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Review on Hyper Snakes by José A Rodríguez

Attractive and Improved Experience for Playing in the snake's battlefield

Hyper Snakes is a good game very common in the gambling section because it has similar features to the snake games highly played everywhere, it has been compared to the famous open-source game, Slither io, although Hyper Snakes is widely better than its partner. It counts with many improvements and benefits because it is a crypto-game. Moreover, it permits users to play and get crypto from different companies, the most usual is Ethereum, but it also permits trading and earnings with Tron or even the leading data-manager Ontology.

It has excellent and different sections to choose from and play. One of those I like the most is the battlefield it offers where users can play with their best releases to earn substantiall rewards. This increases the chances of playing reliable in the Multi-Player mode.

However, I add some contrasting points with this game because of the lack of management it has had around 2020. It has decreased considerably the volume for playing. The platform has been offering the same view during months, in fact, it has a not active promotion from last Christmas. I think because of this users have considered to play with other networks. So, I keep waiting for coming updates to the overall platform.

In conclusion, despite of the issues, Hyper Snakes is yet an attractive and enjoyable experience for playing and earning. It is essential for those players looking for common games but highly improved.

Pros & cons

  • Excellent reward system and promotions divided by sections of playing. Users can take a look around the multiple advantages it offers.
  • The main view of the game is nice, it counts with a colorful design that bring comfortability.
  • It can be played with good availability for different tokens. It runs on the Ethereum network but it also have support of other blockchains.
  • The overall platform offer a no-updated design. There is essential lack of information and content about the program for playing.
  • Even though it is still played, ist has lost considerable audience.