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August 26, 2018


Revain gives away 100 R tokens for writing a review. Join!


What you need to do

1) Go to Revain platform and leave a review on 5 following projects and an exchange:

Total: 6 reviews (one review for every project).

Your reviews should be at least 300 symbols long and contain clear and helpful arguments. Write your own opinion. Doesn’t matter if it is positive, negative or neutral.

IMPORTANT: All reviews should be fully original and English language only. They shouldn’t be similar to other reviews including your own.

2) Tweet to official Twitter accounts of this projects. The main idea of a tweet should be that you left a review on their project on Revain platform. Your message should be original and not too simple. Also, insert link to your review.

IMPORTANT: Your tweet should be under the latest post.

List of Twitter accounts:

3) Retweet this tweet.

4) On Revain platform like or dislike (depending of what you actually think) 10 different reviews of other authors. In order to do that just click like/dislike button under any review.

IMPORTANT: You should like or dislike reviews on any project/exhcnage except the following ones:


The giveaway starts September 12 and will last indefinitely until we announce the ending.


Please read it carefully as because of the non-compliance with this requirements you may not receive awards.

  • Twitter account which you will use for this giveaway should be legit. Meaning, it should be your normal personal account. It should have your real name, your photos, information, history (account should not be empty and created recently). We reserve the right to ban you from the giveaway if we think your account looks suspicious.
  • The style of language which you will use to write should be polite and unobtrusive, without to much slang and emotions.
  • One person can participate only once. If we determine that a person is participating multiple we may ban him from this giveaway.

How to receive awards

After you complete all steps of the giveaway please fill this form. You should provide the following information there:

  • Your wallet address. We will be sending tokens there.
  • Links to the reviews you wrote. To get the link, go to your review and click the ‘copy link’ button.
  • 6 links to your tweets.

The distribution will happen 24 hours after the end of the giveaway.

Conditions of this giveaway are not final. Revain reserves the rights to change the terms without any additional notifications.

Good luck!

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