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Review on Uquid USD by Özgün A

Best of Best

Hello to everyone. Today, I will share my experiences about Uquid USD Card, a card I personally used.

You can exchange cryptocurrency-fiat money or fiat money-cryptocurrency with Uquid USD Card. It acts as a bridge between crypto money and fiat money.

The Uquid USD Card design is quite eye catching.

You can easily use it on mobile devices.

Uquid USD Card is more economical than other cards. Transaction fees are lower.

To request the card, simply fill out the request registration form on the website. The card will arrive at your door in an average of a month.

There is no card request fee.

With Uquid USD Card, you can withdraw money from ATMs. There is no daily shooting limit. You pay a fee for this transaction.

It is valid in many countries around the world. You can use it especially on your travels in foreign countries without having to carry money with you.

It supports a lot of cryptocurrencies.

There is a cooperation between VISA and Uquid USD Card. You can use Uquid USD Card in all workplaces where VISA card is used.

There is no monthly fee.

The only drawback of the Uquid USD Card is that there is not enough language support.

Uquid USD Card is a very cheap and convenient card.

Pros & cons

  • It is the card with the lowest commission fees
  • No card request fee
  • VISA supported
  • No ATM withdrawal limit
  • Supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies
  • -