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My review about KickEX

Hello to everyone. I'm going to write to you today about KickEX. KickEX is a crypto exchange created in 2020. Although it was created in 2020, big plans have been made and strategies have been prepared for the creation of this exchange, which is...See full review

I'm ready to recommend KickEX to everyone

My friend who just started to trade asked me about comfortable exchange and I told him about KickEX. KickEX is an exchange by Kick Ecosystem. I really like this project and theirs products. Exchange is good for newbies (because of demo-mode) and...See full review

Good exchange with big perspectives

I don't trade a lot, because I just start to learn how to do it. I was looking for useful exchange where I can practice and found KickEx. I really like it because its extremely simple, has demo-mode and interface is amazing. Fees can be a bit lower…See full review

KickEx is perfect product of Kick Ecosystem

I put 5 out of 5 on the exchange, but this is my personal opinion. Because the results are very noticeable, especially if you have been following the project since 2017. I see how they work and what they do, and in principle they are great fellows...See full review

KickEx is perfect developing exchange

I have been using KickEx since the opening, and in fact the team has done a great job. Firstly, it seemed to me that there were only robots, but over time, traders came up and everything became more lively. Everything began to develop: new coins...See full review

I like KickEx and hope that it will grow and become popular

KickEX is a relatively new exchange, it was made in 2020, so I call it new. I haven't used it for so long, but I have my own impression of it. I will say right away that I did not have these frozen tokens, so my impression of the project did not...See full review

KickEx is a really strong part of KickEcosystem

My review will be not so much about the exchange, but about the ecosystem of the project itself. But I will tell you about the exchange too. At first I was very skeptical, because this is a Russian project, but then, when I saw that the guys were...See full review

KickEx become a great opening for me

I like KickEx now, after a year of using it. I don't like their marketing scheme because they are spoiled their reputation because of FrozenDrop, but now I see they fixed their mistakes. KickEx has comfortable fees for makers and takers, moreover...See full review

Excellent affiliate program and convenient navigation on the site

For sure: for those who decided to start trading and want to get income from trading crypto coins, the KickEX exchange is almost an ideal choice. It's especially beneficial to use this platform for those who have many friends and contacts in social...See full review

KicEx is another good project of KickEcosystem

KickICO was a nice project, I knew about it from the Bitcointalk, but then I found KickToken and bought them just after release of Kick V8 Tokens. I find them perspective. And it showed its efficiency when ICOs were relevant, that is, the team...See full review

I trust this exchange beacause I know Kick ISO and its success

Everyone here is sharing their experience about KickEx. I have also shared my trade experience in KickEx. I'm glad to use such exchange as alternative to Binance. I have been trading there for more than 10 months without having any problems and...See full review