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Melphis D.

Melphis Davies

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Melphis D.

Melphis Davies

8 nivel
45 reseñas
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Se unió a Wed Mar 10 2021 08:27:07 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Logotipo de recotap

Today I will be talking about RECOTAP. I will start by explaining what RECOTAP is all about. RECOTAP is a next generation ABM platform which helps various marketers to be able to carry out targeted account based engagement. This RECOTAP is good for development of start ups and enterprise that seeks to better their marked performance. And also from my last research, RECOTAP is rated 4.7 out of 5stars. And also RECOTAP is usually used by the information technology Another interesting fact about RECOTAP is that they are able to reach the right perspective with their targets. Also the RECOTAP team has a good customer services and availability because they arr easily reachable at any time. The ODD aspect about RECOTAP is that there was once a minor technical issues problem on the dashboard but it was quickly resolved. But am hoping that they would bring in more new features to their dashboard. They have a good account base targeting solution which is very easy to use and its also very effective Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de lulu

Lulu is an emiranti multi-national company which operate a chain of hyper market and also retail companies. Its headquarters is located in Abu Dhabi in united Arab emirate. This company was founded in the year 2000 by a man known as Yusuf ali from India. The company has a total number of 57000 employee and has a revenue of 7.4billion USD. And the type of business it runs is a limited liability company. From my own perspective, Lulu is the fastest growing retail chain right now in the middle east. This company today has interest in imports and exports trading. It had about 218 stores and its very popular. It offers customers shopping ambience. Another thing customers should know is that Lulu mall kachi is the biggest mall in the world and its located in edappally lulu. The name of this company was given lulu because she has two brother's and a sister and her dad was a chronic drunkard. When she was 14, she received the stage name lulu from her manager Massey marionVer reseña completa

Logotipo de bityard

Exchange as we all know is a market place where commodities and many different types of financial instrument are traded. The main functions an asset perform is that it ensure that a fair and orderly trade occur. Exchanges also provides top companies also with the government a good platform to sell to the common public. Now bityard, bityard has its headquarters in Singapore. This exchange platform(bityard) has a unique platform and also a friendly platform that makes it very easy to use. It also supports the top 40 cryptic currencies and many other commodities that have multi fold leverage. Bityard platform fees are very low and it also has facilities that use to promote retail and professional traders. Thanks to this platform it has become one of the best platform used for trading. Another thing I want you to know is that the bityard company has it licence and registration in four countries which are Singapore(its head quarter) United states, Estonia and Australia. This platform was launched officially on April 2020. According to my little research which I made, bityard receives around $10-$12 million investment from some source which are unknown. Bityard has launched a new features which is known as copy trading. This helps new users to be able to learn from an experienced investor. Bityard is making itself to suit the present needs of the market. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de the bitcoin wardrobe

The bitcoin wardrobe can be define as a store or a galaxy in which all stuff related to crypto are found and you can also trade and buy stuffs of your choice. Bitcoin wardrobe has a lot of amazing offers for you as a customer one can also buy bitcoin T-shirts and also crypto merchandize that has a high quality and a unique design. All these can be found in their store. One thing I noticed is that the bitcoin and crypto T-shirts are so awesome that they are now the official uniform worn by the crypto fans. The bitcoin wardrobe also accepts payment in crypto currency and in digital gold. I would recommend customer to try the bitcoin wardrobe I assure you that you will come and thank me later. I recommend this company 4star rating. Least I forget its also a free world ship shipping I.e it can be shipped throughout the continent. Am rest assured that I will buy bitcoin and crypto Christmas gift this month be cause I saw a colored designed shirt online and I fell in love with that shirt My conclusion is, the company called bitcoin wardrobe is very superb. Please feel free and trade with them Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bibull

This is block chain platform that's impossible to reach. The platform was released as an exchange platform and its idea was to make sure it serves the crypto community. Moreover this page was not really known as of then by traders. And instead of it growing up, it got outdated. The team of the platform wanted it to be successful. They did everything possible to improve. Though they earn less Since there was no much transactions it was difficult to measure the tragedy in the market place. Official sites like the coin cap offers very little information about this platform and it suggest not to access this page due to its low rating So therefore for new users who are just entering the site for the first time, i suggest that you guys shouldnt make use of this platform for now. Just be patient depending on when the team releases updates about this platformVer reseña completa

Logotipo de exenium

Exenium was never an exchange platform as it claimed to be. This project is a huge scam to users and its actively and currently functioning in the market today. It has one platform which is giving access to one casino that's still unknown or maybe a network that's a gambling site. This platform in available in Russian language therefore making the content very difficult to read There is no reliable source to show that this exchange platform was once an exchange platform. The platform has a low development and low information so therefore i term this platform a scam platform N Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de

365stream is a centralise exchange that was launched in the year 2018. and right now there is no clear information about this platform neither its developers. This platform doesn't have a good inter phase and it also seems to be very dull. But it still have clear and navigable dashboard. The exchange is also national and international platform that is accessible. It comprises of English language, Chinese language, and Japanese language. As for me, i don't really have trust in this exchange platform. Because a friend of mine deposited about $50 and its 10days now and he said he hasn't seen anything. Worst of all , their telegram is not even active or let me say it does not exist any longer and it looks like this exchange is no more available. And for their fees rate, they charge just 0.1% for makers and about 0.25% for takers. And it has a trading volume for $0 over months now Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de beex

Beex is a nice trading platform that is face so many issues down to accessing its web page. Right now it is impossible to access the web page because because there is an error code there. And as i speak, this issue has not be resolved. And i think that the team doesn't even know whats happening on their webpage because they are not working actively. And its not easy to contact their company nor find any help. many users like me are trying to understand this project but i have only limited information about this platform. People should know that most of the exchange platforms are all negative in as much as they don't give valid information about their existence. lastly i will kindly give advice to users who wants to enter this platform for the first time that they should be mindful and careful of scam pages and scam siteVer reseña completa

Logotipo de btcwinex

This exchange called Btc winex used to be an exchange that gives users the chance to earn while they are trading. Many good transactions were executed on the platform and many users normally receive income inform of BTC as this service was available then to offer good promotions and airdrops. But right now the site is out of service and its totally down. And there is no other way one can access the main page. No one actually knows what really happened to the site. And according to my research i think the site failed due to low management and low supports from its team. This site failed in so many aspect both physically and financially and now people has now term it as a platform with low features and trading. There are site that gives opportunity to earn tokens. Btc winex should have acted in the same way. If this platform should recover then the team and management should improve and see that they work on this platform for a better performance  Lastly, i don't want to conclude yet till i see some recent updates or changes but for now, i will advice that users shouldn't make any transactions on this exchangeVer reseña completa

Logotipo de marketexchange

The market exchange is centralize exchange. No one knows if it offers spot trading or margin trading. No one knows anything about it. This exchange game into into existence in the year 2018 and it claims to u a cutting edge technology to give its user a good experience. This saying is all a lie because i didn't like nor enjoyed anything on that exchange. The exchange came with a dull and unpleasant inter phase. Even the web page is very slow and annoying. This exchange only supports litecoin, ethereum and three other crypto currencies are only traded. This alone explains that the exchange is not even liquid. The exchange don't like to display to users its 24hrs trading. Personally, i don't like this type of exchange. I wanted going deep into this exchange but i have to stop due to fear of my money being robbed. Users should me careful when going into something like this exchangeVer reseña completa

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