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Review on KuCoin by Eunice Olagbadun

Kucoin, My First Exchange Platform

Due to the fact that I'm a new trader to the blockchain network, I took my time in choosing an exchange platform where I can have my cryptocurrencies traded. I had the Kucoin exchange platform tested and I found out how good their services are. Talking about their interface, security system and trading fees. The exchange platform currently boasts of million of users on their platform and these users are yet to have a complain of the site slowing down as their system is capable of processing a thousand orders per day. Myself inclusive, I haven't had any problem of their site slowing down or my transactions taking time to be

First talking about their interface. The exchange platform have their mobile application version available on both Android and iPhone operating systems supporting mobile devices. This has made their services accessible by the two-most popular Operating Systems in the world. I use an Android phone so I had to download the Android support in mobile application. I found their interface a bit hard to understand by myself. I guess its because of how new I am to the blockchain network. It actually took me a while to understand how somethings work and how to gain access to some services. I'm sure a person that has been in the blockchain state for a while would be able to navigate their interface faster than I did. Not minding how much it took me to use their mobile application, I would still continue using their services because of the other services they offer.

As for their security services, the Kucoin exchange platform has been able to protect their users funds with all methods possible one of which is the 2 Factor Authentication. This is very popular amongst many exchanges and the Kucoin exchange platform has also implemented it. They have also made it possible for me to access my account using my fingerprint censor. I find this more comfortable than typing my password and that makes me use it more frequently than using my

Finally, their trading fees. Trading fees are charges a company make in traders to be able to execute their trading. Trading fees are charges to both makers and takers. The Kucoin exchange platform charges a flat trading fee of 0.1% (this flat trading fee means the same fee for both makers and takers). They also give traders a discount of 20% for using their KCS to pay trading fees. I guess I would have to acquire their KCS so as to be paying 0.08% as trading fee. Their customer support is also nice as they have made my experience with them a nice one. They managed to put me through some things that got me confused and d

Pros & cons

  • They charge an affordable trading fee of 0.1% to both makers and takers
  • Their interface is beautiful designed although a bit hard for new traders like myself to navigate
  • The have one of the best customer support teams
  • I won't recommend the exchange platform to new traders like myself
Joseph Bello
January 09, 2021
The KuCoin exchange platform offers high quality services, the most interesting fact about the exchange is their affordable trading fee of 0.1%. They even offer traders a discount for using their own token to pay for trading fee