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My experience about Latoken

I am conveying my experience in Latoken stock exchange. I liked the Graphics and interface of the Stock Exchange. Good thing I came across Latoken, simply a great stock market. I would recommend it to everyone. Particularly join airdrops. Talking about fast withdrawals and easy access to your portfolio is one of them. While Binance is pretty cool too, LATOKEN is pretty much in the same direction. Latoken's withdrawal fee is cheaper. Latoken does not accept wire transfer deposits, but does accept credit card deposits. I tried a credit card. It worked without any problems. Depositing assets is often linked to the blockchain network, but when withdrawing, the transaction goes through several security checks to make sure the user complies with the platform's withdrawal policies. When I contacted their customer service for a question, they were friendly and helped me get started fast. Liquidity is a very important thing for cryptocurrency exchanges. The liquiditVer reseña completa

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My experience about TRON

TRON, which is decentralized like many crypto currencies, is a Singapore-based crypto currency. Based on Blockchain technology, TRON is designed for the entertainment industry and aims to share the content they want with the people they want. Trx coin operates on a three-tier architecture divided into a storage layer, a core layer, and an application layer. Tron coin can be purchased today from many local and global exchanges with parities such as USD / TRX, BTC / TRX. If you want to choose a global exchange for Tron purchases, you can purchase TRON Trx coins from the Binance exchange, which stands out with a daily transaction volume of over $ 1 billion and the ability to trade without identity confirmation. The cost is cheap now. I bought many of them. Sometimes it is a coin that can explode even if it has stable movements. Tron is the coin that I observe, trade the most and earn the most money. If you keep it in your wallet, btt and win tokens are airdroped.Ver reseña completa

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Golden Card: TRASTRA

You can convert your crypto assets into daily purchases and buy goods with bitcoin and other altcoins. TRASTRA, Kart, supports the five largest cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. It has a very simple and stylish design. This is a VISA card, which means you can use the card at any payment point that accepts VISA. Considering that VISA is the most accepted card in the world (along with MasterCard) this is of course a great advantage. TRASTRA also offers an attractive referral program. The conditions are pretty simple, you invite your friends, and when your friends order cards or change crypto, you are rewarded. For each friend's TRASTRA Payment Card activation you invite, you receive 5 EUR and 0.20% of the total volume of your friends' purchases. There is a low monthly fee, only 1.25 EUR per month. It could be disadvantageous in countries where normal ATM machines only allow withdrawals of smaller amounts (eg 20 EUR). In such scVer reseña completa

Logotipo de bittrex

One of the biggest in the crypto money market. Their new interfaces are nice. I have been experiencing it for 2 month. The registration phase is very fast. Requests authentication. Verification time was also very fast. You can get information by e-mail every time you enter the exchange. The security stages are exactly what I want. There are 2 levels of security. There is two-factor authentication that allows you to securely login to your accounts via Google Authenticator. I've experienced both withdrawals and deposits. My every transaction went smoothly. I researched the founders of the exchange. It was founded by former employees of Microsoft, Amazon and BlackBerry. The stock exchange, which has a good team in cyber security, has not experienced any problems in its history. An important security measure of Bittrex is that it minimizes the user's loss in false money transfer. There is only one criterion here. If the transaction is over $ 5,000, if you accVer reseña completa

Logotipo de synthetix network token

Synthetix Network Token (SNX) is a DeFi project. It is aimed to adapt traditional financial systems to today's technology and not to be managed from a center. The most important instruments of the traditional finance world consist of stocks, national currencies, precious metals and precious metals. When you want to trade with these instruments, you can somehow do it through an institution connected to the central structure. I hold a substantial amount in my wallet. I am not worried at all about the SNX coin. In the Synthetix Network Token (SNX) system, I also left some SNX balance as collateral. I won a prize on the amount I left this deposit. Synthetix Network Token (SNX), running on the Ethereum platform, reached a market value of $ 157 million according to CoinMarketCap data.Ver reseña completa

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There are perhaps millions of digital card and card collecting games on the market. You need to know the term "NFT" to understand why this strange game called Gods Unchained has achieved such a great success. Our knowledge and assets in the digital environment are increasingly becoming as unique as their physical counterparts in the real world. The game Gods Unchained simplifies these possibilities so that people who are not aware of the subject can understand. Just as there are many people who are currently using money but do not know how economic systems work, there will be many people in the future who do not doubt the security of their data. The world's first blockchain esports game powered by coinbase. The overall logic and design of the game is similar to Hearthstone. With its operation on the blockchain, the limited number of special cards is guaranteed. I've experienced. To play Gods Unchained and buy cards, you need to own ETH (Ethereum cryVer reseña completa

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Splinterlands is a card game that allows players to trade and access the game whenever they want. The biggest feature that distinguishes this card game from other games is that it uses Blockchain technology. Players compete for DEC and NFTs and try to win these cryptocurrencies. I tried the game and got BAT coins. Splinterlands handled the card duplication issue differently compared to many games. A stronger card can be created by combining two identical cards. In this way, the player both levels up and reduces the card supply automatically by combining the two cards. How to get BAT coins on Splinterlands? I am writing my own experience entirely. You know, browsing Brave's ads you gain BAT. You can use BAT to buy the game's credits. It can be bought a pack or spent by purchasing cards from other players.Ver reseña completa

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My experience about ZIL

ZIL is one of the promising crypto infrastructure projects. Sybil uses pbft (practical Byzantine fault tolerance) for strength and consensus for attacks. Its main goal is scalability and speed. Testnet processed 2500 transactions per second. The team is highly qualified. The technical reviews are solid. Money to buy and keep for the long term. I did this. Still in my wallet. It is listed on many exchanges. There is an easy trade opportunity. Defi projects are very fashionable nowadays. ZIL actually made this breakthrough in 2018. However, it failed to be decentralized. Despite this, it's still a coin held in wallets.Ver reseña completa

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How to Use LTC

Although it basically has the same working principle as Bitcoin, there are some differences between them. It emerged in order to eliminate some errors in the Bitcoin system and has been successful in this area. It is a crypto currency that is not connected to any center and is traded on an open code blockchain system. It is LTC in short. First, I started holding LTC in my wallet in 2019. Litecoin, which is the first sub-coin, currently has a market value of over $ 1 billion. You can transfer at very low costs.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de digibyte

DGB Coin, with its short name DigiByte traded on stock exchanges, is a safe, fast and decentralized blockchain project. DigiByte, with its short name DGB Coin traded on stock exchanges, is a secure, fast and decentralized blockchain project. The project began to be developed in 2013 and was launched in 2014. When DGB Coin was first established, it was met with great expectations by its followers, it was believed that it would one day surpass all crypto, and DigiByte was interpreted as the "sleeping giant" because it has not yet exploded. I bought DGB Coin in 2017. I still have it in my wallet. It is a project I believe in. Ver reseña completa

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My experience about NEO

It is a platform called "China's Ethereum" because it provides similar functionality, including support for smart contracts, dApps and ICOs. When I bought my first Neo token, I also saw GAS coins loaded into my wallet. When you buy NEO, you benefit from this reward system. It is a high volume coin that is listed on every exchange. Its value is increasing day by day. NEO formed partnerships by signing agreements with multiple companies. It is also known that Alibaba, the world's leading e-commerce giant, communicates with Onchain.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de ethereum

It is the biggest coin after Bitcoin. Ethereum for short is a Crypto Operating System that takes the Ether (ETH) cryptocurrency as its power source. The aim is to enable users to create new software on the blockchain system to which Bitcoin is connected. Thanks to this freedom that Ethereum provides to users, it allows many sub-coins to be issued. I met Ethereum in 2017. It still rests in my wallet. It is a coin that you can easily find in all exchanges. Included in all coin pairs. It is a coin with a very high trading volume.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de wagecan usd

WageCan offers blockchain-based payment solutions. Wagecan freelancers WageCan's cards are available for shopping, sales at local shops and cash withdrawal points of over 30 million ATMs worldwide in 200+ countries. They also support cloud services. According to my experience with this card, the card came 1 week after my application. It reached me by DHL shipping. The card is available in USD. I spent it. It is very useful. If users have any problems, they can contact WageCan by e-mail, so they solve all issues diligently. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de cardano

It is a third generation blockchain with a multi-tier structure. It has a complex architecture that can be billed and accounted for. The currency of the platform takes its name from the first computer programmer ada lovelace. I think it is another promising crypto technology. I first put Cardano in my wallet in 2017. I still continue to invest. Shelley testnet started phase 2 in October 2019. The Cardanos obtained from staking by those who joined the Testnet and delegated their Cardano to staking pools throughout the testnet or who set up their own pool, were transferred to the mainnet at the end of the testnet. In other words, Cardano owners who participated in this testnet earned interest on deposit.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de wrapped bitcoin

Wrapped Bitcoin is a project to represent bitcoin on the Ethereum network. It is sold in association with Bitcoin on Ethereum-based decentralized crypto exchanges such as IDEX. Obviously, I bought 1 Wrapped Bitcoin for testing purposes. Each WBTC is also 1: 1 for transactions with Bitcoin. I've experienced this. It really is. Currently, WBTC is at the top of DeFi currencies. You can buy WBTC from Bitfinex platform, one of the crypto currency exchanges. I think it will be published in many exchanges soon.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de nexo card

Nexo is a blockchain-based overdraft system that allows users to make instant crypto loans. Currently, there is no other way crypto holders can use their assets other than to sell and buy. Nexo is emerging with a very profitable business model that allows crypto holders to use their owners as collateral and then withdraw cash. Users gain 100% access to cryptocurrency while instantly accessing money. At the same time, they can access the value of their crypto assets. As my own experience, I transferred my crypto assets to the Nexo wallet. Next, the cryptos I transferred were confirmed with the blockchain, then Nexo oracle automatically computed the information on individual credit lines and then set a loan for me. Then I received the loan amount I requested in USD. The credit line can be used immediately by wire transfer or free Nexo credit card. This experience was great. However, the credit limit depends on the market price of the cryptocurrency in theVer reseña completa

Logotipo de xapo usd

Xapo, which stores your Bitcoins, which is considered as a Bitcoin mine, and provides Bitcoin wallet service, allows you to spend your Bitcoins from POS machines through the Xapo Bitcoin card by matching your debit card with your Bitcoin wallet. With the debit card issued by Xapo, users can also make online payments in Bitcoin via their cards. In my experience, I tried the card online. I spent it. The business received the payments that I received for paying in Bitcoin as the converted equivalent of Bitcoin into their local currency. Xapo is integrated with the wallet system where Bitcoins are located, and the expenditures are deducted from the Bitcoin wallet account.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de enjin

Enjin Wallet; It is the wallet where you can hold Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Enjin Coin (ENJ) and all ERC20 coins. Enjin Wallet will never hold or access your funds. You are in complete control of your private keys. It looks like a very useful wallet from my first experience. Let's talk a little bit about your own token ENJ. It can be defined as a digital currency that can be used in online gaming platforms. It can also be easily converted into other digital objects such as game items or in-game gold. Because of this feature, it has real use in daily life.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de uphold

It is a website that successfully fulfills its digital wallet function. They send the bats that come through the brave browser here, and I send them to binance. There was no interruption from my first transaction. It did not make any deductions from my next transactions. I'm sending free bats and there was no interruption. Its interface is simple and secure. They have 2fa support and are asking you to verify your account first. In addition, Uphold announced that it has started share trading on its platform with its new step. Along with this step, Amazon, Apple, Google, Netflix, Facebook etc. Shares of companies can be bought and sold. The UK-based company has attracted a lot of attention with its new step.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de cryptokitties

What are these CryptoKitties? The crypto cat game continues to break records in the world. I said let's inform you about this game which is directly related to Ethereum and Blockchain. A game that allows you to buy, feed, breed and trade digital cats played on the CryptoKitties ethereum blockchain. So how are these cats different from others? Most importantly, because it is a blockchain-based game, your cat will be yours forever and your cat will never be the same in the game. In other words, it is unique in the world in terms of shape, color and features. However, kittens have distinct visual features called traits and some of these traits are rarer than others. Naturally, most users try to buy and breed rare cats; Not only because they look cool, they can also be very expensive. (Especially a rare cat has been recently purchased for more than 200 ETH.) The total amount spent in the game has exceeded 3 million dollars.Ver reseña completa

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