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Review on Monaco Space Gray Card by Japheth Ayuba

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The Monaco Space Gray Card is one major crypto card that comes with an exclusive no fee right to using the card, no monthly fee, no commission for purchases and no conversion fee. Instead of fees, users are given cash rebates for making purchases and extra benefits like free access to Spotify, Amazon Prime and Netflix. Also, users get access to airport lounge +1 guests to the list. Following the rebrand of its exchange platform, the card has also evolved with the extra benefits it currently holds but with extra holding requirement.

Among the many crypto cards on ground, the Monaco Space Gray Card really has beaten my overall expectations and itsa card every crypto and non-crypto user will want to make use of.

Pros & cons

  • There is a 5% cashback for every transaction made with the card
  • Offers 100% rebate for subscribing to popular streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify
  • The card gives users access to airport lounge along with an extra guest
  • Plausible earnings on staked Cryptocurrencies
  • No fees for usage, conversion, ATM withdrawal etc.
  • Requires a lot of CRO staked to access the card