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Everything about scheduling suite is very organized! It's my favorite because I'm able to see everything in one place at once which makes it easier for me when entering new information or updating existing data. The customer service team always responds very quickly even after hours of past due time. There are few minor features that would make this app better but nothing majorly negative either. Overall great product! Very easy to use so anyone who has some experience could just jump right intoSee full review

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I like how it gives me all of my employees data, including their time off which makes setting up schedules so much easier! Also you can easily keep track of when each person works through out the week/month etc. There are many different options to choose from that make things complicated but there should be an option such as "basic" or something along those lines where everything would just work and not need to adjust settings everytime we add a new schedule type. It's also very easy to use onceSee full review

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The ease of use makes it very user friendly! It's free to try out for 30 days which gives you enough time to figure everything out before committing your money into purchasing this software as I did. There isn't much in terms of features but what there does have are great at first glance once setup correctly so no complaints here either really just trying to get people thinking about their workforce management needs by using these tools can only be helpful for them now right? Well thats my 2 ceSee full review

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The ability to have many different screens or reports that can be updated at one time. I love being able to see all of my candidates in one place with a nice easy interface. It would be great to be able to set up an email template so you don't have to do this over and over when a job comes up. You need to make sure that the candidate you are hiring is qualified, has relevant experience, etc. Otherwise you could end up with someone who isn't as well rounded. Great way to keep track of your candiSee full review

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I like that it is easy to use for my employees as well! It's simple enough even if you're not an accountant or tax professional yourself but want some help with calculating their taxes correctly without having them do all this work themselves (which they probably won't anyway). They don’t have any way in which we can upload our own forms so there are just certain things about Tax Slips/Schedule-Eases where users cannot create new content unless someone else does first - such has creating scheduSee full review

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I bought this in early December of 2017 as my first ever Magic booster pack purchase after having just gotten into it about six months before that time around November 2016 This was my first time buying this... I never thought that these cards would have been reprinted so many times over all of time but they were! These are great for any collection you may own. No matter what your favorite player is this will give them some new life in their deck or it can just be added to someone's display See full review

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The ease to use and schedule a large company. I like that this is very customizable and there are many options you can choose from. It also works great in conjunction with other software's such as Hubstaff, Xero, Dropbox and more! Not much to dislike about this program. There is nothing at this time that I do not enjoy using this program for. If it was not for its price, I would have purchased this years ago. We are able to save money by creating efficiencies in our scheduling process and reducSee full review

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I like that it's completely customizable. You can use it to create your own workflow and process within the tool. Also, the drag & drop feature makes it so easy to move things around. It's not as robust as some other more expensive options out there. However, I also think you get what you pay for. There are lots of free trials available. The most useful thing about this software is the ability to have multiple projects going at once. This allows me to keep my various workflows in one place. A loSee full review

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The best thing about harvestis they have created something unique which actually benefits user in realtime with their service team as well by sharing valuable insights from different sources like social media, web analytics etc., There are quite some great features of this software but my favorite one would be customizing your home page experience according to business needs for example I could customize every link or button so each time when i visit website it looks same & feel good too! Also iSee full review

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The program is user friendly and easy to learn how to use it for most jobs I need it for. It also has great tutorials that walk you through everything in detail. Sometimes when using the drag feature of this software certain areas will "go blank" and not allow me to move them around as intended. This happens sometimes but does go away after restarting my computer. Great program and would recomend it wholeheartedly! We are solving alot less problems now with key soft than we were before with otheSee full review

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I love that it syncs with our website so we can create an invoice or receipt from anywhere on our site without having to send an email out to everyone involved in the transaction. There are many different templates available and it's simple to customize them to fit our needs. Sometimes it takes a while to sync up with our system if we make a change but that could be because of the difference in platforms. It also can take time for the customer to upload their proof once they receive it. We use tSee full review

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I like that it has options for different formats (e-book, eLearning) as well as multiple reviewers in one project; however this adds complexity when trying to organize items/items by date or author etc. It's very customizable so if there are specific areas where they could improve upon then this would be helpful! The ability of having someone else edit my papers was great because at times we were dealing w something difficult related to grammar which made editing easier than writing from scratchSee full review

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The best thing about this app for me personally, was knowing I could reach out directly via chat if there were any issues or questions regarding my ad! It also helped when it came time to pay as well because you can do so in real-time using your phone's payment system (Venmo). Nothing really at all - but maybe some more features would be nice like being able to have multiple images of each item listed? Also having an option where we are only allowed one image per listing might help too since somSee full review

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I like that it's easy for me as well my teammates, because we can give feedbacks about our work or projects without having too much time consuming (we don't waste any one of them). Also you have all your tools at hand when giving feedbaks so there isn’t anything missing from this tool! It sometimes takes some times before i get used with its features but after using few days everything will be fine :) Overall experience has been good enough till now!! Nothing bad yet. Just use captain feedback See full review

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I like that it is easy for me as an admin user because everything you need are there in one place which makes things easier than having different software or apps installed separately where i have multiple accounts with my clients (different platforms). Also they provide support when needed at any time of day so no worries about getting stuck without anyone around! Nothing specific but overall this service has been good! Would recommend them if looking into using their services since everyone knSee full review

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I like how easy it is to use all of our coworkers in real time at different places around campus if we are not physically together yet that day or week!! This makes working so much easier especially for those who have kids/homeschoolers where they work from home sometimes just getting everyone gathered can be challenging. The only bad thing about this app is there isn't more options within each event you attend which would make creating my schedule even quicker & better. ! Definitely using duriSee full review

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The ability to send emails through our website for customers, as well has being able save messages in an archive folder makes this application great! I would love if there were more templates or categories available but otherwise it's been very helpful so far with communication between my team members who are remote from one another via video chat / Skype calls when needed (also helps reduce costs). If you're looking at using something like swing mail that allows your customer service staff commSee full review

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Like any other business, there are certain things that I dislike about my moodz experience. 1) The interface has been updated so many times that it's nearly impossible for me to navigate around without taking my mouse off of the computer screen. 2) Sometimes the AI doesn't understand what I'm trying to say. 3) It's hard to find new features/apps when you're stuck with the same old ones over and over again. But most importantly, the fact that I can get help 24/7 from my trusty moodz is amazing! ISee full review

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The ability of being able to create different boards with many features that I can use from anywhere makes it easy and convenient when working remotely or traveling around all over Europe! There are not so much bugs and everything works as expected. Sometimes some images don't load properly but this isn't something very important because they look great anyway (and sometimes even without loading). Maybe there could be more options like stickers etc..? Try if fits well into what kind of work procSee full review

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I like how easy it is to setup, you don't have any configuration needed for this software. It's very simple to use once installed from your slack bot directory (you need an integration between our chatbot). This tool works as expected every time! The only thing that sometimes happens is when there are too many messages sent by one user at same moment but still nothing bad about my experience using ARB so far. We're solving issues of customer support department to get more feedbacks regarding theSee full review

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