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Review on Bitcoin Gold by erdi yılmaz

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Bitcoin Gold

It is known as Bitcoin gold because it is marketed as an alternative to the protocol included in the Bitcoin blockchain.
Bitcoin gold was created to improve Bitcoin technology for miner rewards. It originated with the hard fork feature like Bitcoin Cash.
There are generally positive opinions about Bitcoin Gold, which is another alternative for Bitcoin, which has gained a billion dollars in an instant. It is more advantageous than Bitcoin in terms of mining production. Of course, the same cannot be said for its price yet.
For Bitcoin Gold, which enters the system with more powerful mining tools, it can be said that it has a stronger and more reliable structure than the Bitcoin system.

  • Released as the fork of the market's most popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin
  • Mining technology is more advanced compared to Bitcoin
  • Although it has a bitcoin fork, it has a much more secure and strong structure.
  • Although advantageous as a mining technology, its price is very low compared to Bitcoin.

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