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Review on Hello Global Exchange by Killer Bean

You might want to back off from this exchange!!!

Hello Global Exchange is am exchange supported by Huobi Cloud. This exchange was launched in 2019(or late 2018). Well, the interface of this exchange is dynamic but not impressive in any way, it was just as plain as other exchanges that I have traded on before no unique difference! Registration is possible via Phone or email, after providing my details i was able to register with ease. Now what features does this exchange offer? Well: 1. Security: This is a proposed feature by the exchange, the exchange achieves this security goals by the adoption of two-factor-authentification to secure users account from unauthorized access. It is also reported to combine storage of funds in both cold and hot wallet with majority of the funds in cold wallets. 2. Let's take a look at the trading fee: Hello Global Exchange does excellently well, in terms of its fees by just charging a 0.2% trading fee, 0.7% for OTC trading and 0.05%, 0.02% fee for takers and makers respectively for perpetual contracts trading. 3. Diversity of coins traded: On Hello Global Exchange, alot of cryptocurrencies are traded there including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, EOS, Tether, XEM, ZEC, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoincash, Tron and a whole lot more. 4. Affiliate programs 5. Margin trading, Derivatives trading, OTC trading, all these features makes Hello Global a nice place to trade. However, before making any form of deposit i had to go and check the rate of activity in the group on Telegram and Twitter as this were the social media i was active but this exchange wasn't active in any of the two. On Twitter, it had its post on May 2020 while on Telegram, its last announcement and post was around November-Decemeber 2020. This made me halt my deposit and i would also advice other users to do so and seek for other exchanges with trust worthy details and features. The exchange requires KYC verification at some point, but i didn't do it because i was skeptical about releasing my personal information to an exchange i didnt quite trust.

Pros & cons

  • Every positive part of this exchange cannot be confirmed because of the uncertainty of the legitimacy of this exchange
  • This exchange doesn't jave enough information about itself
  • Doing the KYC verification might be risk to breach of users data
  • This exchange has an unattractive interface
  • The exchange's soci media platforms are currently inactive