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Review on Uquid USD by Neozaru Neozaru

They are keeping my money (possible exit scam)

I hope this message will help some people, as I've been losing a lot of money and time dealing with UQUID.

Context : From 2017-2019, UQUID provided Debit Cards that you can reload with crypto-currencies.

- I created my account in Dec 2017 and deposited 1680 EUR in the form of 2396 XRP. Minutes later, I have 1495.91 EUR as "confirmed deposit" into my account. Already missing 185 EUR, I contacted the support and they said they won't do anything since "they don't handle the conversion".

- Months later, in 2018, I received the card, which never worked since I was unable to use the "load card" feature from the interface (I'll learn later that their provider Wavecrest which handle debit cards was ceasing their activities so all Uquid cards ceased to work - but they never told me a word about this). Since the card was mysteriously not working, I performed a withdrawal request to my bank account on a support (ticket 23454) on June 15th 2018 (YES, 2 years ago), providing all my banking information for them to proceed a bank transfer. They never responded.

- I renewed my withdrawalrequest on May 7th 2020 this year. I got redirected to a Skype support where a casual person told me that they could refund me 2396 XRP - basically the equivalent of 430 EUR instead of the original 1495 EUR. They pretend to never have converted the funds to actual EUR and that is all Wavecrest fault. I see, but then why the abusive conversion rate in 2017 when I first deposited ? And why not letting me know 2 years ago in 2018 when I performed the original withdrawal request ? Am I losing 1000 EUR just because Uquid acted so unprofessionally - if not illegally ? I sent multiple mails to the support asking for a true refund. The support has been silent for almost a month now.

Since then, they have been involved in multiple suspicious projects among which :

- UQUID Coin : A cryptocurrency which sees it's value growing in Coinmarketcap. However you can see that 99.99% of the volume is traded via Omgfin which they used to do aggressive advertisement for (in my opinion Omgfin and UQUID might be related but this is an opinion, not a statement since I have no time for investigation). Please note that a coin listed in only one exchange is much more subject to price manipulation. Calculate your risk.

- UQUID Shop : An online store to buy stuff with cryptocurrencies. Actually something I would be genuinely interested in. But they owe me 1500 EUR right now and so do they for thousands of other Debit Card customers. I personally would not trust such a company, whatever the value proposition is. Again, calculate your risk.

PS : In other comments, Uquid replies "contact support with Skype or ticket". Although you there IS someone responding to you through Skype, they won't accept to refund your money. Moreover the support has been silent for the last past weeks. They might produce this type of response to put readers in doubt, so let me be clear : I've been contacting UQUID multiple times through different chanels, and got negative (or none) responses. I would not spend so much time writting a review if I haven't tried anything else before. I am an honest person trying to deal with a truly dishonest business.

Pros & cons

  • They did ship Debit Card in 2017/2018
  • They are answering (sometimes) on Skype
  • They locked user funds
  • They refuse to reimburse people
  • I've been trying to withdraw 1500 EUR from them for 2 years now