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Review on Uquid USD by Olugbenga Ajayi

Uquid card is a convenient payment solution

Uquid USD card is a payment solution that allows users to transact easily with bitcoin and USD easily. The card supports bitcoin and many other cryptocurrency.

It is a Visa card by nature and can be used anywhere Visa card is accepted for payment for goods and services including top ups, utility bills payment, online purchases etc. It is available for use in over 178 countries.

Users will have to order the card online and pay delivery fee of about $35 although the delivery may take 5 working days. The issuance fee is up to $16.99. There are other charges like monthly Usage fee, ATM fee, withdrawal fee etc.

There is no need to fear about the security of transaction done with the card as it is secured with 2FA and tied to users mobile device which is a good way to control access to the card or even freeze the account in case of card theft.

Pros & cons

  • Accept bank wire, PayPal, debit and credit card for loading
  • It is available in virtual and plastic form
  • It is secured with two factors authentication and linked with users email
  • It can be controlled and frozen via the mobile app
  • The website platfom is well designed and easy to use
  • I consider the charges imposed to be too much for average man