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Alacra Concordance

We have been using alcarconcordancesoftware since 2013 when we had an instance of it running inside one system (Oracle EBS) to allow us access from Oracle Business Intelligence, as well our other systems such SAP Netweaver B1 System Landscape Management - Infrastructure Maintenance Service which could use their own naming conventions , then i was able get this into my reporting environment . I am now working with multiple platforms including PowerBI Desktop 2016 where you don't need any customization/plugins but still getting issues while trying create reports directly via powerbi desktop so went back again looking at alternative solutions after some research found out about its ability support various different types like SQL Server MSSQL oracle db2 dbase etc also supporting non technical users who just want something simple easy install & run! And best part is once installed there's no coding involved only configuration required before starting creating report templates / dashboards ect.. With all these options comes downsides though most are related around performance especially if your dealing wth huge volume records being brought across tables even tho im aware they will perform differently depending upon platform used ..i would personally recommend going through demo version first rather than go live because things may change during testing phase due bugs fix releases new features added enhancements made by software developers. But overall has worked really good over last 4years allowing me integrate many disparate sources together quickly without having much issue managing them within same dashboard making sure nothing gets lost between source integration process. If needed additional functionality implemented very easily done! Recommend others tryout!देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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This tool gives such amazing possibilities. The main feature here is the ability to use this to extract the data across a wide variety of platforms, databases and other business objects which was never possible before! With the latest version we can now interact with multiple databases even after changing the connections in a real time. I was also wondering why it couldn’t show the changes made right after each change? As I am not good at languages. We’ve developed some scripts in python/java or C# to handle things accordingly while there were no scripts in PHP but I wasn’t sure what language should I try for my problem so since the online resources were just too tough to understand,I had to figure it out how I should approach this thing on my own.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Good software but could stand to add more features like adding the ability to schedule maintenance on equipment, assign jobs to employees, set budgets,and maybe even provide reports? This would be helpful in making our facility manager job easier. I love it though because they offer phone support too Product OfficeTrak is very intuitive and easy to learn and use. We purchased and installed Version 1 about 3 years ago after our first version failed due to lack of support. Since that purchase we've had two upgrades and now we're looking to move into a new phase. As much as we love the software its shortcomings far outweigh its benefits. Its interface is lacking some key fields (customer numbers, etc.) that aren't available in the default add ons that are offered with the Standard edition. For example, when trying to track inventory levels against customer orders there simply isn't room for more than 5 customers per line item. If someone buys 10 widgets then you need the ability to create 10 unique lines for those items and keep track of each individual line, but right now it doesn't give you that option. Likewise, you cannot manually set delivery dates beyond 30 days forward. That sort of stuff happens frequently and there simply isn't space in the main window for all of the additional columns you'll probably want. Finally, their pricing seems high considering most basic accounting packages do a better job of tracking costs than this program Offitrax is very easy to use. You create an order to enter multiple vendors and products. Each item can then be assigned to its relevant facilities via many options. All records can easily be accessed via both reports and CSV exports. With an additional module called PowerToxon, you can assign items to events and track the progress of the event through history logs. Overall an excellent piece of software. However, it lacks some features which makes me feel slightly reluctant using this software. Firstly, the customer support available online is extremely limited. I had issues with the software setup within three days of purchase. Secondly, this lack of contact info made me unable to add this product to our marketing list. This meant no autoresponder emails and no sales funnel from the website. Thirdly, there are certain modules missing from the current version - specifically power toxicity reports along with some basic reporting tools. As mentioned earlier, these limitations deterred me from recommending this product to others until further development has taken place. However, overall it works and is intuitive when used correctly. Took our list of facility managers emails and imported it into this product, then created new mailing lists and sent automated messages to each individual user based upon his/her job roles within the organization. This works well except for when those roles change over time. So once we added another role - a Facilities Manager - to the Facility Managers mailing list, he couldn't send the same type of message to the group anymore; since his name was no longer "Facility Manager". That said, most of the features are useful and easy to understand. The site itself looks beautiful and it is simple to navigate around. Overall, good value even though it doesn’t support multiple types of recipients per message.Decent software, needs more contact fieldsदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

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M & M Tack

My wife and I recently moved to the Lake Nona area, where we are surrounded by some of Central Florida's top rated show horse facilities. We were really impressed by the turnout at this year's Royal Horse Show at the RDV Sportsplex - unbelievable talent. Of course it goes without saying that these trainers need an equally impressive tack store nearby to keep their horses well-clad in championship style. M & M Tack is located just around the corner from our new house! What a convenient way to shop for my birthday gift for myself (I was treated to a surprise shopping spree)... I must say I was truly impressed with everything about M & M Tack. The store manager couldn't have been more helpful, knowing her stuff better than most seasoned tack store veterans I've dealt with in the past. Her display of inventory was impeccable and made it very easy to decide on a great new bridle for my show mare (who is definitely going places, you heard it here first!) I can't wait to go back and pick up some bits and stirrups so the two of us will be all set for our next show. Especially since they carry such an extensive line of Grand Prix International saddles & Toulouse boots... Once again, thanks so much for your help! I'll see you at the next big horse show ;) M&M Tack is the perfect tack store for anyone looking for high-quality products and excellent customer service. The store manager was knowledgeable and helpful, and she clearly has a passion for horses and horseback riding. I highly recommend this store to anyone in the Lake Nona area who wants to find top-of-the-line tack and equipment at competitive prices.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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MisterArt is a store where you can find all sorts of art supplies. The prices are a bit high, but the quality of the products is great. I highly recommend this store to anyone who is looking for high-quality art supplies. The staff at MisterArt are very knowledgeable and helpful. They were able to answer all of my questions and help me find the right products for my needs. I was very impressed with their customer service. Overall, I am very happy with my experience at MisterArt. The quality of the products is excellent and the staff are very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this store to anyone who is looking for high-quality art supplies. Thanks for reading! देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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I have been a member of Slickdeals for several years, and I am always checking out deals on their website. Slickdeals is a website that deals with coupons from all over the internet, there are thousands of deals everyday from every category you can think about. Slickdeals is a website that provides coupons to consumers. They offer deals on products in every category imaginable, and they are updated daily with new offers. If you want to take advantage of the best coupon or deal currently available for your favorite brand, Slickdeals can help you find it faster than any other site out there. I think this website has made my life easier because now instead of spending hours looking through different websites, all I do is go to Slickdeals and find what I'm looking for right away! The only downside about this website is that sometimes their ads will pop up while browsing other sites online which causes me some annoyance because then I have to close them before continuing on whatever webpage I was viewing at the time. Slickdeals is basically a site that provides coupons. This website has made my life easier because I can find whatever I'm looking for in less than five minutes. The only downside of this website is the ads that sometimes pop up while browsing other sites online, which causes me some annoyance because then I have to close them before continuing on the page I was viewing. Slickdeals is a coupon site offering deals from all over the internet in every category imaginable and updated daily with new offers and no membership fees required. The only downside of this website is when shopping at another store and you get an ad popping up which can be annoying, but overall Slickdeals is great! Slickdeals is a coupon website, where everything is updated daily with something new. The only downside of this site is the annoying pop-ups while browsing other sites online which can be very bothersome. I think Slick Deals  is an amazing website that provides coupons to users and helps us save money on our favorite brands! There are many products to choose from so I can always find what I'm looking for in no time at all, and they even update their deals everyday! Slickdeals is a great website with lots of different coupons and deals that provide consumers with savings on their favorite products! If you're not already using them as your deal provider then I highly recommend it because there are thousands of items available for us.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Same Day Music

I ordered a drumset from Same Day Music on January 11, 2018. Everything was alright with the transaction until I had to contact them about my order status. On February 6th I noticed that they were waiting for payment authorization but needed more funds. They asked me for another $150 dollars which I defended myself saying that this last charge will be done after receiving the product in my house. It's been over two months since then where I tried to reach out to them through email and phone but no one seems to have time to take care of issues regarding orders in their warehouse. The drum set itself wasn't in stock anymore when they sent me, so now I'm forced to wait another or two before being able to use my drumset and also an issue to resolve with my bank. I hope for other customers not to have the same experience as mine, but please be aware that they might upsell your products without having it available in their warehouse and lack customer service/supports once you place an order with them.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Earlier we had published an article about online shopping and e-commerce sites in India, which you can find here. In that post we mentioned the top ten websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Here is another website which I liked very much after my tour on SATHYA site, it is a weekly membership shopping site offering up to 70% off with free home delivery of products every week. This weekly mall has over 100 stores selling more than 50 types of products such as apparel, footwear, food & grocery, mobiles & accessories, home & kitchen appliances and many more. You can subscribe to this weekly mall through a simple SMS at +or visit the link The most important section for me on SATHYA site was the sale items of major brands listed under "Fast Forward Deals". These were discounted up to 50% which is very good deal as compared to other e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon etc with up to 30%. Not only this they have attractive offers going on regular basis with discounts upto 70% including some great deals on mobiles & accessories section with prices starting from Rs 349/- . Another feature I about SATHYA website is they send you an SMS alert before the sale starts. I was browsing through this website everyday to look out for the best deals on various products, one day I got an SMS that their Diesel shoes are just Rs 499/- instead of Rs 1999 which is almost 50% discount , so ordered 4 pairs for my all family members. After receiving these shoes I am fully satisfied, they are durable and well stitched using good quality material at half price. Overall its a great online shopping site with huge discounts and offers valid across different sections of shopping ranging from food & grocery, mobiles & accessories, apparel , footwear etc.. To register on this site, go to  it and create your account with simple steps. You can log in with your registered email or Facebook login and shop for any of the products listed under Fast Forward deals . There is no registration fee at all and their is a money back guarantee on some products if returned within 7 days. This is a great website for shopping deals at up to 70% off. They have an SMS alert system that notifies you before the sale starts, and their deals are available on all types of products including apparel, footwear, food & grocery, mobiles & accessories etc. With weekly discounts valid across different sections of shopping ranging from food & grocery to home appliances there's something for everyone here! You can sign up with your email or Facebook account which has no registration fee.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Standard Chartered

SCAM bank beware. DO NOT use them as intermediary to wire funds. They kept my money & refuse to send it back.I sent a wire through Bank of America located in Wayne PA right on Lancaster avenue. for a family member overseas battling with cancer. I sent 1200usd to be exact. The money never got to its destination and for days I questioned the bank on why the money never got there. I was informed standard Chartered Bank was the intermediary bank who received the funds and has refused to send it to its destination. I then asked for a refund of the funds and for almost one month Bank of America has been sending messages to this standard Chartered Bank to refund the money and still no response. I’ve asked BOA why no one has at least picked up the phone from their end and inquired from standard Chartered Bank why the messages have not been answered. But here I am out of $1200 of my very hard earned money. In this case I blame both banks. Bank of America is absolutely clueless on what to do and yet I have been able to get the wire dept at standard Chartered Bank and inquire about my wire. They informed me that I am a third party in this issue and cannot speak to me and can only transact with BOA. This is so much BULL!!!! I’m so frustrated, who do I contact, the police? A lawyer? The news media? All I know is that I’m out $1200” with no help from both banks. A last resort is to drive 2 hours to standard Chartered Bank in New York to ask where my money is. The consumer at the end is the one suffering at the end of the day. Just wanted to share my nightmare story that has still gone unresolved.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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