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Review on BitPay USD by Joseph Okedeji

BitPay Card: A Prepaid Cryptocurrency Card Suitable For The Crypto Community.

BitPay Card is another cryptocurrency card among the numerous list of cryptocurrency cards available in the world of crypto. This BitPay Card is a prepaid card, meaning that one have to load the card before it can be used and reload again whenever the previous loading is exhausted. BitPay card is another crypto card quite suitable to be used in the cryptocurrency space. Although the only prepaid equipment I've ever used before hearing of a prepaid crypto card is a prepaid electricity meter, where anytime the card finishes on it, I'll have to reload I'm able to use it again. And since I do enjoy using that my prepaid electricity meter, I really cannot wait to try out a prepaid cryptocurrency card.

It was my search of prepaid cryptocurrency cards that made me encounter the BitPay Card. And as a very intuitive person, I visited the BitPay platform and went straight to the card section to know more about it and satisfy my curiosity.

Getting to the card section I discovered that there are three steps to using the BitPay Card, which are

1. Getting the BitPay app on either playstore or apple store.

2. Load the wallet on the BitPay app then,

3. You order for your BitPay card.

The above steps made me realize that getting the BitPay card was quite easier than I thought and I'll have no trouble getting one for myself.

Furthering my search, I found out that the security on the BitPay card is quite advanced, one that includes options to lock one's card, controlling one's spending and an EMV chip designed with the card. All these assures me that the card is secure and reliable, because we all know that the security of any project, digital equipments, especially ones controlling our assets is very paramount these days that security breach is rampart.

With all that I've mentioned, I believe I'll have no big regrets in using the BitPay card. I said big regrets because no project is perfect even though the developers strive for perfection, there is bound to be one flaw or the other and we all know that not everyone that can be pleased for people have different tastes and likings.

Pros & cons

  • Reloading the BitPay card comes with no conversion fees of any kind.
  • The BitPay card is equipped with enhanced security measures.
  • Even though there are no conversion fees in reloading the BitPay card, miner fees and network fees may be unavoidable.
  • ATM compatible with cryptocurrency cards are still scarce and not even in usage in most countries.