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: 6
Instant TopUpNo
Monthly Limit$ 0.00
Initial Cost$ 0.00
ATM Fee$ 0.00
Daily Limit$ 0.00
Card CurrencyUSD
Monthly Fee$ 0.00
Overall Fee0.00%

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He could not reach the number of users he requested.

This card has not managed to collect a lot of user engagement since its launch. Unlike others, the card is not a physical card, but a virtual card. I think it is not enough for users to only trade…See more

CTST. Virtual debit card.

CTST. This was the first virtual card with no history on the Revain platform. This debit card was also available for use in CIP and PIN transactions. There are also charges for mobile and internet…See more

CTST acclaimed crypto card doesn't exist

I don't know if one can label CTST card as a scam, though I doubt it, but looking at the history books in search of this card Revain has hosted on its Platform, CTST truly appears to have never…See more

Ctst Debit Card Is Not Acceptable By The Users.

CTST is a debit card introduce to use chip and PIN in transaction instead of magnetic strip, in order to promote the level of online authorization in transaction and avoid loss caused by criminals…See more

Virtual card for payments.

CTST is a virtual card that can be utilized to make exchanges. Curiously I can utilize my bitcoin to straightforwardly make acquisition of merchandise. It underpins fiat money which is by all…See more

Is there really a company called CTST?

I tried to research CTST companies, to be honest I could not find anywhere they provide any card service, I think someone opened a fake corporate account, I could be wrong but when you look at the…See more