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Review on KuCoin by Ayu Anggraini

My experience with Kucoin exchange

Kucoin exchange. The name of this exchange began to be known and became an alternative crypto exchange beside famous exchange like binance or bittrex in 2018 due to the closing of the new registration/new user acceptance by binance and bittrex when there was very high interest in the crypto market in 2018 during peak season.

That caused kucoin to reach more than 1.8 bn trading volume. When this review was written the total volume was $ 59,020,818.

What I really like about Kucoin, is how Kucoin really maintains the interests of customers and has a good reputation in handling complaints and customer service. When i have problem the support really helpful and provide me with everything i need until the problem resolved.

I have never experienced any significant problems trading in kucoin, withdrawals, or any transactions on this platform. Kucoin has never experienced a hack or security problem.

UI is available for 12 languages, very strict security up to 4 layers of security, daily dividends to KCS holders, advanced charts tools, real market / order books, so the volume and recent trades are real not a fake number or bot doing a trades.

you can stake dozen coins / tokens on their exchange, their rate is below the industry average arround just 0.1 %. This is reliable and great exchange but did not accept FIAT trading deposit and pairs.

Kucoin also allow API trading so i always integrate my account with cornix bot to get trading done without the need to login to my account!

Currently Kucoin has supported more than 565 trading pairs, is available for hundreds of countries and has 5 million users. But in the other hands, kucoin has a low liquidity with a low volume for some coins they have. I hope they Will be more careful about new listing so the team did not list some kind of bad project.

But since they keep adding new coins its always attract new investor to trade there.

One of unfortunate things i did not like from kucoin is the fact that oftenly kucoin will target such campaign or competition for a whales or big investor only. The user with a little capital Will not be able to get involved on their trading campaign or competition.

Pros & cons

  • This is an exchange which never get hacked unlike other exchange
  • The exchange with high level security and become new favorite exchange
  • Simple UI and easy to understand interface
  • No FIAT deposit and trading pairs