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SpectroCoin GBP

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Instant TopUpYes
Monthly LimitN/A
Initial Cost$ 5.00
ATM Fee$ 2.50
Daily Limit$ 150.00
Card CurrencyGBP
Monthly Fee$ 1.00
Overall Fee1.40%

About SpectroCoin GBP

SpectroCoin GBP Bitcoin Debit Card Verified is hooked into SpectroCoin's own exchange and wallet system. The card has a standard set of foreign currency conversion fees at 3%. Point of Sale purchase shave no extra charge but there is a monthly service charge at £1. There is no inactivity fee. Topping up from a spectrocoin account does not have a surcharge and there are the usual fees on ATM withdrawals although limited to 2 withdrawals per day.  In order to verify your card you need to provide a passport or id card or utility bill.  SpectroCoin is based in London but registered as a Lithuanian Company.The card issuer is Partner and Visa.

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SpectroCoin is a widely used platform for GBP, ATM and others.

The platform is a meter away to talk about how this is going. SpectroCoin GBP is the same answer for cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies, with their creation, offer the best wishes for blocking amateurs. It was founded in February 2013 and launched in...See full review

SpectroCoin GBP.

SpectroCoin GBP is a check card that makes it simpler for clients to oversee and spend digital money at actual retail where they acknowledge Visa, with it clients can likewise make buys in actual stores, this card is firmly connected to the trade...See full review

SpectroCoin GBP is platform that also use as ATM and lot more

Am back again to talk about this platform how it go like this. SpectroCoin GBP is a platform that is all-in-one solution for cryptocurrencies. It serve the best needs for blockchain enthusiasts ever since the dawn of cryptocurrencies. It was...See full review

A very useful Crypto Visa

Spectrocoin GBP is a valid card that you can exchange cryptocurrencies you own and use in millions of stores around the world with your Visa debit card. You can convert your BTC, Ether and many more cryptocurrencies, instantly transfer them to your...See full review

SPECTRO COIN. Convenient handy card.

The SpectroCoin GBP card is a VISA support card that can be used anywhere for users. This physical plastic card can be used at ATMs and POS terminals. As usual, debit card charges and other charges. This security card is free of charge, including...See full review

Spectrocoin GBP card makes one think two options

Spectrocoin GBP card is a variation of the other set of cards provided by the Spectrocoin platform with a different fiat supported. The card jus like it's fellow types is issued by Visa which gives users the grand access to almost any ATM and POS...See full review

Spectro card makes spending of digital assets convenient

Spectro card provide easy storage and convenient transaction solution to cryptocurrency users. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and NEM. It also supports flat Currencies like GBP, USD and EUR although each is held on different card. The card...See full review

SpectroCoin GBP, suspended its emission

The SpectroCoin GBP card is a very beneficial card in terms of use in ATMs and points of sale, since this card can be used anywhere in the world where there are vein points that accept Visa, because Visa is one of the most used card companies in...See full review

The SpectroCoin Bitcoin debit card

The SpectroCoin Bitcoin debit card, this card is one with very good characteristics, one of which is that you can make good use of it, you can make your purchases in physical stores paying with points of sale, and it also allows you to make...See full review

SpectroCoin GBP.

SpectroCoin GBP is a debit card that makes it easier for users to manage and spend cryptocurrency at physical points of sale where they accept Visa, with it users can also make purchases in physical stores, this card is closely linked to the...See full review