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Review on BitMart by Joseph Bello

Bitmart Offers Multiple Ways Of Earning On Their User Friendly Platform

I got introduced to the Bitmart exchange platform by the Revain team, I had to open an account with them so as to access their services properly. In summary, this exchange platform is 100%user friendly. Their interface is also very suitable for new traders. The interface is so neatly arranged and beautifully designed that at first sight, I developed interest for the exchange platform but, I got discourages by their trading fees.

I gained access to their services through the web, where I made my registration using my email address after which I discovered they had their Android mobile application available. I had the application downloaded and signed in my already registered account with them. I made a trade with them but had their tokens purchased first because traders enjoy a discount of 0.25% for using their token to pay trading fees. The BMX token I bought made me enjoy that discount. After trading, I accessed their sites and discovered some ways of making money on the site. These are:

1. Lending Of Cryptocurrency: The site allows traders to lend their assets out and in return, they get interest (as of the last time I checked, the traders that lended their cryptocurrency enjoyed an interest of 50% and others 6.25%. I haven't tried it out actually because they said it's currently not available but also promised of bringing up more soon. I'll try not missing that because 50% interest is quite enticing.

2. Staking Of Coins: This feature is common amongst many cryptocurrency exchange platform. The coins are staked to produce more. Although very little coins are produced, it's better as keeping your coin gives you something in return. I'm presently staking my Trons and would love to leave it there for a while.

3. Referrals And Affiliate: The exchange platform rewards users for every referral made by giving them some percentage of their deposited funds (I don't know the exact value because I'm yet to have a referral). This would help build their company as many people would be inspired to have a referral so as to enjoy this bonus.

These are the few ways of making money on the exchange platform I discovered. Their security system is also encouraging as they make use of the popular 2 Factor Authentication and store their users funds in a cold storage system (about 99%). For the mobile application, a password is needed to gain access to the platform. These has helped them in keeping a very clean record as they have recorded no hack ever since it got into the industry.

Finally, I would be talking about their trading fee. After accessing all their services, I really got discouraged by their trading fee. They charge a flat trading fee of 0.25%. I find this very high and might discourage me from actively trading on their platform. I just hope they work at reducing this fee. In addition, the discount they give to traders for using their BMX token is not too good. Making it like 50% would be nice actually.

Pros & cons

  • Their services are top notched
  • Their site is easily operated and can be used by newbies
  • They offer multiple ways of earning on their platform
  • They offer their services in conjunction with good security
  • They have their mobile applications available on Android and iPhone operating systems
  • They offer a discount of 0.25% for traders that pay trading fee with their BMX token
  • Their trading fee is really high and should be reduced so as to attract traders