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Review on Paribu by Halil Eren Kılıç

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An easy stock market paribu

Paribu is a Turkish crypto exchange. And I think the most useful stock used in Turkey. In addition to being useful, when registering one of the largest exchanges, it is very simple to register compared to other major crypto money exchanges, while other exchanges ask for your identity photo, there is no such thing in Paribu, you can easily register with an ID number. And because of these positive advantages, Paribu deserves 5 stars in my opinion. And as someone who uses paribu, it is a source of great pride for me to be appreciated by users in the world market. However, like every crypto currency exchange, Paribu has weaknesses as well, I think most importantly, most of the important tokens in other exchanges do not have paribudas, they negatively affect these users and they are right. Although they solve this problem, they can have more say in the world market, I hope that the Paribu team will offer us more tokens and we will continue to use Paribu.
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  • Very easy to use
  • It's easy to sign up
  • It gives users confidence
  • Offers its users less coins

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