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Review on SpectroCoin USD by gregori cordova

a prepaid card backed by a growing company

Most of the enthusiasts of the cryptographic environment, they see in the cryptocurrency debit cards, the ideal option to use their digital assets quickly and easily in many businesses worldwide, without the need to make an exchange before any purchase. . The spectrocoin usd debit card allows us to do that, since it is designed to pay anywhere that accepts visa cards and is responsible for automatically converting your cryptocurrencies, thus facilitating the processes when spending our cryptocurrencies, a very valuable, especially when we are traveling as it can be used in more than 30 million ATMs and 20 million commercial premises. the spectro coin card is part of the spectro platform, which has not only a prepaid card, but also an integrated exchange and a wallet. Request a spectro coin card, it will take up to 4 business days and has an initial cost of $ 50. One of the advantages of this card is that it offers competitive commissions, something that has undoubtedly attracted more and more users to use it.

In conclusion, I can say that using this prepaid card is an ideal option to have an easier and easier access when using our cryptocurrencies in the real world, with profitable rates and without the need to wait for many confirmations, since payments are converted automatically in fiat money without the need to do anything previously.

Pros & cons

  • Available funds can be used immediately in more than 30 million ATMs and 20 million merchants worldwide
  • It has a monthly fee of only $ 1.15
  • It is supported by visa and therefore is available in any country
  • They only charge $ 0.50 per transaction
  • Accept the most popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, or dash etc.
  • It offers a good security system, since to verify your card you must use your passport or ID
  • They have technical support on the platform available 24 hours a day
  • US users cannot access this card
  • They have a daily limit of $ 300 for ATM withdrawals