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Review on Uquid USD by Furkan Ceylan

The card that is almost free of charge: Uquid USD

Hello everyone, ladies and gentlemen, today I will be sharing this review about Uquid USD Card that I had the opportunity to write with the experiences I have used and gained from the time I tried it. So we can go my review:)

Uquid USD Card is a crypto card that acts as a converter between crypto currencies and Fiat currencies. I think there are enough currencies in the card.

I can say that this card, which has a mobile application on both IOS and Android platforms, is fast and secure. I can say that there is not much difference between the designs between different platforms. It is a card with a predominantly red color design.

In general, I can easily say that it charges less transaction fees than other crypto cards. It generally charges a 0.5% transaction fee for each transaction, and there is no other fee.

The card is delivered quickly whenever you want and is also free.

Finally, it is one of the cards that I would definitely recommend everyone to try.

Pros & cons

  • Very low transaction fees
  • The card delivery is fast and free of charge.
  • It is widely used.
  • NO