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QPay is a digital payment application developed 6 years ago for students by two graduates of the Australian National University, Zakaria Bouguettaya and Andrew Clapham. First available at the Australian National University, QPay is now available at many US and UK universities, including major univerVoir la critique complète

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Agrello is a high-tech company trying to build a borderless network powered by digital identities and signatures. Agrello's products focus directly on authentication, and the project also has a cryptocurrency called DLT Coin. Offering solutions on many issues from electronic signatures to secure traVoir la critique complète

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Quantstamp Coin is an ERC-20 token used to validate smart contracts on the decentralized QSP Security Protocol. Users can purchase automatic scans of smart contracts with QSP, and validators can earn QSP to help provide decentralized security scans on the network from the protocol quantstamp websiteVoir la critique complète

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About Aeron

Aeron is an ERC 20-based cryptocurrency project that emerged to provide aviation security. It is known that the integration of the world through aviation is a part of our lives and can carry people wherever they want. The main purpose of this system is to minimize accidents in aviation and to eliVoir la critique complète

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Alchemint Standards (SDS) is a platform that generates stablecoins built on the NEO blockchain. Since stablecoins do not have excessive price fluctuations, it has practical use in terms of ease of payment compared to other cryptocurrencies. The Alchemint platform aims to provide a digital paymVoir la critique complète

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It is one of the preferred cryptocurrencies for faster, easier and better payments. BitCNY (BITCNY) is not a very well known cryptocurrency but continues to evolve rapidly. BitCNY is a distributed cryptocurrency based on the BitShares blockchain, pegged to the Chinese Yuan. bitCNY is not an altcoVoir la critique complète

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JustLiquidity is a platform where users can both farm yields and earn staking income by providing liquidity to the pool on the platform. This platform is also a decentralized exchange for cryptocurrency exchanges. It also has an automatic market maker function. It has the ability to bridge betweVoir la critique complète

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Bitcoin Gold

It is known as Bitcoin gold because it is marketed as an alternative to the protocol included in the Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin gold was created to improve Bitcoin technology for miner rewards. It originated with the hard fork feature like Bitcoin Cash. There are generally positive opinionsVoir la critique complète

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PoSW Coin

PoSW Coin is PoSWallet's own token. In addition to storing cryptocurrencies, the platform also offers users the opportunity to earn by staking. There are at least 100 altcoins that the platform supports. A small fee is charged for withdrawals. The amount the platform earns from transaction fees is Voir la critique complète

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It is a project with its own blockchain. With the help of innovative technology, they fill the gap between amateur and professional gamers while developing competitive games. This platform is a growing platform that includes passionate gamers, enthusiasts, marketers, designers, game developers and pVoir la critique complète

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Dawn Protocol

Dawn protocol is an open source protocol for games and tournaments. Its vision is to provide a fair, open and rewarding gaming ecosystem for all citizens of the country. Game developers will be able to integrate the Dawn Protocol into their games to enable players to compete to win prizes. The teVoir la critique complète

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About DMarket

DMarket is a platform that seeks to securely trade in-game items that come out of packs to help developers earn more money and increase their game value for a long time. There are similar platforms. This platform is distinguished by blockchain technology. It is aimed to unlock a multi-billion dolVoir la critique complète

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BUSD can be called the crypto dollar of the Binance exchange. BUSD is a stablecoin like stablecoins indexed to the dollar before it. It is widely used especially on the Binance exchange. It is not possible to trade with all cryptocurrencies listed on the Binance exchange. However, it can be traded Voir la critique complète

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Golem's Power

Golem leases people's CPU processing power by developing a decentralized network. Supercomputers may be required for the toughest computations you can think of. Golem technology can be used in scientific calculations. Golem is a project that aims to meet the supercomputer needs through the BloVoir la critique complète

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It is an alternative type within the system of Bitcoin technology. Bitcoin Dark, which is intended for different needs within the Bitcoin basic chain, is a digital currency suitable for privacy-oriented transactions. It is ensured that the transfer process made with Bitcoin Dark is kept anonymousVoir la critique complète

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About Qtum

QTUM is a cryptocurrency project that aims to incorporate the best features of Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is designed to be open source. Just like Ethereum, decentralized applications are created through Smart Contracts. It promises high efficiency and high processing speed. It also aims to be a storeVoir la critique complète

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About Decred

Decred was created as a result of forking from the Bitcoin Blockchain. However, it continues in a different way than Bitcoin. Since there is a voting system primarily on Decred (DCR), every asset owner has a say over Decred (DCR). There are wallet applications that can be used in many platforms, Voir la critique complète

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Celsius is a platform that allows you to borrow and borrow with crypto assets and fiat currencies. It is based on ERC 20. It has the goal of making banking and financial management independent by creating decentralized communities. 80% of the platform's revenue is distributed to users. Thus, CEL Voir la critique complète

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Polkastarter (POLS) is a decentralized and interoperable platform based on the Polkadot ecosystem that allows the pre-sale (IDO) of new tokens to raise capital, regardless of the blockchain network they are built on. Polkastarter functions as an anonymous exchange (DEX) that allows different blocVoir la critique complète

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UNUS SED LEO is an utility token used on the platforms of the iFinex ecosystem and projects it is developing. It is available for Ethfinex, iFinex, Bitfinex, and many platforms that continue to evolve at the project stage. Those who hold LEO on Ethfinex and Bitfinex exchanges will have a 15% commVoir la critique complète

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