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Uquid USD

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Instant TopUpYes
Monthly LimitN/A
Initial Cost$ 0.00
ATM Fee$ 2.50
Daily Limit$ 150.00
Card CurrencyUSD
Monthly Fee$ 1.00
Overall Fee1.10%

About Uquid USD

Uniquid is a multi-cryptocurrency USD debit card. It costs $16.99 and has a 3% foreign currency conversion cost. Uniquid allows users to top up their cards with many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and even Zcash. Users can also top up their cards with Paysafecard or bank transfers. The card is subject to the standard set of fees such as an annual fee which is currently $1 and Domestic ATM withdrawals are $2.50.

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The card that is almost free of charge: Uquid USD

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The Uquid USD Debit Card

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Best of Best

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USD Uquid: Bitcoin literally in your hands

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Uquid USD

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The UQUID USD Card Can Be Your Card

The Uquid USD is a crypto debit card that is registered in the United Kingdom and started operation in the year 2016 by the company Cocsi LTD. It is a multi cryptocurrency card that supports more…See more

Uquid card is a convenient payment solution

Uquid USD card is a payment solution that allows users to transact easily with bitcoin and USD easily. The card supports bitcoin and many other cryptocurrency. It is a Visa card by nature and can…See more

Rechargeable and secure card

Uquid usd a plastic card that includes instant conversion services from crypto to Fiat currency, a unique feature of not applying fees for a limited time, but the limits of use can be varied…See more

An Unique Card Currently Offering Services for Uquid Reggular Users

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