paying for the goods you have chosen - PayPal or credit card;  - It provides a fast delivery to your home or hotel where you can get your order at any time with no additional charges; - Their prices are very cheap. If you want to buy tickets for an opera performed in the UK, you will have to pay about £ 6 . -They offer a 20% discount if you get more than 1 ticket at once. You can also use their coupons that are available on different websites or forums. Cons of using their service:  - They don't have their own mobile app yet, so it's hard to track your order while being outside of the house.;  - I've never encountered any problems with their website , but some people complain about saving their orders feature not working properly. What do customers think about them? I couldn't find any complaints from past clients. But since there As you can see, Etickets offers a wide variety of tickets to suit any need for just about anything - from opera tickets to sports events. The company is reliable and affordable with more than 1 million different events every month across the UK and Europe.See full review

party delights logo

Party Delights is a website that sells accessories and accessories for children. The main idea of ​​the company is to provide the products needed to create a party, birthday or other celebration. In my opinion, they have a lot of unique items, although their prices are quite high. All you need at any time !!! I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for something special for your own use or as an original gift! In their offer there are also various types of clothing with individual patterns and shapes (for example, glasses , moustaches / ends). They have a section dedicated to stockings and gloves in which you can print your own design. There are also various types of temporary tattoos - small printed stickers on which you can write any name, birthday message, etc. They have additional items such as napkins , cups / glasses , candles / party bags for children and much more! I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for something special for your own use or as an original gift! I chosen some pictures from their offer to show what the possibilities are, but keep in mind that they have even more items. If you want to see all products at once-visit them here . Party Supplies starting at £2.Custom Clothing starting at £6.99 and much more! I hope you liked this review and come back soon :) I made a little mistake, sorry :) You can choose from hats, balloons, banners , etc. In their offer there are also various types of clothing with individual patterns and shapes (for example, glasses , moustaches / ends). They have a section dedicated to stockings and gloves in which you can print your own design. Banner in the form of a tape with your text, photo or design !!! There are also various types of temporary tattoos Party Delights offers a variety of party supplies that will help you create the perfect celebration for any occasion. They have everything from banners to clothing and offer custom options as well.See full review

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Entertainment Earth ( link ) is an online retailer of all sorts of toys, t-shirts and other items. They are known for the little free gifts they give away with every order, some exclusive to them like Stan Lee's BullHorn . If you're into Star Wars , Marvel or Walking Dead stuff, Entertainment Earth is the place to go. Prices on their site are mostly better than retail price but there are certain cases that it is more expensive than normal retail stores. Some of the things that I bought from EE before had only small difference in price compared to what I pay at local shops so not really a big deal unless you want to save up on shipping costs which will be your best option if you order something heavy. If this is your first time shopping on Entertainment Earth, read my guide below to make sure you get the best deal possible. I bet it's registered somewhere in San Mateo, California which is located just south of San Francisco Bay Area where their warehouse is situated or probably might have some branch here in the Philippines too since they are an international store. However there are instances that I cannot browse EE's site on both my laptop and mobile phone when I'm outside Metro Manila so maybe they have a local server for this browsing purpose only but if you can browse it from any location around the world then chances are you're not hitting any local servers of theirs at all, making them a global store. To start off, you'll need to register an account in order to buy something. Shipping is free when you make your first purchase but if item(s) are heavy or big then they will charge shipping cost which might be higher than other online shops when buying the same product with them. Why? This is where I've got my answer when I bought their Pop! Pen Toppers . On April 29th 2016, just two days before my birthday, I received an e-mail from Entertainment Earth saying that they have sent me a gift on behalf of one of their employees named Allison who was really nice enough to send me this package at no extra cost even though she did not know me personally nor she has talked to me before. So that was a really nice gesture and just to show my gratitude, I decided to send them a review about their site and all I wanted in return was for them to send another free gift which they did without me asking it because they gave me the surprise of my life so thank you so much Entertainment Earth! I've read some complains about shipping too slow but when I received my package from EE, it arrived exactly on time so maybe those people who complain were just unlucky with their shipping or maybe there's something wrong with their post office. Entertainment Earth is a great online store to buy your favorite toys, t-shirts and other items. They have the best free gift with every order that you can get from them which makes it more appealing for customers who are thinking about purchasing an item on their site.See full review

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I had a chance to visit Dorothy Perkins store in Cheltenham while I was shopping with my fiancee. We saw some nice wedding dress and while we approached it we heard that another customer is returning it because she decided not to buy the dress there. The stylist who serves us opened the package, took out the dress saying: "We don't have any more stock on this item". She took the dress to another room and after 15 minutes or so returned with a different item of similar style but slightly changed design. Of course it was not wrapped properly at all - just an ordinary hanger covered with thin paper. Well, let's forget about unwrapped dresses for now... it may happen I suppose.. stuff because she's blatently completely ignored me on several occasions even though I've been polite and courteous everytime. The last straw was when i had to ask her for help with some trousers that were too big, after waiting while she helped some other customers who seemed less important to her, I politely asked if she could check the size of some jeans in my hand, after looking at them briefly before deciding they looked fine she turned around to get another pair whilst i was standing there holding 2 pairs -_- I don't think it would be appropriate to name the person but you can find out easily enough by asking in store during monday-friday anytime between 9am-7pm. Don't want that kind of service? I know it can be frustrating to go into a store and experience bad service, especially when you’ve been polite. You might want to think about shopping somewhere else the next time you need new clothes or accessories for your wedding day! Our team of experts are ready and waiting to partner with you in order to create an amazing SEO plan that not only gets more visitors on your website but also turns them into customers who buy from you online.See full review

oxford capital partners logo

Oxford Capital Partners is a private investment fund whose fund managers have a long track record of successfully growing innovative technology companies. During this recession many people are worried about the state of the economy and how the future will unfold. Traditionally management fund investing has been based on blue chip stocks that are well established, have a strong earnings history, and a solid financial performance. However as technology companies are in the spotlight of the media and investor community more frequently, fund managers are beginning to look at new businesses that can offer great business opportunities. Technology investments typically combine high technology valuation with an attractive business model and management team. A good combination yields impressive returns for the investors. In addition to having strong management teams and operating budgets, Oxford Capital Partners offers excellent liquidity. The fund manager carries a significant amount of cash on his books, which gives him the opportunity to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. One of the other benefits offered by this fund is that it does not have an ownership structure. There are no directors or officers of Oxford Capital Partners. This is referred to as "family office" funding because the fund managers live and work in the family offices of their fund. The venture capital fund provides excellent growth possibilities with relatively low risk. Even though technology companies are experiencing a great deal of risk in recent times, a good venture capital fund can help to offset much of that risk through the use of venture capital funds and risk capital loans. Capital funds are used to make short-term investments for quick growth opportunities in order to generate long term profits. There are various types of investment funds such as debt, equity, and derivatives that can be used as venture capital or family office funds. See full review

bankinter logo

Bankinter, S.A. is a Spanish bank headquartered in Madrid. It was ranked number 7th in the world for total assets by World Scope, having an asset value of more than US$ 77 billion. It is a member of the Ibex 35 Index, having been listed since 1972. Bankinter has branches in almost all major cities of Spain. It is also known for being a direct lender, providing credit facilities to its customers without the involvement of any bank institution. Bankinter refinancing is sometimes a complicated procedure, due to the fact that you are essentially borrowing from your own savings. As with any loan, Bankinter requires a good credit history and regular payments before giving you a line of credit. If your credit score is below average, there are special programs available. You may be able to secure additional funding through other sources such as your credit union, if they are willing to finance your account. A Bankinter representative will usually be able to answer your questions pertaining to their refinancing options. Bankinter has several methods of payment that you may choose from. Their preferred method is by checks, though you can also pay via debit cards and online check cashers. You can select the method that suits you best from the various options that are offered to you. The main advantage of electronic checks is that there are no delays in processing, which could adversely affect your application. In addition, this option is considerably faster than visiting a branch to complete the transaction. Bankinter refinancing will not affect your credit rating. It is considered separate from your credit history, so your credit rating will remain intact. However, if you decide to go ahead and obtain a line of credit, it will affect your credit history in a negative manner. Bankinter offers competitive rates for their refinancing services. They offer some of the lowest interest rates in the industry, which saves you a lot of money on monthly repayments. You'll even find some incentives with Bankinter. For example, you'll receive a percentage of your savings in cash when you close your account. In addition, if you choose to open another checking or savings account at Bankinter, you may receive a matching amount in savings. Bankinter is not the only place to look for an appropriate refinancing loan. You should compare different lenders, too, in order to secure a lower rate. If you make sure to ask all the relevant questions, such as what kind of fees and costs will be incurred, you'll ensure that you choose the best loan product. When you fill out an application form, information such as current income and employment will be asked. In addition, income tax liabilities, current home value, current debt load and other financial commitments will also be divulged, so as to assist you to determine whether you qualify for this type of loan or not.See full review

paragon logo

i really hope that this will happen soon, nowadays ico projects dont ride on their roadmap schedule anymore and ppl losse interest in the project pretty fast due to trust loosing and everyone dumps and then i start to cry. I've just read the medical marihuna post regarding Peru. Good news for people who can be helped with this as a medication. I hope Paragon uses Peru as another one of their bases. I do expect them to start somewhere in the US and perhaps the Netherlands and grow from these bases. i think this is good time to invest on paragon. i am interested to invest more on this project. really profitable and strong platform.See full review

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20% go to the campaign for the development of blogs and moderation of the community, 30% - for campaigns in social networks and avatars. I was curious why this project was misunderstood by everyone, the author never explained the token distribution thing, I still wear my signature and avatar, I still stand here, I do not know what the team encountered problems, after all, this The original intention of the project is good, I see a clear direction, I hope the author can be as soon as possible to revitalize the community You can buy or mine tokens. You can get free tokens in their telegram channel, or by participating in their bounty campaign. Also, you can get bonus during the token pre-sales. I think, it is interesting for everyone, in particular those, who like this project so much.See full review

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This is for sure, there will always be people who are optimistic about this token, but choose to buy. It takes a long time to develop a project. If you really want to make a fortune, I guess you have to hold it for a long time. There is a very simple bounty activity above. Just follow twitter and you can participate. You can go and see For now the details of The Star is not revealed yet. However the importance of the event is that it would be the official launch of the SelfSell platform. Available in many places, such as the telegraph group, which announces the progress of the project every week.See full review


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