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Hadu KenTiger

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Hadu K.

Hadu KenTiger

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Logotipo de maker

MKR's Name-Value Storage is a simple yet powerful concept that allows you to store arbitrary data within the blockchain. This has already allowed a range of distributed services, from a decentralized network. Maker’s MKR coin is a recent entrant to the market and is not a well known project. However, after today it will be known by many more people after blowing up 40% and it is one of the coins to rise to prominence during the recent peaks and troughs.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bitcoin gold

The first quarter of 2018 was to see a rebranding of Bitcoin Gold and a refreshed website, as well as integration with open source libraries for BitcoinJS, BitcoinJ and CoPay. It is more accessible for ordinary users. The transaction process remains to be the same as for Bitcoin. For miners who own Bitcoin, you should remember that you will not lose your amount. The developers will exchange them in Bitcoin Gold for you with the same amount.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de vechain

VEN already build a good partnership in many sector, eg. business, food/drugs, logistic, agriculture, luxury goods which mean VEN attracted by many company. It has in place a disaster recovery plan for the likely event of being attacked. It is an Ethereum-based platform and token geared toward tracking massive inventories and other industrial use cases.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de binance coin

I personally use BNB as a tether when the market is pulling back as it is a safe asset with good use case, , its price has not fallen too much as with the other cryptocurrencies and one of the most important reasons for this must be because many buy it to pay cheaper commissions in their exchange (I personally use it for that) I have been using it since last year and I am very happy since I saved a good amount in fees. It's security measure are well done so we as traders are confident with keeping are funds there and hodling for long time.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de cardano

It addresses the necessity for restrictive oversight while maintaining client privacy and protections through an innovative superimposed design. The first layer is for recording transactions and the second is for deploying smart contracts. The way they separate their layer into 2 different layers helps them solve problems independently. - The project has been built from scratch by great minds making it evolves day by day. Cardano is the first project to be peer-reviewed by people with excellent academic profiles. However, the Proof of Stake algorithm chosen for Cardano is both an advantage and a disadvantage. PoS maybe more energy efficient than PoW but it does not ensure tight security. Although the idea of this project has been through many serious processes of review, the time it takes for development is too long making it a big minus.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de 0x

0x functions as a modular building block that can be assembled and reconfigured. It is an open and non-rent seeking protocol that enables trustless, fast exchange of Ethereum-based assets.Frequently modifying orders in response to evolving market conditions is prohibitively expensive. After such news, I'm sure that the company 0X will become even more successful in the future with the support of David Sacks.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bitshares

Another amazing feature of Bitshares is is scalability and ability to process transactions. Bitshares is based on an open-source blockchain implementation known as Graphene which acts as a consensus mechanism. Other projects using Graphene include Steemit, and it is claimed to be able to handle 100,000 transactions per second. That’s more than Visa and Mastercard handle, combined. BitShares Exchange has free & open registrations. BitShares Exchange has also desktop App available. BitShares designs permissions around people, rather than around cryptography, making it easy to use. Every account can be controlled by any weighted combination of other accounts and private keys.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de qtum

The QTUM token is used to access most of the services available to businesses and developers on the Qtum blockchain. This includes executing code, building applications, and executing smart contract transactions. The token derives its value from use and overall demand. Qtum built on the basis of the Qtum framework, which has proved to be a successful public blockchain. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de decred

Decred shares many of Bitcoin's positive qualities: fixed monetary supply, disinflationary issuance of the coin over time through mining, BIP39 wallets, etc. Decred, as a crypto coin, truly works great with sufficiently greater chance of potential growth in the long run.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bytecoin

The only thing you need to do is download the special software to create the wallet Bytecoin for you. The fact that Bytecoin is still available convinces us that is worth our investments. Bytecoin is different from other cryptocurrency platforms due to the fact that it’s the first altcoin based on CryptoNote technology. Bytecoin is an open cryptocurrency. If you decide to start using the currency, you can voluntarily take part in the operation of the network. The only thing you need to do is download special software that creates a wallet for you. Using this software, you can start sending money to other users or receive payment from them.Ver reseña completa


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