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About Po.et

Po.et is generating immutable and timestamped titles for your creative works and register your assets to the Po.et network. Because it is decentralized and secured by the blockchain, the metadata attribution remains safe, verifiable and immutable.

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Decentralized protocol that seeks to change copyright

Is a decentralized protocol for monetization in digital media, discovery and ownership of content. On this platform, you are creating a shared, open and universal ledger that records immutable…See more

Poet: a blockchain designed for authors and creators of creative intellectual property content

Poet (Proof of Elasep Time) is a decentralized platform that allows to register, display and trade the ownership of content, through the use of blockchain technology; allowing an online interaction…See more


This currency, like many altcoins that entered the cryptocurrencies market in 2017, had a great price growth compared to the usdt, but it was not stable and its price fell and now the current price…See more

Po et

This project in addition to improving various aspects to accelerate things for its users on this platform encourages them to continue growing day by day with their projects. In addition, they take…See more

A universal intellectual property register

POE is a universal Ethereum-based registry, designed to track the ownership and allocation of the world's digital creative assets. In the current era of instant information exchange, the licensing…See more

Learn about the Poet project

Poet is a blockchain project that aims to record and verify digital assets such as documents, songs, videos and track their own purpose. It builds a bridge between publisher and content producer…See more

Poet is a project that created a network...

Poet is a project that created a network so that content makers can formalize ownership and monetization of content. I understand this how that the idea of the poet is to capture the media market…See more

an open source platform

Po et an ecosystem that helps those publishers who wish to establish their digital works on a platform in a way that recognizes that it was made by the author and a description of the work, all this…See more

copyright on the network.

This platform aims to cover the entire copyright market by synthesizing it in the blockchain by exponentially reducing related costs. They are intended to create the monetization of your content…See more

POE is one of the leaders in its field

POE is the first blockchain to utilize Proof of Existence to a platform that can protect the authorities on the digital media assets by including additional metadata, discoverability, and more. It…See more