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My review about KickEX

Hello to everyone. I'm going to write to you today about KickEX. KickEX is a crypto exchange created in 2020. Although it was created in 2020, big plans have been made and strategies have been prepared for the creation of this exchange, which is...See full review

Good exchange for everyone. It's worth to use

I really want many people to know about this exchange, since this product is worth your time. I believe that the strength of the project is in his team, and the Kick Ecosystem project has a very strong team, so all products are made perfectly...See full review

KickEX is nice exchange which always updated by their team

I really like that the team makes the exchange better every time. Some new features, recently there was an update of the referral program, a very convenient application came out, then they generally reduced transaction fees. They do everything to...See full review

If you're looking for something new so try KickEX

KickEX is not a high volume exchange but there're lots of traders. I was surprised that my orders don’t stuck and I don’t need to wait. I also like that the team lists new coins every week and moreover there are lots of actual trading pairs. The...See full review

Pretty fine exchange with it's pros and cons

I saw some critique about KickEx, but they are working to build an exchange, which works well for me. Moreover this exchange has app and it's being updated regular. I see a working product, I see how the team develops it and I feel that it can be a...See full review

I'm going to tell all my friends traders about KickEX

An excellent exchange, both for a beginner and for a pro. The volumes are good, the exchange is becoming more popular, which means that more traders will come and trade. By the way, I didn't notice any bots on the exchange, which is very good! A...See full review

Try KickEX and it will become your favourite exchange

KickEX is worth to trade because it's good project from strong team who are working hard at their products like exchange and token. I use KickEX not so long, about 6 month and I have positive review. But there is only one cons: fees. On others...See full review

I like KickEX because it's useful and developed

I like this exchange, it's really friendly to beginners in compare to Binance. Especially useful is the demo mode, where I could practice. The interface on Binance was like a spaceship for me, but on KickEX everything is fine. I'm not worried about...See full review

I'm ready to recommend KickEX to everyone

My friend who just started to trade asked me about comfortable exchange and I told him about KickEX. KickEX is an exchange by Kick Ecosystem. I really like this project and theirs products. Exchange is good for newbies (because of demo-mode) and...See full review

Good exchange with big perspectives

I don't trade a lot, because I just start to learn how to do it. I was looking for useful exchange where I can practice and found KickEx. I really like it because its extremely simple, has demo-mode and interface is amazing. Fees can be a bit lower…See full review

KickEx is perfect product of Kick Ecosystem

I put 5 out of 5 on the exchange, but this is my personal opinion. Because the results are very noticeable, especially if you have been following the project since 2017. I see how they work and what they do, and in principle they are great fellows...See full review