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Review on StormGain by Joseph Okedeji

Stormgain Exchange: Learn Cryptocurrency Trading With Virtual Assets And Educational Videos, Mine BTC For Free And Trade Cryptocurrencies.

Stormgain is a cryptocurrency exchange that trades digital currencies with the available digital currency pairs, we all know this to be true for all exchanges but, as I usually say, each project has a feature that distinguishes it from other projects and the Stormgain exchange has a unique feature and it is this particular feature that made me a user of the platform.

I am currently a user of the stormgain exchange plaform although I'm not someone you would call a trader and I do not have the app installed on my device, I use the web version of the platform because of an amazing feature a cryptocurrency trader informed me about it.

The main function of an exchange is buying and selling right? But the Stormgain exchange not only does that, it has also made available a form of trading practice section on the platform, a demo exchange section where novices get to try out trading with virtual assets and sharpen their trading skills. This i find amazing because although trading might look easy but if one doesn't get the necessary skills required to trade, one will get burnt. Now when these novices have successfully become proficient with the art of cryptocurrency trading, they can then switch to the real exchange right there on the platform where they get to trade real life digital currencies and experience what it really means to be a cryptocurrency trader. So assuming I want to become a full time crypto trader today, I can practice cryptocurrency trading virtually on the Stormgain exchange plaform.

Back to what really drew me to the platform. The stormgain exchange features a Bitcoin mining section which is free and very easy to mine. The minimum amount of Bitcoin one can mine before being allowed to withdraw is $10 worth of BTC. The only thing is that you can't withdraw this money directly to spend, you have to trade with it right there on the exchange section of the platform, it is only the profits you get from trading you're allowed to withdraw from the platform and use for whatever you want. I find this cool because in a way the exchange is motivating and making sure one knows how to trade. There are also educational videos that can help learn trading better and easier on the Stormgain platform.

To start enjoying all these features, you can download the stormgain exchange app on either playstore or applestore and follow the necessary registration procedures. Or you cab use the web version like I am and login with your email address and start enjoying these amazing features. Although I'm still thinking of downloading the stormgain app because it will make operations easier.

Pros & cons

  • Stormgain is not only an exchange platform but also an educative platform for learning cryptocurrency trading.
  • It features a free bitcoin mining section.
  • The platform supports more than 10 languages making it easy to navigate and use the platform.
  • Security measures include 2-factor authentication, to assure users that Stormgain is quite well secured.
  • I have found no flaw in my experience of the stormgain platform although the platform might still need to do more in terms of publicity to increase its popularity.