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I like how easy it was to use for our clients because of its simple user interface as well as all their helpful features available such us being able solve any issue they have regarding security with this software! It's hard sometimes when you are trying figure out what something does or doesn't mean but once we figured everything in place things went smoothly again!! We love using layerfive not only do i feel more secure knowing my information will be safe from hackers at anytime however now also helps me by doing so much easier than ever before which saves time. Ver reseña completa

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The best thing about Axy is its simplicity of use, with a user-friendly interface and great support. It makes it easy to find your OKR and then create them on the fly. Also, this app is great for team collaboration, because it allows you to quickly create a list of OKRs and assign them to members of your team in real time. At this point, the only thing I dislike about Axy is the fact that it is somewhat outdated. I would definitely recommend using Axy if you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use tool for OKR management. With Axy you can create OKRs, assign them to team members, create todo lists, and even make custom reports within Salesforce. In addition, you can easily track and measure your OKRs. You can also create a list of OKRs and assign them to team members, and Axy will automatically pull the data from Salesforce. We are able to create OKRs, assign them to team members, and even make custom reports within Salesforce. It has saved us a ton of time by providing an easy way to create and track our OKRs. Having the ability to easily add notes to each one makes it even better! I wish there was a way to upload templates from other companies so they could be easily used in creating new ones. It would also help with consistency. When you can easily see what your peers are doing and compare those to your own goals it gives you some serious motivation to keep pushing yourself towards the goal. Ver reseña completa

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68 Classifidies

Easy to use, fast loading times without any lag or slow downs; all of my ads are getting read by many different people who can help me find what I am looking for at no time charge! Nothing really as there isn't anything that i dislike about this program but if you're searching in it do not expect much because some keywords may be hard to search through other than just typing them into google directly. It's very easy with their website builder tool which allows users like myself (who doesn't know how to code)to create beautiful websites easily using drag'n'drop features.Ver reseña completa

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The best thing about mylikes is that it gives me a way of sharing my likes, dislikes, thoughts, experiences and more with others. I have not yet had any problem using this software. It has been so easy for me to use and get the hang of it. It has been so simple and easy to use. If you are looking for a platform that will help you share information and make connections, then this is the one for you! There is nothing really to dislike about this software. This is the best tool out there when it comes to social networking and sharing information. We can now easily connect with people who we don't know personally, but still want to share information with them. I am able to show my friends what I like and dislike as well as share my personal experiences.Ver reseña completa

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BOSOBO Paintbrushes Watercolor Miniature Detailing Painting, Drawing & Art Supplies for Painting

I will write a review not from the point of view of a professional artist, since I am not, but from the point of view of an average person. The paint brush set includes 5 medium and fine brushes. The shape of the brush is round. After prolonged use, the brushes turn into tatters. To prevent this from happening, you must use the name carefully. Wash and dry after use. The set is not very comfortable. There are no wide round brushes, no flat ones. Not everyone gets a thin tip after getting wet. A wide brush would come in handy to cover the background evenly, to make wide strokes. You can do this with thin brushes, but it will not be so even, and for a long time. A brush-flat brush is needed to paint angular shapes, such as mountains. You can’t do this with a teardrop brush, as it draws more rounded smooth strokes. The shaft of the brush is plastic. This is good, because the wooden painted brushes peel off. The tree, however, is more pleasant to hold in your hands, it does not slip. But plastic is more durable, the colors are bright, interesting. Bundle of hairs made of artificial material nylon. It's not always bad. For example, if you need a hard brush for shading, then it is better to just take synthetics. Gouache goes better with synthetics. But it is inconvenient to collect moisture for watercolor, it is better to take natural bristles. The brushes themselves are good. But for complete happiness and comfort, you need to supplement the set with a wide brush, flat and beveled. Ver reseña completa

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True X has been our go-to agency since we started with them 7 years ago, they know their product very well so any questions that arise are answered accordingly without hesitation or bias towards your business at hand -- which I have found rare when working within this industry! The team really gets what you're looking furture as far an ad campaigns but more importantly building relationships w/the right people who can help grow & develop long term partnerships over time (ie - not just selling). We've never felt like 'just another client'--they get it!! When one of my colleagues left last year there was much concern about continuity because he knew how deep rooted all aspects were into growing each others businesses together through many successfull projects / engagements under his leadership throughout out careers here @ truEx..Ver reseña completa

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Click-To-Call Conversion Delivery

The system was easy to set up, it had everything we needed for our business right out there in front us! It's also simple enough that you can train someone else how do use as well if need be (which I did). There were some minor glitches here or thre but they got fixed quickly after contacting support via email/phone call which really helped me feel comfortable using this service even though their customer care team has been great throughout my entire experience so far!! We have seen an increase not only from just putting ads through clicktocall conversion delivery into having people actually calling one another directly instead of texting them first then going back over text messages later when everyone gets frustrated at each other :).Ver reseña completa

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The best thing about this software is that it has an easy to use interface which i have been using for quite some times now, there are so many great features of pppcexo like automatic bidding adjustments with manual ones as well! I've used other similar softwares in past but they didn't give me much ease while doing my work or were complicated than what was expected from them whereas PPCEXO gave all those things easily without any hassle whatsoever!! If you're looking out simple yet reliable advertising tool then definitely go ahead. It's very helpful when one needs something such adsense friendly because we can do everything here just by clicking few buttons only instead having multiple files etc., The best thing about this software is that it helps you to get more traffic for your website. It also gives you an insight into how many people clicked on your ads and which of them actually converted to buyers. I have not yet found anything that I dislike about this tool. There are times when the ads do not show up in search results, but this can be avoided by adjusting the bids. This software has helped my business grow tremendously because it has given me more traffic from various sources. Ver reseña completa

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The software is very easy-to-use, has loads of features which are extremely helpful for my clients' marketing campaigns, especially in terms of video production/editing. As a freelancer I can do all kinds of jobs from creating an intro animation or editing footage, right through designing logos, flyers etc., so it's perfect! There isn't anything about this program as such; everything works really well once you've got your head around how things work - but be patient because there are some quirks here & there (such as loading times). For example, sometimes when I click into certain sections only part opens up until later if clicked again while waiting for the page load time. This doesn't seem like much at first glance, however during busy periods where we have more people working on our projects simultaneously it becomes quite frustrating. Great tool though. Ver reseña completa

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Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones

Powerbeats Pro recommend this accessory, both for sports and for daily use. The earphones stay securely in the ears, which helps them not to fall out during intensive training. According to the official company, this headset is resistant to moisture and sweat, but the degree of protection is unknown. What's not convenient about them is that you need to download the Beats app on your Android smartphone I liked how they sound, I just want to listen and listen to music without stopping, extraneous noise is not audible, thanks to a tight fit in my ears. Pleasant clear sound and sufficient volume margin. They do not wheeze if you turn the volume up to the full, I want to separately note the basses - they do not knock annoyingly, but flow smoothly in the ears. Headphones do not put pressure on your ears, and when you listen for a long time, you forget that you are wearing them. The pads are very comfortable and lightweight. The autonomy of the Powerbeats Pro pleasantly surprised me. They worked for me for 5 hours on a charge of 57%. As stated on the box - they can work up to 9 hours without interruption, and 24 hours with a charge. Also, they have a very convenient function, they support Fast Fuel fast charging, so that in just 5 minutes, you can extend the autonomy of the headset for another 1.5 hours of work. I have been using these Powerbeats Pro headphones for 4 months now. Ver reseña completa

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