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Review on PoloniDEX by Kuzey Tekinoğlu

PoloniDEX is a very nice cryptocurrency exchange with zero transaction fees

Hello everyone, today I will mention a Tron-based cryptocurrency exchange, Polonidex.

PoloniDEX is a Tron-based cryptocurrency exchange and has very good features compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. I have been using the PoloniDEX exchange for a long time, and they do not charge you any fees for withdrawals and trading, and they do not charge fees such as transaction fees, money transfer fees. In fact, this is the most beautiful feature of the stock market, because almost all cryptocurrency exchanges charge fees such as transaction fees, money transfer fees, while Polonidex does not charge any fees. For me, I would recommend using a really nice and useful stock market.

I was really impressed that polonidex did not charge a transaction fee, and I created an account from its site. Then I logged in with Tronlink and found that after trading on the stock exchange, they didn't really cut any transaction fees. I really like this feature very very nice feature.

Polonidex has many good features, but also a few bad features. One of these bad features is that we can only trade Tron and TRC-20-based cryptocurrencies. Trading on the stock exchange only with Tron and trc-20-based currencies is really bad because you can't trade in cryptocurrencies such as BTc, ETH, and when a buying opportunity occurs, you miss that opportunity because you don't have the opportunity to trade. This will really bother you if you are an investor as well.

But if you're only interested in Tron and TRC-20-based cryptocurrencies, it's a really high-quality site. It doesn't cut transaction fees, and because it only includes TRC-20-based currencies, it allows you to focus only on trc-20 currencies. The benefit of this feature will vary from person to person.

As PoloniDEX is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, it has taken very strong measures against any security problems. From what I've heard, it's really impossible to hack Polonidex's site. I don't know how accurate this information is, but after using it, you will understand that the system is very secure.

In summary, PoloniDEX is a very good cryptocurrency exchange, and I like that they do not charge a transaction fee, which is the best feature. I'll keep using it for a long time.

Pros & cons

  • PoloniDEX does not charge any transaction fees for trading and money transfers. This feature is really the best feature of the stock market
  • The system is really protected by very good security systems
  • The design of the site and the speed of transactions is very fast
  • PolonoDEX may be a little annoying to users using other currencies, as it is a stock exchange where you can trade only Tron and TRC-20-based cryptocurrencies
Merve Can
January 03, 2021
I read your review. Good Points you've mentioned. There are some things you've forgotten. It would be great if you added them when you update your review. Thank you for the information you provide. Have a good day.
Alaaddin Turp
January 03, 2021
First, I read the review you wrote Hello. I found what you wrote logical and informed. Thank you for keeping me informed. Don't forget to add new things when you update your comment. Have a good day.