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Logotipo de raj musicals

I had the opportunity to see a show put on by Raj Musicals and I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed! The performers were incredibly talented and the costumes and set were absolutely stunning. The story was well-told and it was clear that a lot of thought and effort had gone into creating the show. I would definitely recommend seeing a show put on by this company - you won't be disappointed! I'm not much into theater, but I might make an exception for Raj Musicals. They sound like they put on a great show! This is a review of the show put on by Raj Musicals. The performers were talented and the costumes and set were stunning.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de ooly

I never heard about this store before, not even a little hint. With a rather annoying typo I found it via google and did some research if they are trustable or not. It turned out that the store had been on business for over 10 years now and have a good reputation. They also got their own domain which is more than you can say of many other stores out there. After reading though the site I decided to give OOLY a chance since their shipping is free worldwide . You get three variants of colors in every marker-pen with at least more than 15 colors in both broad and fine version! How cool is that? The shipping took exactly 4 weeks (ca 2-3 weeks for processing and 1 week for shipping) which is really cool. If you take into account that I ordered from Germany it's even better since German post's service sip big time! When I finally got them, they came in a little recycled box with some airbags to protect them. On top was a sticker written: "pencils please - fragile". Indeed, this is pretty delicate stuff we're talking about here; markers are not toothpicks or pens but more like drinking straws filled with ink and all those color leades inside plus what would happen if something heavy falls directly onto them? The markers are wrapped in paper and the caps covered with foil. I had high hopes for this one but my excitement was shifted to disappointment when I unwrapped them... they weren't even properly wrapped inside! Just like I got them directly from factory with no quality control at all.  For example, some of the color leades were broken or marker heads weren't attached to the body correctly (but still writeable). Some colors didn't even appear when tested against white card. I guess the conclusion of this story is that you get what you pay for. The low price and free shipping sounds great, but when it comes to products like these I would rather spend a little more money on better quality than have markers break after just one use or colors not show up at all. If OOLY had done some quality control in their factory before sending them out they might be able to keep customers happy with high-quality materials instead of settling for lower standards because of cost.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de fabrilife

Fabrilife company is a company that promises to help its customers create their own income. However, I think that the credibility of this company is very doubtful because it offers a product that can not be purchased by affiliates and requires a fee of $ 49.95 in order to participate in the program marketing. When I got interested in this program, I sent an e-mail to them from their website's contact form asking for more information about their product. I also asked what it was all about their scam alerts, which they claim they have been given because they are honest with people and show them how to make money honestly without forcing anyone do anything against his/her will (which is why when looking at videos related to Fabrilife on YouTube, you can see that all the people who comment about this company are saying that it is a scam). When I read their response, I noticed something strange. They asked me to call them because they do not usually communicate via e-mail (odd...). When I called, they told me how much money I could make through Fabrilife and also explained why their product could only be purchased by phone (because if someone orders the product, then the customer support has to talk with them for 30 minutes to explain its full potential). However, when I responded that even though my friend makes good money with his online business , he never took any telephone order from anyone (and he does not need it), the representative of Fabrilife told me that I was thinking like that because I did not know how to make money online (he said this as if their product really had the ability to help anyone). When I told them that it seemed strange to me to pay $ 50 for a product and then order anything from the phone, he replied that they were selling something at cost and there would be no earnings for them, but if someone wanted to sign up and affiliate with them (which is what would happen after someone bought the product), there was a compensation plan. Then, when we started talking about the compensation plan, he gave me a big speech about how much money you can earn through it. In fact, many people who have joined Fabrilife have been successful because of this Then they asked me to call them because they do not usually communicate via e-mail (odd...). When I called, they told me how much money I could make through Fabrilife and also explained why their product could only be purchased by phone (because if someone orders the product, then the customer support has to talk with them for 30 minutes to explain its full potential). When I responded that My friend does not need to take any telephone orders from anyone and he was able to make good money with his online business. This means that the representative of Fabrilife is incorrect in saying I think like this because I do not know how to make money online. When it comes down to it, if someone wants a refund for their purchase they will be asked where they bought the product (which is why when looking at videos related to Fabrilife on YouTube, you can see that all the people who comment about this company are saying that it is a scam). The only way one would want something from them by phone order would be if they were trying to get around paying for shipping charges or taxes.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de marinemax

Marinemax, the world's largest and most successful boat dealer is in my home town: Miami, FL. I had a chance to visit them in person back when they were located on the Intracoastal Waterway in North Miami Beach. I was very impressed with their professionalism and cleanliness of their shops, this was many years ago when they only had 2 locations which work out to be around 60 or so stores now? They were located just south of I-95, next to the Dade Marine Stadium where Boat shows are held every weekend during winter season. The second location was closer to downtown Miami at Coral Gables/Coconut Grove area of Biscayne Bay. When you walk into a marine max store it just looks like a factory, the inventory is stacked up high and all boats are covered with clean coverings attached to the pick-up trucks. It's very impressive and I'm surprised that they don't market this more though it would be great for people who buy their boats and gear there to know how neat and well organized their warehouses are...I always felt comfortable buying my boat parts from them because everything was organized neatly on pallets or racks, nothing was laying around in disarray or dusty which you usually see at other marine shops. Their prices always came out as good as any other shop, but sometimes cheaper than your smaller mom & pop stores who specialize in one brand such as Yamaha or Mercru. If you have a problem with a part or engine you can always call them up and explain your problem, they will send someone out to help you. And if the part is under warranty then they will either send it to you for free or just come and pick it up from wherever you are to fix it. Back when I was in college, working summers as a laborer, I helped buy several boats for MarineMax such as 18' center consoles and twin outboards (a Mercury 25's and a very powerful Johnson 40HP).. So I used these two boats since 2006. Every year we would bring them back for inspection and regular maintenance so we never had any major problems with those engines...We never even changed the spark plugs. MarineMax is the world's largest and most successful boat dealer. Not only do they carry a huge inventory of boats, Marine Max also offers services such as inspections to customers who buy their boats from them.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de octave music store

I was trying to find the best way to buy an instrument online because I was about to go on vacation and wanted something I could take with me . It isn't that well known but it has pretty good reviews so I decided to try it out. The first thing that surprised me about octave is the great offer they have over there, not only are there relatively low prices, you can also return your purchase for free anywhere in the US! So if anything goes wrong you won't need to worry because of their return policy... I was really excited when my order arrived within a couple days after placing it! When this much volume fits into such a small box then you know they're doing it right. When the package arrived I was really shocked because of how many cool features this guitar had and how nice it looked. I decided to buy this one - paul reebok studio edition basswood body guitar with humbucker pickups and a beautiful sunburst finish! The sound is also incredibly good plus you can get it tuned in 3 different ways: A D G C whatever suits you best! I have been trying out different instruments for a few years now, from guitars to turntables, from saxophones to ukuleles... But the problem is - I'm not sure what exactly I need and if it fits my budget as well as my expectations. That's why I was so glad that Octave Music Store has managed to build a place where anybody can go and find unique items, professional equipment and all at extremely affordable prices. Their collection of products features a wide range of categories: Instruments , DJ Tools & Headphones , Pro Audio , Computer & Recording Equipment . Here are some examples on what they have available right now: Gretsch G5422TDCG Electromatic Double Jet Electric Guitar If you're looking for affordable guitars, then this is definitely the right place to be! They have a very wide range of guitar types and color schemes available. Here are some examples that I really liked: Fender Standard Stratocaster , Epiphone Les Paul Special II , ESP LTD M-10... As well as basses, acoustic guitars and other popular models. I'm 100% sure that if you go on their website octave music store you will find at least one item for yourself, no matter your budget - guaranteed! Just by visiting each category's page you can see how accessible they want to keep. By the way, don't forget to check out the great deals they have on used items! As you might already know, keyboard synthesizers are usually quite expensive... But not in octave music store case. Here they have a huge selection of fairly priced synthesizers available for all budgets. Just in case you're not familiar with the term 'synthesizer', it's basically an instrument that lets you create sounds using different kinds of software (some waveforms) and then play them like any regular instrument. This is why keyboards are very popular among musicians who use electronic or dance style of music. The possibilities are endless when it comes to sound creation! Here are some examples: Renegade KORG , Roland Juno-Gi , Moog Voyager ... This is only a small part of what they have to offer, so if you want to check out the whole octave music store collection you can go here. I'm really glad that this type of online stores exists because it's much easier and more convenient for me to get my bands equipment from there instead of going from one local shop to another just looking around. All in all, octave turned out to be a great experience - best prices, fast shipping and superb quality! Thanks a lot! Octave Music Store is a great place for anyone looking to purchase musical instruments, DJ equipment and more. They have an extensive collection of items available including guitars, keyboards, basses and acoustic guitars as well as synthesizers. Octave has managed to create a website that's easy-to-navigate and affordable with many different categories like Instruments or Pro Audio . If you're unsure about what type of instrument might suit your needs best then check out the selection on their site! You can also find used gear at discounted prices if you want to save some money while getting good quality products.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de fmo

FMO is a Dutch development finance bank based in thesterdam, The Netherlands. FMO bank provides services to the public as well as private sector. FMO mainly handles cash and check management for publics through debit cards and prepaid check system. FMO bank charges a fee for their debit card and check processing services. FMO bank allows customers to withdraw cash by using a debit card and e-checks. Deposits to be made on debit card may be withdrawn through ATM machines or online. Electronic check systems are used to facilitate the withdrawal of funds. Both debit card and electronic check may be funded by direct deposit into the account or by using credit/debit card. Service Fee The service fee is levied according to the number of debit cards, e-checks and loans that you wish to process through the FMO bank. Service fees are charged based on the service period i.e. the amount of money you wish to process through the bank. State fees may also be levied if state law requires it. FMO bank levies state and local taxes in different states depending on your place of residence. Account-opening Cost Though there are many other costs involved in opening an account through an FDIC insured institution, the service cost should not be ruled out. The service charge is typically levied on the debit card or a check that is used to purchase goods from the bank. This account-opening cost is generally less than half the amount of an ordinary bank overdraft. This is because when you use a debit card, the transaction is made without cash and hence the debit card company does not incur any service cost.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de softbank capital

I agree totally with #2’s assessment of Softbank Capital. I’m extremely disappointed in their continual conflicting and erroneous information … their failure to carry out my written instructions … their slowness to respond until deadlines have passed -- mistakes which always help their bottom line and hurt mine. It’s happened so many times that it’s difficult to believe it is simply incompetence … rather than deliberate orchestration. Here’s an example. Last summer I opened a number of accounts which I planned to fund by having my broker wire the money to softbank. One day around 2:30 I called SoftBank and asked for their wiring information … telling them my broker had a 3:00 deadline in order to get the money to SoftBank that day. The rep advised me that I shouldn’t wire the money … that ACH transfers were faster … even though I had not set up any ACH links! It took me a while to convince her otherwise, and get her to agree to give me the wire instructions. I asked her to please hurry because of the 3:00 deadline. Again it took her quite a while; she put me on hold several times. I had a strong sense that something was “off” but assumed it was honest incompetence. A few minutes before 3:00 she finally gave me the wire instructions. I rushed to my broker’s website but missed the deadline. No big deal, I thought … the money will be there tomorrow … what’s one day. You’ve probably guessed the ending -- SoftBank had known they were making significant rate drops the next day for all of my accounts. The amount I invested was in the six figures … so the loss in earnings was significant. I’ve never been naïve about softbank’s seeming incompetence and slowness since. I don’t phone them … I get everything in writing … I print all live chats before they disappear … I print all emails in my SoftBank mailbox lest they disappear. It’s slow and tedious -- and still full of errors. At this moment there are three “mistakes” I’m trying to iron out. Naturally I’m considering leaving. Softbank capital is the LEAST “straightforward” bank I have dealt with in my very long life.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de deutsche bank

Deutche Bank, also known as DGB, is an institution in Germany that is recognized as a major lender in Germany. It is among the largest banks in Germany with assets equal to more than 1 trillion. The main business of this bank is to provide commercial banking and corporate financing and lending services. In addition to this, it provides commercial loans, commercial mortgages, commercial real estate finance, and retail banking and is involved in almost all financial activities of the industry. As one of the largest banks in Europe, it offers its services to more than two million customers both abroad and in Germany. There are many differences between the US federal mortgage plan and the German plan for borrowers to decide if they are eligible for the mortgage scheme. The most significant difference is the income requirement for borrowers who live outside Germany and borrow from Der Deutsche Bank. The application can only be filed if you are a resident of the German Federal Republic or Germany. Your application must meet the following criteria: You must be at least 18 years old; you must have a steady job as of the start of the program; your monthly income should exceed the monthly requirement by the debt agreement you signed with Der Deutsche Bank. If you meet these requirements but are still unable to obtain approval because you are not a resident of the German state, the application cannot be processed. This is because the procedure requires the consent of the borrower to waive his non-residency status for three months so that he can file the application. If you do not qualify for the mortgage scheme and still satisfy the other state requirements, the bank will still allow you to open a savings account with the local state authority. The next step is for the borrower to submit the application form. The application form for a person residing in Germany should include personal information, employment and debt details, as well as any requirements the lender requires of the borrower. This will ensure that the state authority receives the application. In addition, the borrower must also sign an affirmation that the signature is not a legal form. Once you have submitted the application, you will receive an EKG or Certificate of Deposit. This gives you detailed information on your financial health. The certificate should be compared to your credit report to ensure the accuracy of the information. If there are any errors, the bank should inform you before approving the loan. In some instances, the bank may change your interest rate once the application has been approved. This is standard practice for all loan applications. Before you finalize the loan, make sure that the interest rate and other payments terms are compatible with your budget. Make sure that the loan is at the right amount so that you do not have any difficulty paying it off. Der Deutsche Bank offers competitive rates on various loan products. The bank can help you choose between fixed and variable interest rates, as well as other repayment options, if needed.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de paypex

Yes, the project is just beautiful. If he has a good list of partners, the price of the token will quickly go up. Therefore, it is necessary to attract a maximum of people. The market situation of cryptocurrency is quite complicated, and only great value products can hold the token value so highly. The team is working on a presentation, there is already a term started. We need to be patient. The strategy of the project on questions of search of partners in technical documents is not specified. I think that this description would help us to deal with this issue. Fine project, I have already decided to buy tokens and if the team succeeds, we can very quickly make money.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de poly ai

The plan is very interesting and if you truly get on in realizing your visions, then I think it will be good! And very nice project.Ver reseña completa


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