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The best wallet I have ever used. Better than Binance

Hi everybody. Today I want to talk you about KuCoin Wallet. KuCoin is a platform that you can easily store your money, invest it on cryptos, trade and so on. The most important thing to say is that I get my revs via KuCoin. It has two wallet options. They are Ethereum wallet and Tron wallet. I use its Tron wallet because it is fast than another one. The transactions are so fast. They happen in just few seconds. You can register there with mail or phone number. I use phone number option and different from other platforms, they do not send me useless messages and it is very good. When my money comes to my wallet they send me message. It is another good side of the platform. Also it has plenty of choices. You can find every coin to invest. Also you can turn your every coin to Tether (USDT) for trading in trade account. The internet transfers are feeless. It is also a good feature. Also if you use this platform regularly you can get airdrops. I have a friend that got free Dogecoins some months before the rise of the coin. Then sold them in expensive price. Let's talk about their security. They have a good security system. Being honest, I do not know what systems they use, but I know that I fulfilled even big trades there and got my all money exactly. So, I rely on them. They have Touch ID feature for checking your assets. Also logging in the profile requires two factor authentication. The Touch ID feature annoys when you work there regularly and also if you use screen protector on your phone like me, it will be some hard for you. But for security, it is a good feature. Coming to User Interface, they have a nice of it. I really like UI of their app and website. The app is available on both App Store and Play Market for IOS and android devices. The app is easy to use. Also I have never faced with app crashes or anything like that. The program is good for investing. You can see the latest prices on the screen. Also the app shows you day's most price gainer and loser tokens. It is a fantastic feature in my opinion. Even people who don't understand from investing can invest with help of that feature. Also I should say that the platform has their own digital currency. Actually I have never used it, but having own token is good for a platform like this. When you do operations with the official currency, sometimes they give you some prizes that may gain value next days. Also it has a stable value. In conclusion I think the platform is worth to use.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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I have reviewed quite a few crypto exchanges and written reviews so far. Today, I will write a review about one of these exchanges, Bityard. Actually, I had heard about this exchange many times before, but I had not had the opportunity to review this exchange before. A few days ago, Bityard's collaboration with Revain caught my attention, and I decided to do more research on this exchange. My first feelings about the exchange were quite positive, I really liked the interface that greeted me when I entered the website. I also never thought that signing up could be this easy. After registering, I had the opportunity to examine the assets part and market part of the exchange more deeply. Indeed, I have seen the ease of the exchange on very few exchanges before, which earned Bityard a plus star. Later, I invested some of my assets here in order to see the trading speed of the exchange. It took a very short time for the assets to be credited to my account, which made me very happy. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to do some trading, and from now on I can confidently say that Bityard is the perfect place for beginners. I think the Bityard team are very smart and experienced people. Because as I research about this exchange, every information I see and the transactions I encounter make me very happy. Also, collaborations with other platforms make me sure that this team will take Bityard much further. I think one of Bityard's biggest and best partnerships is with Revain, the first blockchain-based review platform. Thanks to this partnership, the team behind Bityard's success will be able to hear the pros and cons of this platform from experienced writers and thus make the exchange better. According to statistics Bityard has more than 500,000 users from over 150 countries which I think is a pretty big indicator. It is a very good achievement that the vast majority of users are satisfied. For people who are looking for reasons to trust Bityard, there are also copies of the licenses granted to this exchange by 3 countries on the interface of the official website of the exchange. In other words, we can see this exchange as a very reliable exchange. That's all my assessment of Bityard.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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The topic I want to write today is about LA JAMOTECA. LA JAMOTECA was created in 1956 and is a Miami-based store. LA JAMOTECA, which started its operations as a food store, has managed to become a very large company with a large customer base today. The company sells meat, sausages, mushrooms, caviar, wine and many other similar products. This company, which is described as flawless by its customers, gives 100% guarantee of the quality and health of the products it sells. As we know, the most important thing in the world is people's health and therefore food and drink should be taken care of. LA JAMOTECA saves people from such problems and delivers fresh and healthy products to their homes. In addition, the very short delivery time and the professional packaging of the products reduce the probability of deterioration of these products to 0. The variety of products in the store is indeed quite large, and I can say that the prices are reasonable. Thanks to the discounts and events organized by the company, people's interest in LA JAMOTECA increases even more. Customers who meet certain conditions can even take advantage of free delivery. Unlike almost any company I've encountered before, LA JAMOTECA can hopefully become a bigger and world-class company in the future.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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The topic I want to write about today is about RazorGator. RazorGator is an e-commerce platform created in 2000. This platform is one of the best platforms where you can find affordable tickets for sports matches, concerts and other similar events around the world. Operating for more than 20 years, RazorGator strives to provide the best service to its customers, so customer satisfaction is well above average. This platform, which has a very large customer base worldwide and locally, makes sales through its official website. Customers can also enjoy frequent discounts through events on the platform, further increasing people's interest in RazorGator. There are no problems with the reliability of the platform, I researched this myself. I also did not encounter any serious complaints between the faces and comments from customers. RazorGator guarantees that the purchased tickets will be delivered on time, and if not delivered on time, the customer will be fully refunded. I compared the prices on RazorGator to many other platforms and believed the prices were below average. I don't think RazorGator has any bad features for now, I hope the platform can continue to work like this.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Kennedy Art

The topic I want to write today is about Kennedy Art. Kennedy Art is a small Irish-based store. It is possible to find almost any tool you are looking for for painting in this store. The experience of the store may not be much, but thanks to the sincerity of the workers with the customers and the store's customer satisfaction above all else, this store has managed to become a place that is very popular with its customers. In the store, you can easily find quality brushes, art papers, paints and many similar products from famous brands. In addition, the store's online sales make it easier for customers. Because today, many people do not want to leave their homes due to the pandemic, Kennedy Art also makes deliveries to customers' homes, considering this. According to statistics, delivery times are quite low, and thanks to free shipping for orders over $75, the store manages to attract more people. The design of the website of the store is not perfect, but I cannot describe this site as bad due to the variety of products and easy shopping. In short, Kennedy Art is a small store with a lot of potential and I am sure it will become a better place in the future.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Paintball Discounters

The topic I want to write today is about Paintball Discounters. Paintball Discounters is an experienced store that has been operating for nearly 25 years. As the name suggests, this store sells paintball gear and has gained recognition among local residents in this industry. According to statistics, the store's customer base isn't huge, but I believe that may change in the near future. Because store officials are very experienced people. Paintball Discounters store is a store that tries its best to give the best service to its customers. We can understand this from customers' comments about the store. I do not think that there is a low-quality product among the products of Paintball Discounters, which is a store that is truly loved by its customers, because almost all of the products belong to famous brands, and the quality of the products is controlled by the store officials. There is almost nothing we can't find about paintball in the shop, so I can say that Paintball Discounters is an ideal shop for paintball lovers. The store also does online sales through its website. That's all I'm going to write about Paintball Discounters.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Campus Sports

The topic I want to write today is about Campus Sports. Campus Sports is a local store operating in Scotland for nearly 30 years. As we can see, the experience of the store is quite large, but I think it is quite a small place compared to the store with such a great experience. Campus Sports is a store that sells running shoes, sportswear, and materials for different kinds of sports. As I just said, the number of customers is very low for now, and I don't know anything about satisfaction. This is because I can't find any reviews from customers about Campus Sports. So I can't say how much the store is liked or how high the customer satisfaction is, but I think a store that has been operating for 30 years and still continues to operate should be reliable, otherwise it would have gone bankrupt by now. Campus Sports' website is also available. On this site it is possible to find all the products in the store. In addition, if customers are looking for a product that they have not seen on the site, they can contact customer service directly to find out whether this product is in stock. I found some information about their customer service being quite experienced people as well. That's all I'm going to write about Campus Sports.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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My review today will be about CIRCA1941. CIRCA1941 is a local store created in 2010. Despite only operating for 11 years, this store has already managed to attract the attention of some famous researchers, collectors and many others. The store sells antique and original pieces from the second world war. The store, which even gives an authenticity certificate to prove that the products are truly antique, really does its best to please its customers. We can also look at customers' comments about the store to see how high the satisfaction level is. CIRCA1941 has its own official website. On this site, it is possible to find as much information as we want about the store and the products available here. For now, I don't think the store has a significant downside, but if global sales are started, I think CIRCA1941 will become a more successful place. We can also order products online through the site. The prices of the products are also very affordable. CIRCA1941 also makes frequent announcements about new products on its social media accounts, so I think this store is a very suitable place for collectors. I'm ending my review of CIRCA1941 here, but I'll be following what's new about the store.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Wooden It be Crafty

My review today will be about Wooden It Be Crafty. I can say that Wooden It Be Crafty is one of the most creative stores I have come across in recent years. Although it is newly created, this store, which has been met with great interest by people, sells creative products created with laser on wood. In addition, products that are not available on the website but requested by customers are made with special orders. There isn't much information about this store on the internet, I think it's because the store isn't famous enough yet. It is possible to find some information about the store on the official website, but I do not think that this information is sufficient. Because some customers always want to find more information about the store they will shop at, so the information shared about the store is very important. The design of the website is quite simple, and there are very few products available. Since this is among the features that can adversely affect customer satisfaction, I think this site needs updating as soon as possible. The managers of Wooden It Be Crafty are highly experienced and interested in customers. We can also understand this from customer comments. Therefore, we can believe that Wooden It Be Crafty will become a more successful and excellent store in a short time.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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My review today will be about Chalkola. Chalkola is a store created in recent years, but despite its young age, it is on its way to become a store that attracts people's attention and succeeds in gaining the reputation of customers. Not only do I say this, but also the customers. When I read the comments of the customers about the store, I realized how high the satisfaction was and I hope the store can continue to keep customer satisfaction at this level. Chalkola is a small local store that sells pencils, paints and other similar items. In fact, when it was created, Chalkola, which aimed to sell only special pens for children, decided to expand this business after a while and started selling paints and pens for creative people. Since the majority of its customers are children, the store has to pay great attention to the quality of the products it sells and how harmless it is. I think Chalkola does this job pretty well too, because according to the demonstrators, the products are all made specifically for children and approved by mothers. This feature increases people's trust in the store. Chalkola's website is also available, there is a lot of information about the store on this site, it is also possible to order online. Here I end my review of Chalkola.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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