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WEDEX: Exchange from Asian Providers with Unknown Resources

There are uncountable services for traders created without support or financial management. They are frequently launched on the web, but none of them receives the correct support from leading partners from realizable brands. Many are still...See full review

WeDEX: Another trade stage that doesn't work

Many phases of shopping with enormous and shocking pursuits. This position was the most conspicuous exchange I have at any point had. There ought to have been a decentralized issue on the air. This assignment didn't uncover any data about himself...See full review

Another exchange platform that doesn’t work

Many stages of shopping with big and horrible searches. This position was the most prominent trade I have ever had. There should have been a decentralized issue on the air. This task did not reveal any information about himself. When I entered the...See full review

My review on wedex token.

wedex is a global decentralized exchange platform that is based on looping protocol. It is more of a trading stock exchange assets and making those assets readily available for users.WeDex is a extraordinary gift incentive platform in TokenPokcet...See full review

WeDex platform Doesn't work anymore.

WeDex is a project that seem not Available anymore, the projects which its different set of scammers that uses it as an earning opportunities which is very bad and very dishonest. Most of the work of some many traders in the market today have...See full review

Haven Checked All The Things I Should, I Can Now Conclude That The WeDEX Exchange Platform Is Dead

Over the course of checking another exchange platform, I discovered the exchange platform isn't functioning any longer and decided to make a review on the exchange platform so as to ensure all other traders out there get informed about the fact...See full review

Another Exchange Platform That Don't Function

There happen to be a whole lot of junk projects that some scammers see as earning opportunities which are dishonest. The work of other traders out there that have known these projects to be idle is to try prevent the new or ignorant traders from...See full review

The Platform Doesn't Function Again

The fact that I can never get tired of reviewing all these scam exchanges is nothing but the truth, the reason is because by reviewing them, or better still, exposing them, I get to contribute my own quota in protecting newbies who never knew of...See full review

What is the opening purpose of this platform? Is this a joke?

Wedex, this company is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency trading center. If you can do that though. Because you have no way of reaching them and communicating. There is no access to this stock exchange from my region. In fact, while there are...See full review

WeDEX exchange; An exchange platform from Asia.

S WeDEX exchange is an exchange platform from Asia, in Singapore. Singapore are top leading Asian country when it comes to crypto exchange are very vital in the world of trading. As such different platforms are made available for exchange...See full review

The worst exchange platform from Singapore.

Throughout my time in trading, I was previlaged to come across varieties of trading platforms. some of which are good for trading and others which are not recommendable for trading. But never in my life, have I ever seen an exchange platform like...See full review