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Instant TopUpNo
Monthly Limit$ 0.00
Initial Cost$ 0.00
ATM Fee$ 0.00
Daily Limit$ 0.00
Card CurrencyUSD
Monthly Fee$ 0.00
Overall Fee0.00%

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My review about CTST

Hello to everyone. Today I will write to you about the CTST card. CTST was a card used to convert cryptocurrency to local currency or otherwise. But apparently this card stopped processing a few years ago. I could not find any official explanation...See full review


Hi everyone, i want to talked about my research on CTST, CTST is a card use in trading, it a virtual card not a physical one, not a lot of users have gain access to it since it was launched, though it has went out of service. BTC shouldn't be the...See full review

They need to wake up from where they are

CTST is a platform that have no good history 😅 but what I know in my own understanding of the full meaning of CTST is community transport services tasmania. What I know some about there is assists more than 8,000 consumers each year. But not now...See full review


In my research about this CTST company, i found out that there is no where you can find any card. Am suspecting that some individuals created a fake corporate account and also looked at the photo in their official website and it showed that it...See full review

It can be a virtual card.

Unlike other cards, this card can be a virtual card, not a physical card. In particular, we think that users are not enough with BTC. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. The card has great security. It is also a...See full review

CTST. Virtual debit card.

CTST. This was the first virtual card with no history on the Revain platform. This debit card was also available for use in CIP and PIN transactions. There are also charges for mobile and internet and additional charges. We can also say that the...See full review

He could not reach the number of users he requested.

This card has not managed to collect a lot of user engagement since its launch. Unlike others, the card is not a physical card, but a virtual card. I think it is not enough for users to only trade with BTC. In addition, only the price was accepting...See full review

CTST acclaimed crypto card doesn't exist

I don't know if one can label CTST card as a scam, though I doubt it, but looking at the history books in search of this card Revain has hosted on its Platform, CTST truly appears to have never existed. The internet doesn't seem to have any...See full review

Ctst Debit Card Is Not Acceptable By The Users.

CTST is a debit card introduce to use chip and PIN in transaction instead of magnetic strip, in order to promote the level of online authorization in transaction and avoid loss caused by criminals and scammer. Chip and PIN involve in...See full review

Virtual card for payments.

CTST is a virtual card that can be utilized to make exchanges. Curiously I can utilize my bitcoin to straightforwardly make acquisition of merchandise. It underpins fiat money which is by all accounts the US dollars right now. It is a pre-loaded...See full review