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cheques plus Logo

Cheques Plus online store is a web-based platform offering the widest selection of personalized cheques, money orders and safety deposit boxes. The company was established in 1999 with headquarters located near Toronto, Ontario. Currently it has more than 100000 products available for sale. The products are of high quality at very reasonable prices. As well as they provide free shipping for all orders over $75 within Canada & USA. Not just that, you can earn money by referring your friends or family to this site using your referral code or link . You'll get 10% commission from every purchase made by anybody who uses your link to buy anything on Visit Cheques Plus How I came across this site and how I was treated: After seeing the popular advertisement about this website on Facebook, I went ahead and visited their page. The first thing that captivated my attention is the company logo in which the word 'Cheques' written around a Canadian Maple Leaf. Then came across their banner saying 'Earn 10% Commission on Referrals'. That really made me curious so I started looking at it more thoroughly to understand what they offer exactly, and decided to give it a shot. The sign-up process was very easy. They only need your name, email address and password for creating an account, nothing more than that! You'll be getting $25 coupon usually within 24 hours of signing up if your application gets approved for referring others. However, the coupon takes time to process after receiving your sign-up request. I literally earned $8 within a week for referring just a handful of people! I was super happy about it and decided to write a review right away on my blog . As I have always been writing honest reviews on every product I buy or use anyway - so why not do that with this site too? Then came the main part, which is how they treat their customers as well as those who are trying to refer them new ones... Well, I can tell you from first hand experience, Cheques Plus has got one of the best customer service ever. The representatives from their side are very kind and quick in communication. They respond your emails very quickly and Cheques Plus is a company that provides personalized cheques, money orders and safety deposit boxes. The products are of high quality at very reasonable prices. As well as they provide free shipping for all orders over $75 within Canada & USA.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

al's garden & home Logo

Home Depot is the number one choice for people looking to do their own home repairs or improvement projects. It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that there are other companies out there who are just as much, if not more successful than Home Depot in various categories. One of the many categories that have become very competitive over the past few years is garden tools and supplies. One place where you can buy almost any type of garden tool or plant supplies online is Al's Garden & Home . This company specializes in providing all types of gardening and nature based products at prices that compete with - which is impressive for a smaller ecommerce business like this one. AL'S GARDEN & HOME: DESCRIPTION Al's Garden & Home is a smaller company when compared to the big guys like Amazon and eBay, but this isn't stopping them from marketing their products in many different locations. Their website for example has been optimized with descriptive and high quality content that makes it rank very well in organic search results - just like and do: Their product listing pages also have an advantage over amazon because of how they're designed - most visitors won't even notice that they're on a small ecommerce site: Niche Selection Al's Garden & Home specializes in various types of garden tools and supplies. This includes traditional items such as gloves, bags, wire etc... But also more modern gardening equipment such as solar-powered devices and alternative breeds of popular plants. This means that whether the customer is looking for something specific, or just browsing around - they will find what they need in one place: One thing to note about their large selection, is the fact that there's no option to make it more organized such as by category (see ebay) or by brand (see amazon). This might be a downside if you're interested in a particular type of garden tool and have to spend time browsing through different products just because Al' Garden & Home hasn't made an attempt at grouping them together. On the other hand this also has a big advantage - customers who are just 'browsing' can easily discover new items from brands without being restricted to one type of garden product or another. CUSTOMER SERVICE AND RETURNS Al's Garden & Home has a reputation for being very reliable in terms of customer service and shipping their products on time. They also have a section dedicated to returns which is a good sign that they work hard to keep customers happy: PRICES AND AFFORDABILITY Al's Garden & Home offers some of the most affordable prices when it comes to gardening supplies. Their low prices are not just from being an ecommerce company with fewer costs - but also from positioning themselves as 'the online version' of your local garden centers. In other words they focus on keeping their overhead costs low while offering their customers the same types of bargains and sales that you Al's Garden & Home is a great choice for people looking to buy gardening supplies online. They have competitive prices, fast shipping rates and reliable customer service that will help you feel confident about your purchase.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

camera centre uk Logo

I would like to start my review by saying that Camera Centre UK is one of the best online stores for buying cameras (and any other photographic equipment) in the United Kingdom. The company was established back in 2003 and it quickly became one of the best online stores in its field.  You will be able to find all sorts of goods there, from professional DSLR cameras or binoculars to photo frames or video game consoles . It's worth mentioning that Camera Centre UK offers many different advantages compared to standard brick and mortar shops.  Firstly, they offer better prices than their competition because they don't have an expensive shop-front with rent, salesperson salaries etc. Secondly, most of products sold by them are kept at their own Warehouse, so they will have them in stock even if it is a rare or discontinued model. Thirdly, they offer free shipping within UK and a vast majority of their products are eligible for FREE delivery, which saves you a lot of money! Their customer support is available from 9:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday, though sometimes they can be offline because of technical problems with their system.  In my experience Camera Centre UK's customer representatives don't know much about cameras and photographic equipment but you can always give them a call if you're looking for any models that might not appear on their website. Here are some pros and cons regarding this online store: Pros: - Very good prices;  - Free delivery within UK;  - Good availability of products even for discontinued items; Cons: - Usually, their customer support doesn't know too much about cameras. I hope you enjoyed reading about Camera Centre UK! If you would like me to review any other online stores (or other websites) let me know in the comments below and I will make an article about them.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

mac auto Logo

I just wanted to say, that after reading all those great reviews about Mac Autohaus and seeing them advertise on Craigslist and other websites (including German Car TV & X-Car), and reading and watching what a wonderful thing it is... well, we also went there yesterday. We were looking at getting my wife's 2.5 year old A4 avant repaired as it had been rear ended (not too badly). To give you an idea of how much work they did, imagine if someone opened the hood and then took a sledge hammer to everything inside! All smashed up bits everywhere! They also pulled out each individual instrument cluster from its housing - apparently the insurance company paid them about $2k to totally trash the interior and exterior of this vehicle (and according to them, refusing any and all insurance company arrangements for having this done). I had read that their accommodation for 'used parts' is very small - but we had read that even if they might not be able to help with a specific part or color code, they would help as much as possible. This was NOT the case at all! I asked what options there were for a replacement radio unit... "We have one from Illinois, but you'd have to talk to our parts guy". I said ok, let's see it... guess what? It didn't work. Period. When asked why he told me something along the lines that it must have been from a car that had been submerged in water - when asked what the chances were of two such cars being in an accident with him, he said that was not his department. In fact, I wanted to do a deal on the radio and some other parts for my other A6 quattro, which is suffering from rust due to snow damage... But again this was pointless as they wouldn't even offer me a price without seeing it. And there was more! While we were waiting, several people came in to get their cars repaired or inspected. Every single one of them left unhappy! The main reason was the extremely high prices Mac Autohaus charges for any work done - apparently about 50% higher than others would charge - enough to make everyone so angry they almost came to blows! On top of that, the service is EXTREMELY slow. We were quoted at 2-4 weeks completion time for all work! And this was because they have no room for storing cars! Even though they have 3 large rooms just standing there empty... I was told to drop it off and pick it up when done - while that worked fine for us, it would be too late if you were moving or had a business where your car meant something. If you ever need any bodywork done on your German automobile, do yourself a favor - take the extra time & gasoline to go to an actual shop rather than waste your money here!!! It's also worth mentioning that their website has no prices listed for anything that they sell. To me, this is a clear indication of what you will be paying - and I was right! Given the above experience, we decided not to let them "repair" our car. The damage wasn't too extensive, so we've been doing it ourselves. My recommendation: Stay as far away from these guys as possible!!! And if you know anyone who's considering having work done here... make sure they read this before going there! ------------------------------------------ (some additional details) - Dent removed from hood by dealer: $350 (parts & labor) + $50 for paint = $400 - Dent removed from trunk by dealer: $200 + $80 for paint = $280 This is what I was paying at the dealer for uni-body repair. The last $80 was for paint materials, presumably because they didn't have the color code. As you can already guess, it took less than half an hour per car to remove these dents/dings - most of this time was spent removing the spoiler that they broke on my wife's vehicle while taking it apart (and then charged us $200 extra for removing and re-installing when we picked up). Mac Autohaus is a German auto repair company that does not provide the best service or prices. The dent removal on my wife's car was expensive and took longer than I would have liked when considering how much they charged for materials. When it came time to get my own vehicle repaired, I didn't trust them enough to leave it in their care so we did everything ourselves.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

giga tires Logo

Ordering from this shop was a very good experience for me, one of the best experiences I've ever had online. The shop owner was very courteous and patient with all my questions before placing an order, he answered every question promptly within 48 hours each time (to be exact). My shop provided me detailed tracking information on the package after sending it so that I knew exactly where the order was at all times until delivery which took place about 11 days after placing my order. This shop also offered reasonable prices (which they still do) and the shipping cost to Croatia was reasonable as well considering it came from America to Croatia via Germany! And finally, shop prices are still reasonable even with today's exchange rates! What shop offers/products I have ordered: Shop offered brand new tires from well-known, famous tire manufacturers like Mickey Thompson Tires and Falken Tires (many different models to choose from for any type of vehicle). I myself was looking for a particular model and size of the Maxxis Tire so shop owner found it in one of his suppliers' shop and made it available at my shop. After placing an order, shop owner informed me that he will check availability in his supplier's shop again just to be sure that is really in stock (since shop stocks only about 25% of its products) - AND IT WAS THERE!!! He then placed an order for me and sent shop's tracking number to me as soon as shop owner received it from his supplier. Delivery and shipping time: Shipping was fast, the shop's shipping cost was reasonable considering that it came all the way from America to Croatia with a short stopover in Germany. My experience with shop's delivery and shipping time was great! I waited only about 11 days after placing an order for the package to arrive at my doorstep (that is 3 full weeks!!!) which is immensely fast when you compare shop delivary times with those from other online shops located within Europe. That speaks volumes of shop delivery speed. And I am not just saying this because shop owner pulled a string for me so that my little Maxxis Tires shop order would be placed very fast (I am sure shop owner does not have that kind of influence even if he wants to) - in fact, shop owner did not help me at all with my order! I was able to track the package's progress myself by logging into shop tracking page as soon as shop owner sent it to me. Here is why shop delivery speed was so great: - It actually says on shop website that shop usually delivers orders within 10 days but: "if you need an order urgently please contact us and we will see what can be done for you". And when I really needed it urgently, shop did everything in their power to get my little order delivered ASAP! They were quick about it and shop order arrived early (in 3 weeks!). If shop owners can do it for me, they can probably do it for any future shop customers as well. - And finally, shop has a great shipping cost policy - shop customer does not pay any hidden fees or extra charges! Shipping cost is listed per each individual item in shop's catalog and it includes everything: from shop owner's business card shipment fee to packing material, postage stamp costs and even delivery time period insurance! Shop delivers only to U.S.A. addresses so U.S. residents might find this shop requirement useful since shop ships directly from their suppliers which saves you on shipping time completely because the package "travels inside the U.S." (I mean shop owner does not have to buy and pack the product into a box in shop at all! He simply has it shipped directly from shop's suppliers, which is probably why shop delivery speed is so great!). And since shop owners are U.S. residents themselves, you do not have to worry about shop going "bankrupt" or shop's suppliers refusing to ship orders because shop owner "forgot" paying his suppliers... shop owner sent me tracking number right away so I was able to log on every day and see where my order was while it traveled through Germany by truck (after departing shop facility) until it reached my destination address here in Zagreb, Croatia, South-East Europe . Items ordered: Maxxis Tire XC70-14 (Front) and Maxxis Tire XC90-13 (Rear). About shop prices: When placing an order shop owner let me know that shop has a minimum order policy. Minimum shop order amount is $50 U.S., shop accepts only orders with "shipping address inside the United States" and shop's delivery time to Croatia costs "only $6,25". Shipping cost from shop to Croatia was only about 6 euros! I found all of these shop policies very reasonable considering shop ships tires almost directly from tire manufacturers through mail while other e-commerce shops located in Europe charge for shipping one tire at their own cost just as much as they would have charged if you ordered one tire shop's shop price!!! (I am not saying shop prices are the best- I am just saying shop has very good pricing and shop shipping cost is also very reasonable). What shop offers: - large selection of new name brand tires, available in different sizes for cars, SUV's, trucks, motorcycles and ATV's; - shop sells complete sets of 4 tires as well as wheels with tires mounted on them but you can easily change shop tire set to fit your vehicle by yourself (shop even recommends this); - after purchasing shop goods customer receives an e-mail stating that he or she should contact shop if there are any problems or questions about "proper" setup of a certain item purchased at shop; - shop does not shop any "pre-worn" tires and shop requires shop purchasers to check shop tire size charts before purchasing shop goods; - shop offers free shipping on all orders over $100 - shop's customer service is very friendly, informative and professional (shop owner personally answers each e-mail). To conclude this article about Giga Tires shop I must say that in my opinion this shop is definitely worth considering if you are shopping for tires or wheels. Shop has excellent prices, great selection of name brand tires, good delivery time, it ships directly from U.S.A. and no extra fees are charged when placing order with shop!Siehe vollständige Bewertung

standard chartered Logo

This bank made a help scammers and fraud to scam you. They used their UAE branch to steal my money. . SC is short for SCammersThis intermediary bank does not provide any useful information to the receiver which makes it difficult for companies who receiving many incoming wires to accurately apply the funds to the correct account.Does not deserve even 1 star. Sent a wire transfer from Egypt to Canada and for my bad luck Standard Chartered was the intermediary bank. Money has been hold for almost 1 month till now and they don't respond to memos from the sending bank.I made payment for my tuition fee now My studies are postponed 5 months, Thanks to very slow process of this bankSiehe vollständige Bewertung

goldman sachs Logo

The Goldman Sachs Group, Incorporated, is an American financial firm and international investment bank headquartered in New York City. It provides financial services in asset management, investment banking, prime lending, and international securities broking. Its main trading platform is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). A typical Goldman Sachs loan involves a mortgaging or bonding payment between the bank and the customer. This payment represents the balance of the loan after the interest and principal has been paid. The most common use of financing from this bank is to provide financial support for mergers and acquisitions. Many customers choose to finance construction projects through this bank to satisfy the terms of the loan documents. The prepayment penalty is one of the terms and conditions of financing provided by Goldman Sachs. This penalty is applied to a customer who fails to repay the balance of a loan on or before the expiry date. The penalties assessed are usually based on the outstanding balance, loan balance, interest rate, and monthly service fee. The customer is also required to pay late payment charges if the balance due is more than 30 days past the applicable deadline. In some cases, penalty charges may be applied for exceeding the daily credit limit or for exceeding the credit limit and charging an additional fee for transaction fees. An additional term that is commonly seen on financial documentation provided by banks like those from Goldman Sachs is the fair value option. This term refers to the estimated value of the assets being financed at the time of a purchase or sale. For example, a customer who places a bet with the bank by placing a cash deposit may receive a bonus based on the fair market value of the underlying assets when the bet is made. This may result in an undeserved profit for the customer. In order to comply with the terms and conditions, clients have to ensure to read and understand all terms carefully. Clients should avoid rushing into a transaction or making decisions without fully understanding the implications. Clients should also seek independent professional advice whenever they require such advice. The FSA can also be contacted for further information regarding the FSA's consumer protection rules and regulations. The FSA will not disclose any client details for the purposes of helping a client make an informed decision. This means that the client does not know what percentage or rate of interest will be attached to a certain asset or whether a customer will have to make monthly payments. A client cannot be in default of a debt by carrying over money from one month to another. There is also no way of knowing whether a client will be given a grace period after the expiry date of a loan agreement. These terms and conditions are set out in a contract between the client and the financial institution and cannot be changed until the client has signed and agreed to these terms and conditions.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

pundi x nem Logo

Price can change at any time, the market is driven by greed and people will easily get FOMOd or dump because of FUD. If we always look on the price, there is a chance that we will not last longer in investing with PundiX, we should instead look on the development. I think a lot of people are taken aback when they see the Circulating Supply. Once the token burn gets to really significant levels, I hope that will help NPXS reach Ripple-like prices It is appreciable effort by team to make the swap process more smooth and easy for many. I just finished reading last update and now start date has been changed and new one will be on 20th march till 31st march to get swapped in faster process. This will minimize the chances of errors and looks more good than previous plan.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

trustnote Logo

yes there is price 1$- 1GVT token, i really liked this project and project sale is going very fast. really amazing. Thanks, I didn't notice it before your post. The end of report sounds very fake to me"Head of ICCFINACOM LTD"This is just some LTD. from my experience with other coins there will be less coins generated by pownot sure thats the case but hope it is as it means rarer coinSiehe vollständige Bewertung

qtum Logo

Hello, I didn't find confirmation about Russian translation was done, this a question is it still relevant, as I reserved it but didn't get any reply, will appreciate if you could clarify. Thank you Each of these platforms will be unique, but they will also have a lot in common. The article above also coincides with my opinion that this two projects worth attention in 2017.Siehe vollständige Bewertung


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