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Review on 9Lives Arena by Rahman Rahmanov

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Safe game and fun game 9Lives Arena very good game.

The 9LA bugs are collective and we started dropping them into player pockets because they were patient, waiting for Ethereum gas bills to be cheaper, so we could send their plans to their pockets. Many members of the community missed their heads and were constantly asking us to do something similar for the new members of the community. So we decided to introduce the new Bugs with their heads. A total of 787,545 fish were caught this season! A total of 92,102 duels fought (this includes the previous season) A total of 325 players competed this season. Once Enjin Jumpnet comes out, we will create and announce the prizes this season. Season 2 of 2021 begins today (April 1) and runs through June 30. 9Lives Arena wants to bring good news to its players before the end of this crazy 2020. On the leaderboards, the most skilled fighters and the happiest fishermen will receive rare plan prizes and special plan plans that come in the form of NFT and can be traded if the winners themselves do not want to use it. Check below to see if you have compiled the list and contact the Telegram directly to receive your award. 2020 has proven to be a game changer for everyone, and of course it has changed the way we work at Touchhour. In mid-March, our team decided to work with almost all the housekeepers.

The first release in these conditions was 0.5, which was a huge update and we offered Spirits among many things. Society soon discovered that resurrected spirits could be immortal. To be immortal, you must die without dying.

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  • Easy to play
  • Safe and fun game
  • Very good game
  • No

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