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Review on Huobi Global by Adejoh Samuel

Keeping Up To It's Achievement And Striving To Achieve Better Things Has Always Been Huobi's Vision

The Huobi Global exchange platform happens to be amongst the early rising exchange platforms in the blockchain world as it was founded in the year 2013, having Leon Li, a former Oracle engineer as the owner. The company started it's operation in China but is presently having it's headquarters in Singapore. The company had to relocate to Singapore because of the decision made by China, to pull out of all crypto trading. This made the to had their focused shifted from only China to the whole world and this is displayed by having branches or offices in some countries like Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and the United States. The company has always been amongst the top exchange platforms in the world, even in the past times. It is usually said that maintaining an achievement is more difficult than attaining it. The Huobi Global has been able to maintain the great stand they have acquired years ago. Let's just hope they still remain at the top with new exchange platforms being introduced with mouth watering benefits for trading with them.

The Huobi Global which happens to be one of the largest exchange platforms in the world and also rated amongst the best three exchange platforms is registered in Seychelles with millions of users in hundreds of countries. One would wonder how they made their way to the top, well the Huobi Global exchange platform merges a fast trading engine, affordable and competitive trading fee with nice security system, their record is also something to boast of. First, their trading engine has always been up to the task as there has been no complain of having a slow trade, all trades has been executed in few minutes. The next is their trading fee. They charge a flat trading fee of 0.2% for both takers and makers. This happens to be below the industry's average, which is about 0.25%. They also offer discount to some special set of people like their native token, HT. This set of people enjoy a 50% discount and VIP memberships also enjoy a discount of 65% for all trades made. This has made trading easier for many people as one can enjoy a discount for just holding their token. The next is their security system. They make use of the 2 Factor Authentication system just like many other companies out there. They also have their users funds safely kept in a cold storage, beyond the prying eyes of hackers. Their record has always been kept clean as there has been no hack or security breach to their system, they have been able to sway away hackers from having access to their client's fund. This quality distinguishes them from many other big exchange platforms (whose name I won't mention for privacy). Many other big exchange platforms, although having a large number of users have suffered hacks but the Huobi Global is an exception to that. They also have a very responsive and rapidly-answering customer support. This set of people tend to give replies to any type of questions in less than an hour, I even got mine in about 10-12 minutes.

Unlike many other companies, the Huobi Global tends to accept United States citizens in addition to many other country citizens. Although they provide a special one for the Americans. Unlike many other countries that makes use of the Huobi international site, American citizens and a few other number of citizens tends to use Huobi US or HBUS. All these sites are owned and controlled by Huobi Global exchange platform, leaving users with no fear of being scammed.

The Huobi Global exchange platform shouldn't have a problem of trust at all and is worth your the attention of traders across the globe.

Pros & cons

  • The company is yet to have any case of a security breach or hack ever since it's introduction
  • They have a wide number of available users across the world
  • The company is registered in Seychelles
  • They store users funds in a cold storage
  • They tend to give the best of services in terms of customer support
  • They give a very affordable and competitive trading fee with discount to some specific types of people like their token holders and VIP members
  • Has been in existence since 2013, hence has a great experience in the market
  • The company is yet to have any bad side to me, they just have to keep working on retaining the great height they have achieved
Naomi Ilani
December 20, 2020
I believe that investing in companies that have been in existence for long would surely be profitable. The Huobi Global happens to be in such category. The company has been in the exchange industry for long and has been through soo many negative situations,they have been able to come out successfully. That's actually one thing they should be recommended for.
Praise Olagbadun
December 18, 2020
Surviving in the industry is not as simple as it seems. The Huobi Global can be tagged a real survivor. It's a nice exchange platform that happens to be a fast adaptor just as you've said. I think I have to open an account with them and see how their UI is. Don't think they're still using the old moderls, cos if they were, they wouldn't have had much users as they do now
Adejoh Samuel
December 18, 2020
I kinda feel all Asians exchange platforms are the ones leading in the industry, take a look at Binance and now see Huobi Global. The shocking part of Huobi Global's story is the fact that it has been in existence since and is still reigning. They must be very fast at adapting to things. Kudos to them