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Review on Nominex by Adejoh Samuel

Afilliate Rewards, Good Security, Welcome Bonuses, Affordable Fees and Demo Accounts Are What Describes Nominex

With the everyday increase in the number of traders, getting an exchange platfo that would suit their trading activities became necessary. Today, there are many exchange platforms out there, each of them having what they are good at. Amongst them is Nominex, a Seychelles based platform that started operations in the year 2019. It was founded by three people namely: Pavel Shkitin, Alexander Petrovich and Denis Korablev. These three has managed to push this company into achieving greatness in it's little way as it has already been known to be a very transparent platform. The platform happens to keep it's clients at heart by allowing trading to be secured and at a cheap cost. For security purposes, they stor e the majority of their user's funds offline (this happens to be the safest way of storing funds) and offers a trading fee of 0.05% (although some said it was 0.1%, as I'm yet to try it and when I've tried it, I would make an update). This it's trading fee happens to be the same for both makers and takers, making it a flat trading fee. The company has never been hacked or had it's securiry tampered in any way (one might wonder if it could be hacked at a young age? There was a company that was hacked in just few months after it was launched, of which I won't be mentioning it's name).

Another feature of this exchange platform is it's Demo account (I am presently using this Demo account and can say much about it). This Demo account happens to look like a real trading account except that virtual money is used and gained for trading with it. How to get this virtual money? No need to worry as the platform had already deposited 100,000 dollars in it. It is worthy to note that any money gotten from trading in a demo account is not real. The demo account happens to prepare young traders for the future in trading, thereby minimizing if not curbing completely trading mistakes. The Nominex exchange platfrom happens to pay it's members in the form of it's local token, NMX for referrals. This token can then be sold to get either a real fiat or cryptocurrency that can be used for any transaction process. The company is gradually making its name in the industry and I think would achieve greater heights, so long it continues this way or even make some improvements, and not relenting

Pros & cons

  • The company has made trading much easier by making it possible to trade with a low fee and still remain secured
  • The company has never been hacked or had its security tampered and this has made it to retain it's reputation as being one of the most reliable exchange platforms available
  • It's demo account is one of a kind as I am gradually learning trading and in a few days, I'd be an expert in trading
  • The company offers bonuses for every referrals made
  • Their mobile applications are available for free in play store and Apple store
  • It's local token, NMX has a better market value, compared to many other new projects
  • As of now, I can't say anything negative about the company
Shalom Kolawole
December 20, 2020
With this review, I think I would have to open a trading account with Nominex. All through these years, I haven't seen an exchange platfrom that charges so low except Binance. I am yet to have a problem with Binance but having anotger account with Nominex shouldn't be a problem for me
Praise Olagbadun
December 19, 2020
The Nominex exchange platform happens to be the exchange platform that has caught my fantasy. I had no other choice but to open an account with them. Currently, I am actively trading on their site and I'm really enjoying my experience with them
Ferhat Tunç
November 24, 2020
I'd say Nominex is one of the best exchanges I've ever experienced. It has become popular, aiming at the safety of users and providing services in a convenient way. It's one of those exchanges I can recommend to people around me.
Naomi Ilani
November 24, 2020
Truth be told, Nominex is a nice exchange platform that just got into the industry but is gradually making it's name. I think the one thing the company lacks is popularity and that would soon be gained with the way things are going. Their customer support is completely human and shows expertise in the work they are given. It actually surprised me when I saw that replies to questions are given in seconds! How fascinating. It's security is another thing. As their funds are safely stored beyond the reach of hackers.
Adejoh Samuel
November 24, 2020
The Nominex exchange platform has baffled traders with the fact that they offer trading at a low cost and still maintain good security for it's users. It has also made trading much easier by making use of latest developments in their platform. The company is yet to set any restrictions to any country and can be used by everyone.