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UNIC Blockchain Academy

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About UNIC Blockchain Academy

Welcome to the first free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology globally, and the first course of the MSc in Digital Currency degree programme. The course is designed to provide an introductory understanding of decentralized digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) such as Bitcoin.

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Review by Ufuk on blockchain academy.

UNIC Blockchain Academy is an educational system that gives lessons to understand the basics of global cryptocurrencies and complex cryptography. She is interested in offering courses and giving…See more

Unic block chain technology education; a leading industry in block chain education

Block chain technology is gradually taking over the worlds a finance as it has taken over crypto currency which is the bed rock technology for them. but unfortunately, there isn't adequate…See more


It is the world's first free online system in cryptocurrency trading software. This system was built to provide information to digital currencies because dealing with these currencies is complicated…See more

UNIC Blockchain Academy: A platform that contributes to Blockchain by educating about Cryptocurrencies.

In the early years of the cryptocurrency world the knowledge about cryptocurrencies was very limited, very few people had access to information, I think only computer professionals could infer about…See more

one of the highest rated cryptocurrency online learning platforms on the web

Understanding the fundamental characteristics of the cryptocurrency industry is not an easy task. Today, with the increasing number of people interested in learning a little more about the complex…See more

Unic blockchain academy

Unic blockchain academy Certificate: yes Courses: 10 Course type: blockchain Free course: 1 Active social handle: yes Tutors: professional blockchain expert Accessibility: over 80+ countries…See more

The Value of Simplicity for Blockchain courses

It is the most academic of courses I've seen. It has a good amount of students enrolled in it, and they are from different parts of the world. Always when I look for a kind of project like this, I…See more

UNIC the first Blockchain Academy Platform that offer Master in Digital Currency.

UNIC is an Online cryptocurrency Blockchain Academy Platform that first offer Master in Digital Currency through The University of Nicosia to educate various sectors on solid fundamental of…See more