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Hubi is an amazing brand name that offers exceptional development to the blockchain by fundamental store methods,0.2% withgdrawal cost and parts. It is marvelous in making considerable evaluation on other advanced resource utilizing helpful tradingview, for example, kucoin. With fundamental speed of withdrawal, it additionally offers high effects and a second technique for exchanges. It restricts dependably without a break in transmission yet offers helpful exercises. Hubi has one the b

  • The page can't be g It garantees most imperative security. otten to.
  • deverisfied exchanges.
  • Second store systems.
  • There's none for this audit.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Hubi exchange

Hubi exchange. it is a concentrated trading platform that was found in Hong Kong in 2016 in fact why this trading platform may seem like an encouraging trade is that I do not consider it a platform for fraudsters with any form of fraudulent activities. This system was introduced by the producer which has been onboard for a long time. This exchange platform is a safe trading platform that was established based on the fact that it could not seem to have any dynamic form of fraudulent activities

  • Reliableable
  • Fast and easy to work with
  • Has free networking system
  • Fraudsters free platform
  • None for me

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Hubi Exchange Platform Seems To Have Closed Down

There seem to be some exchange platforms that are closed down but there is yet to be a public announcement about the exchange platform. As a matter of fact, some review platforms are yet to discover that the exchange platform is no longer functioning. But to make my review as authentic as it should be, I checked these review platforms and have also checked their platform. Checking their platform, I discovered that the exchange platform isn't functioning as I received a message telling me "my…

  • No Pros
  • Couldn't access the site

Hubi is an astounding trademark that offers extraordinary progression to the blockchain by basic store methods,0.2% withgdrawal expense and parts. It is extraordinary in making valid examination on other advanced resource utilizing portable tradingview, for example, kucoin. With simple pace of withdrawal, it additionally offers high influences and a moment method of exchanges. It capacities consistently without a break in transmission yet offers expedient exercises. Hubi has one the gre

  • The page can't be g It garantees greatest security. otten to.
  • It offers low charges of almost 0.15%.
  • deverisfied exchanges.
  • Moment store techniques.
  • There's none for this audit.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Hubi Talks .

Hubi is an amazing platform in the world of cryptocurrency trading market era today. This Platform exchange was established in the year 2016, with the operating center which was situated at Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and south Korea. Hubi platform which it enable many of its users to sell and buy a lot of many cryptocurrency which it support many Currencies in the world today. In the year 2018 which is in May to be precise the hubi network which it brand was in a…

  • Trading here is very easy.
  • it has an excellent features.
  • its support alot of crypto currencies
  • its has a very low security.
  • the service is not available in USA.

Hubi is an amazing characteristic that offers great advancement to the blockchain by simple deposit methods,0.2% withgdrawal fee and lots. It is unique in making credible research on other digital asset using mobile tradingview such as kucoin. With easy rate of withdrawal, it also offers high leverages and an instant mode of transactions. It functions on a daily basis without a break in transmission but offers speedy activities. Hubi has one the biggest amazing view that is customized in a…

  • It garantees maximum security.
  • It offers low charges of nearly 0.15%.
  • deverisfied transactions.
  • Instant deposit methods.
  • There's none for this review.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

his position can be totally taken out soon.

The Hubi Trade, a concentrated exchange from HongKong. The exchange was established in 2016. Indeed, while this exchange may appear to be an empowering exchange, I don't think of it as powerful with any type of imagination, however it isn't represented by the organization for one exchange. This is the message we can discover when we enter the Hubi stage. This assists us with understanding what the issue is here: smart plundering. On the off chance that you access this current association's U

  • The page can't be gotten to.
  • The Hubi round didn't serve the US.
  • There is presently no exchanging trade.
  • An exchange is by all accounts empowering.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Error When Trying To Access Website

Some exchange platforms are actually dead but don't want to admit that. It's just like a Boxer that has already been defeated but still wants to fight more. Such a person would just make his or her trials in vain and might still end up being beaten even more. The same thing applies to the crypto world where an exchange platform would be gone but refuses to accept that. An example of such an exchange platform is the Hubi exchange platform. Hubi is a Hong Kong based an operated exchange platform…

  • None
  • The exchange platform is gone but it seems the founders don't want to accept that

Revainrating 1 out of 5

This position can be completely removed soon.

The Hubi Exchange, a concentrated trade from HongKong. The trade was founded in 2016. In fact, while this trade may seem like an encouraging trade, I do not consider it dynamic with any form of fantasy, but it is not accounted for by the administration for one trade. This is the message we can find when we enter the Hubi stage. This helps us understand what the problem is here: thoughtful looting. If you access this organization's URL, you should ensure that there is a security guarantee due to

  • The page cannot be accessed.
  • The Hubi round did not serve the United States.
  • There is currently no trading exchange.
  • A trade seems to be encouraging.

"An error occurred with processing your request". This is the message that we can find when accessing the Hubi platform. And this helps to understand what this project is about: a possible scam. Since it was developed and launched, users did not find good opportunities for trading assets there, and now the system failed totally. If you visit the URL of this company, you must make sure you have your privacy protection features active as scammers might be close. In fact, some users started to…

  • The web page is not available. No positive aspects have been found.
  • This is a project that has had negative aspects since it was launched.
  • The company is unknown. They have not a clear roadmap.
  • The financial activities of this project were not recorded.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Promising exchange presently inactive

Hubi Exchange is a centralized exchange from HongKong. This exchange was founded in 2016. Personally speaking, I don't think this exchange is active at all, though it looked like a promising exchange, it seems like the exchange has gone out of service. First, the exchange was marked as an Untracked Listing on CoinMarketCap, after which I tried accessing the website but there wasn't any sign of response, all I saw after the page loaded was an error message. I also noticed that the entire…

  • This exchange wasn't usable
  • There's currently no trading activity going on in the exchange
  • The exchange seems promising but I don't know what happened along the line

Revainrating 4 out of 5


Hubi is a world cryptocurrency exchange Platform that was created in 2016, with operating center in Philippines, south Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. It enable users to buy and sell many cryptocurrency as it support many Currency. In May 2018 the hubi brand was position as a global integrated digital assets service providers as it created the first Exchange ALLIANCE of 3.0 model which makes everyone to be a super Node. Hubi missions is to provide good services, high liquidity for global…

  • Hubi is world digital assets Exchange
  • It support many cryptocurrency
  • It has excellent features for traders
  • It provided global integrated digital assets service
  • Hubi platform did not provide service for USA
  • The platform should work more on security.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Hubi is a quite new cryptocurrency exchange from Hong Kong.

Hubi is a global digital asset exchange alliance, who created the world’s first Exchange Alliance 3.0” model,everyone is a Super Node.Hubi’s exclusive Platform Advantage plus Alliance Advantage Eco Advantage” provide global customers with one stop trading platform with lower entry threshold, better services and higher liquidity.Hubi’s exclusive digital asset risk control system, transaction services, provide global customers with safe and transparent value trading.

  • Cryptocurrency is available for deposit method.
  • There are loads of coin exchanges from Hong Kong.
  • Reliable system.
  • High liquidity.
  • Exclusive services.
  • Hubi is also available as an application in your phone.
  • Wire transfert and credit card is not available for deposit method.