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Review on BitPay USD by Josiah Ayuba

The Bitpay USD card is not yet available and can only be gotten by joining the wait list

Having a Crypto card associated with the well-known Bitpay wallet is what many people will appreciate to get. Bitpay generally is superficially well known for its trustworthiness and has been the choice of an elaborated few. With the upcoming launch of it's Bitpay USD card, which promises to offer one of the best card service there is, many users are already thrilled. Now, the content of my review is based on the information provided by the platform as the card is yet to be launched for use. To be able to get this card, I was required to have some cryptocurrencies in my wallet and then join the wait list but unfortunately for me the card is yet to support Nigeria. It's not like it can't be used in Nigeria, but shipping it down here is not available and most countries the Bitpay USD card is made available for are top European countries and North America so users from other locations should look elsewhere to get their cards pending approval for their countries.

The fees associated with the card is quite low, but they come in their numbers such as dormancy fee, ATM withdrawal fee of $2.5 and a 3% conversion rate for transactions made outside the US Dollars. The fees are generally low except for the conversion fee as 3% accumulated over time would emanate into a huge amount. There is also the issuing fee of $10 and the best part of the card is to come with a no loading fee for it's transaction. The card supports large amount of cryptocurrencies in holding, up to $50,000 and $2,000 ATM daily withdrawal limit which are quite large. But with it's restriction, many might not get their hands on this card soon

Pros & cons

  • The Bitpay card makes direct use of the funds stored on it's user non-custodial wallet in making transaction payments
  • Card ordering comes with a relatively low cost, $10 but also includes transaction fees for requesting the card
  • No loading fee is associated with the card while spending
  • 3% conversion rates for transactions made outside the US Dollars
  • Countries supported for ordering this card is very limited
Abraham Jeremiah
January 27, 2021
After the wallets made me go through all the rigorous process of applying for this card I was met with a demeaning response of it not being available in my country. They should outline clearly the countries they support and the ones they don't