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This wallet was established in 2016, it is from United state of America. I love the team behind the wallet they are transparent about the platform. If you are looking for wallet that not required Know Your Customer (KYC) or submitting any document before you start using it, this is one of the wallet you can make good use. I find the registration is so simple and easy. I do not have issue while storing my asset in the wallet, it worth mentioning that it support Ethereum and any ERC -20 token. The wallet gives opportunity for the users to select fee for transaction you want to make on the platform. The fast you want your transaction to be the high will be the cost on the transaction fee. The fee is for the miners The newbies will find the wallet easy to use because of it many great feature it has. I love the fact that you can directly buy an asset and made deposit into the wallet. The users are in control of the wallet. I wrote my seed on note book and keep it in a save place because losing it will also means loosing the whole asset in the wallet. In my opinion the wallet is targeting users all over the world, it makes many languages available on the platform which makes over seven international language access wallet. Another factor worth considering when selecting wallet is security of the wallet, i never had any security issue on the platform. The wallet was not be hacked. It has many security measures it put in place. I love the fact that i can use some hardware wallet with the wallet. I will love the team behind the wallet to improve on how the service desk can be contacted. i will love it if the wallet has live chat. Though you can access the support through email and twitter platform. In conclusion, the wallet is a great wallet that i can recommend to anyone. Personally i did not store large amount of digital asset on it because it is hot wallet. . देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Trezor One

This Hardware wallet is not for free, but it one of the secure wallet in the crypto world. This offline wallet was established in 2014 by Satoshi Lab. I love it portability, you can move with it anywhere you go. This is one of the things that makes it easy to access. It has a small USB connector that you can use to connect with your device. In my opinion this USB cable is small in size, if it can be longer than that it will make connection with desktop easy. The wallet support many digital asset include well known and others in thousand. I love the wallet because is save and easy to set up. Though this wallet as the time this review was written it does not support some digital asset. You can find out these asset. If you want to set up the wallet you just need to follow the instruction on it. It worth mentioning that this hardware wallet is no free. personally i know the money really worth it, but if the cost can be review especially for we that in part of the world, Africa. To be more popular and to convince people to use this hardware wallet it must be avoidable. If you are looking for the most secured wallet to keep large amount of digital asset this wallet is for you. I really love the security put in place. It has two factor authentication, and other security measures. You should note that you should note that you should not allows people to get access to your device, wallet and you pass world physical. It has a good customer service that can be contacted through phone and email. In conclusion, i really love this open source wallet. i do not have any issue on the wallet. i highly recommend this well designed wallet. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Coinbase Wallet


Coinbase wallet is one of the wallet that newbies in crypto community can use. The platform is well designed, and look very attractive at the first glance. If you are looking for digital asset wallet that you can use without submitting any document or do know your customer (KYM), this wallet is one of them. Registration is very fast and simple. The design is simple, i find it very easy to transact on the platform. it has Frequently Ask Questions on the platform that newbies can make good use to know more about the platform. They gave the room to access the wallet through web and application. Personally, i prefer using the app version. The wallet gives the room to store ERC -20 tokens. o pay gas It worth mentioning that you are in control of the wallet, which means that the security of the wallet is in your hands. You 12 seeds must be kept save , in secured location. I never experience any security issue on the platform. I love the fact that the wallet support two factor authentication. Regarding the number of digital asset supported by this wallet, it does not support large number of digital asset. in my opinion the team behind the wallet should work on adding more asset to the wallet to make it look more attractive to the users. The wallet is free to use, no amount charge for deposit into the platform. You should note that when making withdrawal you will have to pay gas fee to the miners. In my opinion i find the ERC -20 wallet expensive these days because of the high gas fee, though the team behind the wallet do not have any control over the gas fee. It has a good customer service and also made available social medial for users to access. In conclusion, the wallet is a good wallet that can be used by anybody. I recommended it based on my past experience i had while using the wallet.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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This wallet is one of the best wallet in crypto community since 2013. If you are a newbies and you are looking wallet you need to use, i will suggest this wallet. I had been using the wallet for some months now, i had now no issue on it. It has buit in trading feature that is very easy to use. I find the registration very easy, i had no issue with registration on the wallet. You should note that the wallet is centralized wallet with a web platform. This register Australian based wallet has users all over the world. I love the wallet because you can easily access the wallet with you mobile device, it makes it possible to monitoring your asset on the go anywhere and at any time. The speed of the wallet is amazing, it support many well known digital asset that can be stored on it. It withdrawal fee is also reasonable, though if the team behind the wallet can reduce the fee it will make it more competitive. Sending and receiving asset into and from the wallet is so easy. I had no security issue on the wallet, i love the fact that it has a lot of security measures put in place such as two factor verification. The platform has not been hacked. In my opinion the wallet is one of the best wallet, though they need to work on making themselves known to people all over the world because they are not that popular in crypto world despite the great features of the wallet. It has one of the greatest customer service, they really impressed my about there services. The are very prompt to attend to issues. In conclusion, i really recommend the wallet. It has many social medial platform that keeps the user connected.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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MLB Champions


This blockchain game, is an interesting game for those who love to play based ball. I find the game to be amazing game. Registration is very easy, in view minute you will get yourself register. you do not need to submit any document to register. It has a mobile application which makes it easy to play the game at a go anywhere and anytime. I love the graphic and the way the game was designed. Connecting my wallet to the game is not also difficult everything is made simple. I bought my figure from other players, though I can pull from the pack which is other option to buy figure. I find the game to be cheap compared it to some other blockchain game. In my opinion i think i love the game because i love baseball, those who are not fans of bassball may find it not interesting. It worth mentioning that it is fantasy blockchain baseball. The game has frequently ask question on the platform that will help a new player to understand the game. In my opinion the information is not that detail. In my opinion this multi player game has a lot of benefit, one of it is earning real money while playing. Deposit and withdrawal is fast and easy. I had no issue with the way there customer support is working. The team behind the game is really doing a great work by updating the game which makes it more interesting all the time. I recommended the game to anyone. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

myetherwallet लोगो


This wallet was established in 2015, in United State of America. It makes you store Ether and ERC 20 crypto asset. It targeted countries around the world. It is multi languages wallet, it supports over 14 languages. It gives access to people to generate their wallet on Myetherwallet, you should note that your asset is not store on it, but usually store in wallet generated through it. It it medium between exchange and hardware wallet. If you are looking for wallet that supports Althscoins apart from ERC 20, this wallet is not your wallet. Registration is very easy, i Did not perform any know your customer identification. One of the thing i love about the wallet is that i can manage hundreds of ERC 20 token on this wallet. For any transaction made on the wallet you will pay for mining fee, though gas fee is a little bit high since it base on Ethereum network. The mobile app is very easy to set up and made use of, it make it possible for me to buy Ethereum directly. It is well designed. In my opinion, the wallet is a great wallet but their is also room for improvement. In it mobile application i will like the team behind the wallet to work on how to improve some services on it. I really appreciate the customer services that work always to serve the users, i had some issue that was attended to almost immediately. It is highly recommended. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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This crypto exchange is centralized exchange that based in Jakarta Indonesia, that was established in 2014. Though change it name in 2018 from Bitcoin Indonesia to Indodax. It is exchange with trading option such as spot and margin trading. When i was about to made a decision on choosing the exchange, i was attracted by it great features. The registration requirement is simple, and it very easy to gain access to you password should incase you forgot it or loose it. It as forget password option that you can click on to reset your password. There are two method of deposit is allow on the exchange platform. It allows wire transfer and Cryptocurrency. The team should think about making the provision for deposing through credit card. It worth mentioning that this crypto exchange allows fiat deposit and withdrawal in fiat currency. Supporting mobile device makes it easy for me to get an access to the trading platform anytime i want to, even when i travel. In my opinion it has a reasonable trading fee, if you compare it to other exchange. I never experience any security issue on the exchange platform. There are security measures that was put in place such as two factor authentication, you will also received SMS and Email verification on any transaction done on the platform. In conclusion, It one of the exchange that has good reputation and that i had tested in crypto community. It keeps updating the user about the platform and tells them about the new development through it social medial platform and update can be access in the exchange platform. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

polonidex लोगो



This decentralized exchange platform was established in 2018. It is one of the exchange that allows registration through email address while using identity to register is depend on your choice. It supports many digital asset that is well known in crypto world. The exchange targeted people all over the the world, it has about four different languages that the platform supported The users are in control of the exchange, this also means that you must always keep you password save because the exchange platform are not in control of it. I usually have a note that i use to keep save to write the password, incase the device get spoiled or get lost. If you are looking for one of the cheapest crypto exchange this platform is one of them. Earning through referring family and friend to join the platform is also incredible thing on the platform. In my opinion, the team behind exchange platform can still work to see to it that it provides more method of making deposit to the platform. This will make things easy for the newbies in crypto world to make deposit and trade on it. The platform is well designed and the users can access the information about the latest news and update without leaving the exchange platform. For example new listing asset, frequently asked question to help the users and many more. This exchange platform can be recommend because of the good experience i had on it, though i will like the team to work on there customer service desk because the are too slow to give response. I suggest they have live chat, this will make the platform to be more competitive because traders when issue arise they need immediate answer to their request. I did not experience any security issue on the platform.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

bitmart लोगो



This exchange has good reputation since it was established in 2017. I can personally described the exchange has user friendly from my past experience. It support many digital asset, with well know crypto currency. It keeps on adding asset to the platform. Registration is very easy, you do not need to submit any document to open an account on this platform. This is one of the factors that attracted me to the platform, because i do not need to be afraid of document theft. This exchange platform is very educative, you can easily access information about the platform, update on the new listed coin, training on how the platform can be used via video, users guard and many more. I really love the fact that it has mobile application that makes it easy to access the platform and monitor my asset anytime and anywhere. The platform also has referral program which i had in the past benefited from, it is part of the thing that makes the platform more appealing to me. Deposit method on the platform is through various means. You can deposit fiat currency to this exchange platform directly but you should note that it has minimum amount that can be deposited through third party provider known has Simplex, you can equally deposit through Paypal, Amazon gift card and many more. The fee is reasonable compare to some exchange, but in my opinion if the team behind the project can still review the trading fee it will makes it to be more competitive. Security is part of important factor to consider when choosing the exchange platform, i never had any security issue on the platform. It put many security measures in place that includes two factor authentication, withdrawal confirmation, and many more. this exchange platform has never been hacked. In my opinion, the platform has what it takes to make it great among other exchange. it has many social medial platform to keep people informed and updating them about the platform. It worth mentioning that it has good customer services. I highly recommend this exchange platform. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

world of ether लोगो

World of Ether


This collectable game is well known blockchain game, that has the player all over the world since 2018. If you like collecting and breeding of monster game, this is your game. Registration is very easy, it required no documentation. It is an interesting game, to start playing after you had successfully register on the platform two Etherians are needed to get yourself involved in breeding. In my opinion, it is a game that required money to play and experience to play and win on this platform. To make money on the platform is also easy, this can be done by selling Etherian. It is very simple for some to sell off is monster. The team behind the game is experience and keep on updating the game. It has support that can be contacted incase of any help. It also has social medial platform that keeps updating players around the world. In my opinion the game is interesting, than can be play and get reward for it. You need to gather enough experience to be able to play the effectively. I also noticed that the cost of Etherian is high to purchase it, though you can also make good money with it.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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