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After being immersed in the Free Ton ecosystem for approximately 1 month and learning about the valuable products it has to offer to the market, I have come up with one in which, according to my short experience, can become a very important rival for more veteran projects in the industry, and I'm of course talking about the decentralized Ton Swap exchange. Once again, with the help of the Broxus team of professionals and developers and within the framework of the creation of the defi Alliance, DEX has been launched on the market, which complements the Free Ton group of pillars products, such as, Ton crystal wallet, and Ton Bridge, which together allow the user a more comfortable and accessible experience of decentralized finance. Ton swap and its differences from other DEX In the short time that I have known about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, I have seen that new technological trends have appeared in a matter of several months, such as decentralized finance, the yied farming or the Nft boom that we see today. But decentralized exchanges are one of the most prominent success stories in the market, mainly due to the ease of use they provide to users and the levels of security and anonymity they offer compared to most centralized exchanges that exist. That is why today, trading volumes and liquidity on DEX like Uniswap for example, outperform many of those exchanges. Precisely, speaking of uniswap, one of the most famous DEX on the ethereum network, it represents a very unprofitable and inefficient alternative for most traders today, due to the already well-known high gas prices that they must pay to carry out any transaction . This problem represents an opportunity for Ton Swap, since most of these users will be forced to migrate to other more efficient and accessible platforms. In addition, Ton swap users enjoy minimal fees and ultra-fast transactions, which is why we have seen a very notable increase in the number of users of the platform. Since most of the tokens and dapps that we see today have been created through the ethereum blockchain, it is not surprising that Ton swap seeks to create compatibility with that network, and nourish itself with the volumes of liquidity that exist in it, and for this, a TIP-3 wrapped token has been created, under its native token WTON in a 1: 1 ratio, which has already debuted on Uniswap with the WTON / USTD trading pair. The steps to convert TON to WTON are very simple and for this you only need to have the TON Crystal wallet installed in your browser. TON Swap design and usability Regarding this issue, there are many positive aspects to highlight. The main page is very comfortable and easy to understand, without many useless buttons that end up confusing the user. No registration is required and is only accessed by connecting your Ton cristal wallet in just a couple of steps. One of the characteristics that differentiates it from other platforms of this type is that data is shown in real time on the supported tokens, which are 17 to the date of writing this review; These data are prices, the price change updated at the moment, liquidity, commissions, the volume that is handled every 24 hours of each token and the TVL, which allow the user to have a clearer idea of ​​where to put their funds. But I must highlight an aspect that undoubtedly caught my attention, and that is that a beta version is included in the Exchange, which will allow developers to launch their own tokens under the Free Ton blockahain and which is called “Free Ton Token constructor '' This section appears under the builder name at the top of the main page DEFI and its predominant role in the ecosystem Decentralized finance is the future, and Free Ton knows this very well, that is why they have recently launched a juicy incubation program called Crystal Handshake, aimed at promising projects in the DEFI industry, to give them the ability to access much higher levels of liquidity. The program is carried out through TON Swap and the selected projects and startups will have the possibility of matching their native tokens with TON Crystal, for the amount of 200,000 TON and nurture from farming programs for up to 500,000 TON. In addition to that, the winners will benefit from direct support in coverage in all networks by Free TON and the Defi Alliance and their native tokens will be available in the Ton Crystal wallet browser extension. Ton swap and its spectacular performance program: Yield farming is another of the terms that we have seen trending in recent months, and there are many, each with different conditions and risks. Again Broxus takes the lead, by adding to the Exchange Ton swap, an enviable yield farming program, with absolutely tentative yields unique in the industry, which have an APY of up to 204% in some pairs such as the WTON- pair. DAF. For this, there will be an amount of 15 million Ton Cristal tokens that will be distributed in the program. Users who engage in yield farming are rewarded when they provide liquidity to the WTON alongside the pairs of ETH, USDC, USDT, BTC, UNI and DAF With these very high performance levels, not seen on any other decentralized exchange, Free Ton It seeks to give access to its TON token to a wider audience and it is succeeding, since the total volume blocked to date is more than 25 million dollars, a very impressive milestone considering the time that the platform has been in operation. My final words: Finally, I must especially congratulate the Broxus team, for being so committed to the Free Ton community and creating promising products like Ton swap, which have optimized many of the common features in this type of DEX, at the same time They maintain very accessible fees at only fractions of what it would be to carry out a transaction on those exchanges. I think that the team continues to do a lot of hard work to spread the use of Ton Crystal and recently they have committed to add 1 billion dollars by the end of this year, which will be aimed at yield farming programs, seeking to attract more startups and defined protocols. that allow you to access the liquidity that is in other networks such as ethereum. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Octus Bridge

There are 2 obvious problems in the cryptocurrency market today and I have no doubt that it has happened to many of us in the last few months. I speak of course about scalability limitations and the high cost of transactions, especially on the ethereum network. In view of the problems already mentioned, there is a large group of projects that today seek to minimize these problems, building more efficient mechanisms, and one of those that is achieving this is Free Ton with the implementation of TON Bridge. This bridge was created by Broxus, one of the most faithful validators of Free TON and is in charge of connecting the protocols of the ethereum blockchain with those of the Free ton network, its greatest attribute being that of allowing the transfer of assets from a Slow and highly expensive first layer network to one that can perform thousands of transactions per second at a small fraction of the price of Ethereum Why Ton Bridge? suffice it to say that the exorbitant price of a transaction on the ethereum network is one of the main problem s that exist today, there are cases where sending $ 20 from one wallet to another can have a transaction cost up to $ 70, something unusual and that nobody is willing to pay. It is there where free Ton comes to offer this valuable solution that will not only allow the ethereum network to reach a better potential, but will also provide the Free Ton network with access to greater liquidity available in most decentralized exchanges , in addition to promoting the project to a better known community such as ethereum How does it work? To carry out the process from one network to another, the developers have created a TIP-3 token called wrapped TON (WTON), which can be transferred to and from ethereum by transforming the crystal TON tokens into WTON and vice versa (ethereum tokens into WETH), and they have a value of 1: 1 in proportion to the original tokens. The process is extremely easy, as it is associated with a smart contract that allows us to exchange directly for other tokens of other different standards in any DEX, at much cheaper rates. With the use of Ton Bridge, we can move liquidity bidirectionally, and use our Ether, to exchange it for other tokens of the ERC-20 standard and ensure that our activities as a trader are much simpler since a wrapped token can be used to exchange it for another token within most DEXs including Ton Swap and facilitates interoperability with dapps. Bridge tokens and their purpose: The use of bridge tokens are directed especially to manage the DAO, which means that any user who owns a certain amount of bridge tokens has voting power in any decision that affects Ton bridge, that is, the bridge has a kind of POS consensus mechanism in which by staking Bridge tokens, it grants certain benefits to its holders, and the greater the amount of tokens they own, the greater the voting power within the DAO. In addition, Bridge holders may be eligible for certain rewards in proportion to their participation in the network. My honest conclusion I think that building a truly decentralized blockchain requires joining efforts in many directions that allow interoperability throughout the ecosystem, and thus help promote greater user adoption. Creating bridges like Free Ton's that allow us to facilitate the use of our digital assets and exchange them for others that work under different standards, help us move towards this long-awaited decentralization, create an economic environment more accessible to all and develop innovative technologies in an ecosystem that is continually expanding. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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EVER Wallet

The great hype and revolution that cryptocurrencies have had in recent months is impressive and represents an opportunity for many projects and developers to seek to offer alternatives that allow these cryptocurrencies to become widespread, and have increasingly varied use cases. One of these alternatives is cryptocurrency wallets, and today I want to talk to you about the Ton Crystal wallet, which is leading the way in many ways and due to its ease of use, (in an environment where there are hundreds of wallets), it has had a large number of users lately. Birth and evolution of the wallet Once again, the Free Ton community echoes its great possibilities in terms of decentralization, creating through the company broxus, (one of its oldest validators and collaborators), the first wallet for the entire Free ton ecosystem. called Ton Crystal wallet, taking advantage of a large part of the work started under the test gram wallet base, developed by the telegram team and of which they themselves were part in the beginning. It is a desktop wallet that can be installed as an extension in the browser of your choice and is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems, and has support for tip-3 tokens, a decentralized programming paradigm that provides basic functionalities for the exchange between wallets and for the issuance of new tokens, which means that in addition to the crsystal wallet tokens, multiple cryptocurrencies can also be stored under that standard that today is well known mainly due to the bridges that are being created in many blockchains to allow sending altcoins from slower and more expensive networks to others with greater scalability and almost zero fees, such as the Free ton blockchain. subgovernance to power! The existing sub-governance systems in the Free ton project have been in charge of proposing many improvements to the ecosystem in general, including the Ton Crystal wallet, which was the product of a contest that sought to create a web crypto wallet similar to what it is nowadays Metamask, with basic functionalities existing in most wallets and with promising innovations to the ecosystem. this contest was called ‘’ Free ton wallet as a Chrome extension ’’ and distributed among the 4 main proposals, a total of 220,000 Ton Crystal tokens; as 1st place the winner was ton cristal wallet from the broxus team, 2nd place went to Ton wallet from, 3rd place for ShardEx from RSquad and fourth place for Oberton. Another of the proposals made by the community weeks later, was voted in a contest to implement the new design of the same, which had as a prize almost 50,000 crystal tokens distributed among 5 winners. One aspect that I found to be quite valuable about this wallet is its simplicity and ease of use, since in just a few steps you can create or import an existing wallet, and start interacting with it, and represents an ideal solution for the millions of new users who are entering the market, who are burdened and confused by the large number of existing wallets that are usually not so easy to understand for someone who is just taking their first steps in the blockchain environment. In addition, there is a detailed guide, on the free ton house blog, on how to create a wallet for those who are not familiar with the subject, where it will guide you step by step to have your wallet ready. Improvements are still being made and each one of them goes through a vote in the project's sub-governance, but I consider that for a user with little experience in the world of cryptocurrencies it is one of the easiest wallets to use that you will find in the market. They do not yet have the sending of tokens, only the receive section appears, but I suppose that since it is a relatively new wallet, arrangements are being made to allow the sending of any token soon. Main features In addition to the ease of use that the ton cristal wallet has, there are several common characteristics as in other wallets and certain innovations such as: Multi-signature crypto wallet Back up and restores many wallets Secure and encrypted toke storage It has support for main and test networks Clear and clean interface Interaction with decentralized applications Support for TIP-3 tokens, etc. There are plans to implement its new feature DEbots, which are a kind of telegram bots but that run as smart contracts on the TON blockchain facilitating the fluid conversation with these types of contracts. The feature is already available in another of their main wallets called Tonsurf, which was created by Ton labs, and which has both mobile and web versions. Finding a wallet that suits the user's needs is not an easy task, and Free Ton knows it. That is why new features are constantly being created in the community that help strengthen the network and serve as bridges to promote the use of this new financial system that is growing exponentially every day. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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The Blockchain environment that began as a revolutionary technology a little more than a decade ago, has had unstoppable growth in recent months thanks to increasingly innovative projects that seek, among other things, the very valuable Decentralization that is usually seen in this ecosystem. Personally and after being a participant in several blockchain projects recently, I have no doubt that Free Ton is one of those projects that needs to be paid a lot of attention because according to my experience investigating more about the entire ecosystem, it seems to exceed the limits of decentralization such as we know now and in this review we will see why I say this. The Origin of TON Most of us perhaps know the intentions of the Telegram company to launch its own blockchain network, which is why it had an income from investors of more than 1.7 billion dollars, which they had to return, because the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), accused the project of violating the securities laws of that country by making that initial offering and affirming that the tokens of that project were unregistered Securities. After all that scandal , a community of validators independently manages to maintain that blockchain network and not throw away all the work they had been doing, but turning the entire project into one of the most amazing social experiments in terms of decentralization. that there is so far in the world of cryptocurrencies. In this way, free Ton was born on May 7, 2020. Let's go to what we came I am talking about how amazing this project seems to be because among other things It is a totally community-driven project, No one legally owns or directs the project and above all it has not been sold nor do they plan to sell a single token! . I must say that I did not understand this very new and strange concept very well, but there are too many unusual things in this project and that is one of them. The main reason for that decision is not only to distribute its tokens in contests and DAO’s promoted by the community and that help to update and empower the network, but also to keep the SEC on the sidelines. During the past year, the project distributed a large number of TON crystal tokens to more than a hundred initiatives and contests held in which people from all over the world could participate. These initiatives are a kind of airdrops in which free ton users are rewarded for their contributions to the ecosystem. These collaborations can be: the development of web platforms such as blogs with news about the project, reviews on different platforms (as all Revain users are doing in this contest) or the development of technologies that contribute something positive to the immense ecosystem that is you are creating with free ton. These contests undoubtedly help to maintain an enthusiasm in the community and contribute to a more democratic and healthy system, allowing the tokens to reach a large number of users. Technology behind the project First, you have to start by saying that all the technology and the developments and advancements in the TON Blockchain come from a group of Ton Labs developers whose CEO is Alexander Filatov. His system of governance by position is based on POS, which is usually more efficient and more democratic than other existing systems. The main technological arm of the ecosystem is called Ton OS, which helps developers to work in a simple way, making the blockchain more dynamic and intuitive. Today there are more than 450 validators around the world that guarantee that no entity controls a large number of nodes and tokens that have not yet been allocated are kept in multisig wallets that are not available to everyone. There are many advances in technology that this Blockchain has, just to name a few: They have several wallets, the main one is a web wallet that can be downloaded directly from the web store and of which we will talk in more depth in another review and another that caught my attention is a mobile wallet called Ton Surf that has a clean interface and intuitive, extremely easy to use for any user, in which not only free Ton tokens can be stored but also serves as a means to keep in touch with your acquaintances in a safe way, since it allows you to send messages that are not monitored by nobody else. One of its latest developments and that I consider extremely timely is the new second layer solution that Ton brings to offer to users, since it allows linking the Ethereun Blockchain with Ton's, giving much more scalability to the ecosystem and making it possible to send from a network that currently charges very high commissions, at one with almost zero commission costs. This new Free Ton bridge is an ideal solution for decentralized finance and will work through Bridge tokens, with which anyone who owns these tokens can vote and have power in and have a voice in the decisions that affect the ecosystem, being adequately rewarded for this by accumulating 100,000 Bridge tokens What has been achieved so far and what is it intended to achieve? We all already know how unstoppable and convulsed the crypto environment is right now with so many advances, but it is rare to find so many in a single blockchain. and it is that Free Ton is doing a titanic task to spread its use in more and more users. From its first year, according to its roadmap, it consisted of making sure that the network worked according to its plans, at the same time as the governance system, something that has been achieved perfectly. For the second year, mass adoption was really intended with many use cases for the network, with which, in addition to all the technological advances, many contests and promotions have been made to reward users who contribute their ideas, opinions and proposals to the network . Free Ton is practically a project that was born from the ashes, and in just one year it has become one of the most important social experiments in the cryptographic environment. As more and more users, enthusiasts and even skeptics get to know and explore more about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, Free ton hopes that with all the promotions and contests that are currently being done, attract a large number of users and that it be a golden opportunity that provides all the services that the blockchain currently offers in a single ecosystem that seems to exceed the limits of Decentralization. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Currently, there are many people in the world who are looking for new alternatives to invest their money and obtain rewards for it, but there are very few who achieve it and even so there is a great risk. Most do not know or have no idea how to invest, or in most cases they do not have enough funds to even start, that is why ROOBEE comes to offer a new and Viable alternative for all those users who want to enter the investment market. ROOBEE is making a titanic effort to make the investment market accessible to all types of users, by offering an investment platform in which anyone, with just a deposit of $ 10, can access a very wide range of investment tools. In which they appear, real estate, investment funds, Opi, stocks and cryptocurrencies of course. The platform takes advantage of the potential of artificial intelligence, and of the blockchain to offer transparent records, analysis, statistics and data when making decisions, and in this way offer the best options to allow users to obtain income in their investments. The system has its own blockchain, called Roobeechain, in which all the most tentative products to invest are authenticated and verified, and it has very powerful security mechanisms, such as Hyperledger, which is backed by prestigious companies such as Intel, Linux and Ibm. Perhaps the fundamental purpose of Roobee is to offer a very accessible investment mechanism, but the platform is also a medium in which digital assets and the creation of smart contracts can be created under the ethereum network. As expected, the platform has its own erc-20 tokens called roobee that will have certain functionalities in the ecosystem such as the ability to obtain reduced rates, the opportunity to obtain NFT or access additional products in the roobe market. This new investment concept that Roobee comes to offer to the industry is extremely valuable and innovative, since it not only minimizes risk when investing, but also helps many people who do not have the necessary resources to do so, giving them the opportunity to Join for as little as a $ 10 fee and enjoy a range of remarkable resources that will undoubtedly create a new network of investors in the not too distant future.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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In the cryptographic environment, hundreds of new projects are created daily, each one with the purpose of having a different purpose and objectives, and each one with very valuable peculiarities and innovations. In this sense, Nem is a very ambitious project whose main objective is to develop an extremely powerful and technologically efficient blockchain called Smart Asset Blockchain, which serves as an ideal environment to manage data and assets in a simple and profitable way. Undoubtedly one of its main attractions is the particularity of creating smart assets or (Smart assets) what would be the traditional property titles, copyrights or patents that once they are in the Nem blockchain will not need any third party or notary to be transferred or registered, something that will undoubtedly allow anyone to safeguard their valuable data in a world in which data management is today a multibillion dollar industry. NEM or (movement of the new economy) works under a unique consensus called Prof of importance POI, in which no type of hardware or high-power computer equipment is needed, since its algorithm gives importance to the use that users make the platform, thus measuring the level of reward that each person will obtain. As expected, the platform has its own cryptocurrency called XEM, with which the different types of transactions that are carried out on the network are paid and which gives value to the ecosystem and is the product of a fork in the NXT platform. NEM has been preparing a project that has kept it in the eye of many cryptocurrency enthusiasts, which is an update of its blockchain called Symbol and that will serve as an institutional network for companies, giving it all the tools for the tokenization of assets and in which it will be will provide better support in terms of data management, finance or logistics. With the implementation of an original consensus algorithm such as the one used by NEM, users are given more importance and are rewarded more equitably than in platforms in which users have to solve cryptographic puzzles, which has made it one of the most profitable projects for users who wish to earn passive income with the use of cryptocurrencies.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Nervos Network

Trying to solve the challenges demanded by current blockchains is the main objective of most of the new projects that are coming to the market. Nervos is joining efforts in this regard, providing a unique solution by combining in a public blockchain, the security and decentralization features of chains such as bitcoin, with the large number of use cases that smart contracts of the ethereum network have, but adding structural layers that are much more scalable. The project was launched in 2018, and is focused on the storage of value in the blockchain, by offering and combining public tools and novel protocols to obtain a much more efficient network. CKB or Common Knowledge Base works as the main layer 1 where transactions are executed and acts as the proof-of-work blockchain, but there are multiple layers 2 under which smart contracts can be created. This layered structure of the network allows maintaining decentralization, security and the scalable nature of the entire ecosystem. all layers 2 base their security on CKB which is the main layer 1, and it is an efficient and secure way for developers to create their smart contracts since they delegate their security to the main layer, and also the nodes do not have to know about every transaction on the network, making speed and latency much more efficient. Decentralized applications benefit from this type of blockchain, since they do not have to manage a consensus system from scratch, because the main layer is in charge of the entire process, which represents a practical tool for developers when it comes to create your dapps and smart contracts. The network as expected has its own native token called CkByte that gives life to the entire ecosystem and that usually has many use cases such as the creation of smart contracts, or storage of value Combining the most powerful features of existing blockchain projects on the market and introducing innovations to eliminate common efficiencies in the network, Nervos is today a very solid project, which many creators and developers are using to create applications and even tokens without the need to start from scratch, thanks to the tools that this blockchain offers them.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Hedera Hashgraph

The fact that thousands of cryptocurrencies have been created in recent years implies that each one of them seeks to compete in being the best and minimizing persistent problems for its better functioning and adaptation. To achieve this, it is necessary to implement innovative technologies that provide efficiency and scalability to the ecosystem, which is why Hedera Hashgraph was born, a decentralized and open source database that aims to compete with the blockchain that we currently know, solving a series of common deficiencies and providing greater performance. hedera, uses an original protocol called Gossio, which is characterized by being more secure, fast and fair. the security of the system relies on a Byzantine fault tolerant asynchronous system in which if any of the nodes connected to the network were to stop working, the system could continue to function normally. In addition, the system is absolutely fair and democratic when it comes to processing transactions, since unlike bitcoin, where miners prioritize the highest value transactions to obtain rewards, with Hedera, all transactions are processed in order. All this is possible thanks to its novel Hashgraph protocol, which minimizes the consumption of bandwidth and energy and it is also thanks to a consensus system called votelles voting in which a virtual vote is carried out without the need to talk to anyone and creating a perfect consensus mathematically speaking, which makes it more practical than the consensuses of other blockchains such as Pos and Pow. The platform has its own token called HBAR that has several use cases, but it is mainly used for the governance of the entire system and its security. Creating different alternatives to the current blockchain is a challenge, but Hedera has shown that important technological advances can be achieved with a view to the absolute decentralization of this new financial system that is just beginning, also guaranteeing a much higher level of security and performance than the one we are used toदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

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When we watch a video on the internet, it needs to be downloaded to our devices, storing cache data, which is useless and makes our computers slower, in addition to greatly extending loading times and making the experience of watching videos in Hd is sometimes very complex. To offer a solution to this problem, Theta was born, an open source project that uses the benefits of the blockchain to provide a more pleasant user experience when viewing video content on the internet. With theta the cost of bandwidth is minimized, since it allows us to share our cache memory with the closest users and be rewarded with a certain amount of tokens for our contribution to the network, causing the transmission data to be transmitted only once. theta actually makes content on the web more decentralized and thereby remunerates both content creators and viewers. but theta, is not only a token, but also a blockchain platform which mainly seeks to offer responses in the video transmission in a decentralized network known as theta network, in which there is not only the theta token, but also a secondary token called tfuel to be used for the implementation of smart contracts and for transactions, leaving the main token Theta for governance and to secure the network. Theta not only represents a broadly decentralized and democratic way to make video content easier to view and to remunerate creators and viewers, it also offers a barrier to facing censorship, as content can reach places with restrictions on access to certain information.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Celo Gold

As this new financial system continues to grow, it becomes a challenge for many cryptocurrency projects to reach more users. Despite the great potential that blockchain and cryptocurrencies have, it is still a very complex technology for many people, in addition to their volatility, they are very unattractive to serve as payment methods in many businesses. Taking into account these current problems, Celo offers an ideal solution, since it is an open source blockchain platform with tools that are extremely simple to use, and in which anyone with a mobile device can participate, in such ways. simple like sending a text message. The project works under a POS consensus algorithm and through its protocol, decentralized applications can be created that execute transactions directly with a series of fiat currencies and stable cryptocurrencies. For this they have created an application called Celo wallet, with which users can exchange a wide variety of available tokens, and that has support for multiple stable cryptocurrencies under the ethereum erc20 standard but with the particularity that they are much cheaper and profitable . In addition, Celo represents one of the practical options for developers since they can create decentralized applications and smart contracts taking advantage of the ethereum virtual machine. In the midst of the current boom with cryptocurrencies, Celo represents one of the most valuable options in the market for the massification of the use of cryptocurrencies, since due to its ease of use anyone who is not familiar with this new financial system , you can transact in just a few steps.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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