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Review on TRASTRA by José A Rodríguez

Trasta: Great Benefits for Using this Cryptocurrency Card

Trasta is undoubtedly the best cryptocurrency card currently existing, it is not just because I say, but the entire and global audience the company has, who have also experienced the greatest benefits by using it. This card is committed with the future of finances, e-commerce, and the marvellous fact of trading with cryptos. There are lots of things that can be said about this product, but the truth is that it speaks by itself, and researchers notice it when they enter the platform. So, I consider it important just to highlight the great features of this cryptocurrency card.

T - Advanced Banking Interface. The design of the app where users can also trade and manage their tokens, or even execute transfers is integrated in the same way as a common bank platform.

T - Solid and Well-designed Card. An ideal product for trading and buying physically, and have the best of two worlds when managing cryptos and fiat money.

T - Open Resources to Link Wallets. It permits to manage cryptos directly from their common wallets where users hold their Bitcoins and other purposeful altcoins.

T - App with Great Availability for Mobile Devices. Beyond offering access through the web, this company also counts with an already released app that can be programmed easily to send and receive tokens and follow the current status of transactions.

T - Designed with a Committed Cause. It is a product that serves significantly for users who are really looking for financial freedom but got used to managing common sections of the real-banks in the world.

The card and the entire platform is also protected by a great security framework that functions as a shield against bugs, hacks, or fund-vanishing. The mobile app is also ensured with a two-step verification process. I could easily add that the company is not losing the time, and they are not interested just in making all good in terms of finances, but also to ensure their user's safety and privacy.

Considering there are, nowadays, little cryptocurrency cards still available, Trasta is here to offer a new, and more efficient alternative to keep trading, and buying with cryptos without forgetting the value of real money but connecting it to this new age of commerce. So, to conclude with it, this is a cryptocurrency I highly recommend for everyone whether is a professional trader or a common crypto-holder.

Pros & cons

  • Great design for the web platform, the mobile app, and the physical card. They contain good work of technology.
  • The card is a product with a pretty design and good material. It has no fees for requests, and the common commissions are low.
  • It permits to trade cryptos with great operativity. The system works with impressive velocity.
  • It is a good option for e-commerce because of the chances of linking cryptos to fiat money.
  • The company is supported by great leading companies in the market including exchanges, and blockchains.
  • It is a Visa Card, so its users can represent a high, and global coverage.
  • The plastic card is limited in geographical zones. It is just available for Europe. Outside countries cannot even buy the product.