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Review on CTST by Gunay Ovezova

CTST. Virtual debit card.

CTST. This was the first virtual card with no history on the Revain platform. This debit card was also available for use in CIP and PIN transactions. There are also charges for mobile and internet and additional charges.

We can also say that the fee for additional transactions is very high. It only accepted US dollars for the upload process. So there is no information that it works even when there is internet. It is not possible to order a card at this time. Because we know for sure that the service has been canceled and that the domain name of the website has been sold. Because when you look at the picture on the website, you can tell that the domain is for sale.

I don't think this card will come back.

Pros & cons

  • There is no positive side.
  • There is no information on how it works on the Internet either.
  • The website has been downgraded and launched