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Hello everyone! I'm glad to be back here, I'm an expert of cryptocurrency and now I want to give my opinion about roobee. What you need to know to understand an ideology of this project? Roobee is an investment platform where you can find IPO projects, stocks, investment funds, cryptocurrencies, real estate, etc. Roobee has a robust ecosystem with many products which are not available to new investors in the global market. Ver reseña completa

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Today I want to write a review about a project that has a working product. I like to talk about working projects because only real example can show the pros and cons of blockchain technology. MesChain is an automated management system that is necessary for monitoring various areas of the business. MES allows you to improve various business qualities, for example, monitoring of production capacities. MES is an important thing between the manufacturer, supplier and consumer. The company allows you to arrange all business processes in one independent blockchain. It includes the distribution and control of resources, the collection of various data, performance analysis and staff control. Also MesChain has a detailed road map for future investors and a nice website for getting basic information. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de dragonex

Dragonex can be in the top of exchanges with this approach. I like what they do (just solve problems with langueges and information about team) and I advise you to buy some DT tokens. And of course thank you for many giveaways.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bytom


Bytom is a project with an interesting idea but a very complicated implementation. I have one big problem like how to explain to real users the need to use this system. This is an open source system for tokenizing digital and real assets as dividends or bonds. Any asset can be registered and digitized in the network of Butom. After this, it can be sold or occupied in a more complex, smart agreement. In the future, artificial intelligence will be able to use this information to expand the presence of the real world on the blockchain.Ver reseña completa

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A market research system.

Now we will talk about a project that provides (or tries to provide) information about investing in the Chinese market. The project team believes that there is too much false information on the Internet and every person who wants to invest in projects is faced with false and untruthful information. In other words, Red Pulse is a platform for reliable and verified information for further analysis. and investors can create reviews on events as independent experts or by order. They implement a reputation rating system because they want to improve the quality of the content.Ver reseña completa

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Anonymous hero.

Сouple hours ago I wrote a review about the Beam project. Grin is also a project that directs the main work to anonymity of users, transactions and other actions. By the way, this system also works on the open source MimbleWimble protocol. I really liked the project logo and the fact that no one knows the creator of the project. There is some dark, unknown in this and I feel like a real anonymous, haha. In my opinion, Grin outperforms Beam in transaction speed, but their design is very primitive. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de token

Healthcare sector.

Doc com works in the healthcare sector and they already have real merit in this area. For example, a free psychological therapy service is already started in Doc Emotions app, where you can talk about your problems (private information) with a real doctor. Yo can use 4 free sessions per month and for this action you will be awarded with MTC. Developers promise to launch Plus Service without session restrictions. I believe that online doctor support is needed in poor countries where not everyone can afford going to the doctor. But what about those who have no problems with this? Why should I contact an online specialist? It seems to me that it is necessary to motivate people to contact doc com. This is the main problem of blockchain scalability.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de beam

My life is anonymity.

I think that original reason for creating cryptocurrencies was protect personal money from eyes of the government. I mean technopunk and everything connected with it. Later, the developers saw in the blockchain the possibility of developing cryptocurrencies in other areas. However, I believe that transaction anonymity is one of the areas of work for which cryptocurrencies are used and I can't talk bad about BEAM because It's an anonymous system that works on the MimbleWimble protocol . It has very nice wallet (I know about what I say because I use it every time when I need anonymity . So, you can download it to apple, android or windows. complete transaction confidentiality and user protection. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de fantom


FANTOM is a DAG-based smart contract platform that solves the scalability and validation issues of existing technology. It has instant payments and a very low transaction cost. This is an open source platform based on ERC-20. The team made an understandable road map in which all the steps of the company are visible to potential investors. This project is understandable to fans of the blockchain and is acting right now (I mean its reality and feasibility at the moment).Ver reseña completa

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HC cryptocurrency.

HyperCash is an open source decentralized cryptocurrency. Developers present it for the exchange of information between blockchains and non-blocked networks. Also HyperCash has a hybrid PoW + PoS mechanism. It's real highly reliable network with quantum stability and signature technology . This project has an own wallet with good design and interesting things, so you can download and try it from the website. They also have famous people in the development team and in the advisory board (for example Haobo Ma). Ver reseña completa

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Protect your content!

Another interesting project in the piggy bank of my reviews is Poet. It's decentralized registries about authors for worldwide digital content. The main advantage is the ability to create an immutable certificate of ownership for your electronic media, content and creativity. Today, many content authors don't know how to protect content without bureaucracy, and poet blockchain can be a salvation for them. Another question is whether this blockchain is a legal guarantee or not? In my opinion, now Poet has to solve this problem and answer the question to users. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de jarvis+


Jarvis+ has a big and ambitious idea, which is difficult to implement, because I don't understand how most of these companies with cool ideas will compete/or cooperate with giant companies like Apple or Google. The idea of Jarvis+ project is to expand the capabilities of everyone and organizations in the world so that everyone can use interaction in conversations to use the blockchain and smart economy. Jarvis+ should be the main link for all applications, allowing you to easily and efficiently connect your users.Ver reseña completa

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Coinbase stable coin.

USDC is one of the best stable coin and It was created by a famous exchange team Coinbase and Circle company. USDC works with dollar (1:1) and it's ERC-20 token. I think that we can trust this cryptocurrency dollar because Coinbase is one of the largest and best exchanges at the moment and Circle is a serious cryptocurrency company. As an revain expert, I want to advise you to use usdc along with Tether because nobody know who will be stronger on the marketplace. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de merculet

Value Attention.

Merculet - a protocol who works with organizing decentralized finance: a communication between users and internet service providers. This project tries to be as the main growth specialist for global companies. They strive to help entrepreneurs create a model for promotion and monetization. Companies will be able to reward really interested customers with their tokens, and these same customers will tokenize their attention.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de raiden network token

Raiden Network is a solution for scaling the ETH network, allowing for almost instant payments with a low commission. The network has RDN token. Transaction fees are used by developers to increase network reliability. The developers tried to create a fast safe and easy-to-use payment channel for making instant payments that doesn’t require the consent of all participants. For a successful transaction, only the confirmation of the sender and recipient is enough.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de oneledger

Blockchain for Business.

Today we are again dealing with a difficult to understand project. OneLedger is a cross-platform protocol where companies can create their own business applications and connect them to various blockchains (BTC, ETH, etc). The project has several proprietary developments: 1. Smart Identity Management Platform 2. Blockchain Services 3. Chaincode Service 4. Programming Interface. Project has an own token: OLT. It will be used to stimulate network nodes in the development and maintenance of the project. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de decision token

Horizon State.

So when I started to write a review about Decision Token, It took me a long time to figure out what happened. Horizon State is token-based blockchain voting and decision-making platform and if you use this technology, any actions on the platform cannot be changed because blockchain is practically not hacked. When anonymous voters are required, the platform ensures that the voter is not tied to voting. This is absolutely a good thing, BUT now this project is being closed due to problems in the management team . The old company was put into voluntary administration, and then liquidated by a professional third party company specialising in that industry. After that new management team purchased the IP from the liquidator through a blind auction. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bitclave


BitClave is avaluable project for me and now I will try to explain why. The main idea of this project is deliver security. Big players like Google or Apple big players have exclusive access to most search data and BitClave team try to stop this tendency by blockchain system. The best service of BitClave is desearch (a modern search engine). It's a blockchain-based decentralized search engine that allows members to control who uses their data and how. Users can fully or partially open their data and personal information or can be anonymous. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de phantasma


Phantasma is a project which is developing decentralized blockchain content distribution system. Firstly, Phantasma provides a platform for storing content and secondly, as a protocol for sending messages through smart contracts. This project has developed a protocol for sending messages, files and other data by blockchain with Software Development Kit. In addition, in order to create a work ecosystem, Phantasma will give tokens to all participants, including end users of decentralized applications. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de fortuna

What I think about FORTUNA.

Fortuna is a decentralized blockchain platform with PrC (peer-to-peer transaction with a derivative) and PuC (every one can be market maker and create a new market for a new type of derivative contract) trading modes . Developers of this project give the opportunity for users to create directives of any type, choosing various classes of assets, developing various transaction structures and establishing multiple restrictive conditions. Ver reseña completa

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