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Movicon Next software is best HMI design software in terms of creating beautiful and modern looking interfaces. It even has option of integrating interactive 3D models and even animate them through process variables which is unique, because no other software that I used, including the mot renowned brands, can offer that at the moment. OPC based communication with various PLCs itself is very forward looking approach from the stand point of industry 4.0 and IoT. The ability to run on Linux based thin clients is a very cool effort and something to grow on in future.Movicon has a very rich symbol library and graphic elements available for use are top-notch so much so that they have been adopted by many famous designers around world such as David Turell among many others. Licensing cost is less as compared to others and products delivers value for money.Design suite even improved still is complex and UI is not very user friendly, in the context that the most people using it are primarily are from PLC and SCADA industry not software engineers, it still seems like it will be more useful in the hands of application or Web developers rather than control engineers. Importing alarms for major PLC vendors should be made possible its a hassle compared to using their own HMI software where you don't even need to import programming alarms.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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It is an excellent, free and open source tool that allows you to ask question from the people to satisfy your curiosity. You can ask anything from the people and get the answers quickly. This is a great tool of use so I have found no issues in it, It is a freeware which can be download and used for a day/one week or one year or more. After installing this you don't require any database if there will not be much data stored here than go ahead with installation otherwise we need to pay some money to host our websites at certain companies. Its easy to handle also just try out once after downloading then rest all works fine. Now everything needs to work without errors if not then please contact us to resolve such type of error but overall i highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to ask their favorite things from others.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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BizAutomation Cloud ERP

As a small publisher, I rely heavily upon go-to research tools when doing market analysis projects and keeping abreast of trending topics within our industry. Using the free version of Quickbase, I have easily created custom dashboards, surveys, and reports. This makes conducting quick searches and discovering interesting articles both easy and efficient. What sets Quickbase apart from other online database solutions? For starters, its ability to connect to multiple databases (i.e., Facebook API, Twitter API, YouTube API). I also love how easy the user interface is to navigate. Overall, Quickbase helps me save a ton of time while increasing efficiency and ultimately saving money! Dow Jone's has a great research tool available within its website. This tool offers me the ability to search various databases to gain relevant articles. It saves me considerable amounts of time when doing online searches before making decisions about whether or not to invest. I also appreciate the way that it highlights and organizes related stories that I may have missed. To me, it is important to know what is going on today, tomorrow and in the future. One way that I approach researching and finding new opportunities within a niche market is using This tool enables you to enter keywords into three categories which are categorized according to various markets and niches including finance, real estate and tech. This helps narrow down your research search options. Through its extensive database, the tool delivers over 11,000 high quality sources that enable researchers to generate powerful research reports and pitch decks. Although I haven't used it extensively yet, I love that Dow Jones offers its full suite of online products including market reports, financial research, stock pickers among others.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Flagship Technologies

Save money on expensive new equipment

As I have been doing this for almost 1 year now, it's about time to reveal my tricks. Initially, I was not starting to do reviews on the sites that I'm promoting because I thought that everyone will think that all those reviews are fake (I really mean it).  For the past 5 months now, since I receive tons of requests regarding my promotions and methods; I've decided to start writing reviews about them. About Flagship Technologies: Flagship Technologies is a product developed by Dhawal Shah . He has done lots an lots of successful product launches before (products like WP Freshstart , etc). About the product itself: Flagship Technologies provides you 4 e-commerce platforms which you can promote through Amazon, eBay, Google Adwords or Facebook. The value of the product is $26 for Amazon and Adwords resellers and $67 for eBay & FB resellers. There are 4 upsells which you can purchase as a normal customer to increase your earnings through this e-commerce promotion method. The website itself is pretty well built with lots of trust images from other affiliates who have been promoting his products before. It has good looking graphics and everything seems pretty legit (in fact it's better than most sites I've seen). I haven't used this product because it was sent to me by my friend (My first friend who has bought one of Dhawal's products). He was so happy with the results he got from it that he sends me a few more of his successful campaigns. I really hope that this review will help you guys out there who are wondering whether to buy this product or not. I have already added purchase link below, just click on it to get redirected to the official page. If you have never promoted e-commerce sites before then you should probably purchase Reseller Option (Limitless), otherwise if you think your experience is enough for you to handle Adwords campaign yourself then go with Basic Plan .  If you want affiliate commission only without spending any money at all, then choose Affiliate option . Please keep in mind that all those 4 plans offer the same product, only difference is in number of link that you can add on your site. When I first began promoting e-commerce sites, I was hesitant to post reviews of the products that were sent to me by my friends.  I thought it would be perceived as fake and wouldn't generate any trust with potential customers.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Discount Party Supplies

I have been to this site, Discount Party Supplies ( before. I have never heard of it until my son celebrated his birthday just recently. Before deciding on the right party supplies to buy for our little guy's birthday celebration, one of my friends who is also a parent recommended that I check out their products first since she knows how costly party planning can be these days due to inflation, etc. So I turned on my computer and started surfing the net for cheap yet quality party supplies. And after coming across many sites finally decided to purchase from this one company called Discount Party Supplies . The very next day I went down to our local mall where there are plenty of shops selling discount party supply materials including t hese balloons , plates, cups, confetti, table cloths and more. I was lucky enough to just come across them in time since my son wanted to celebrate his birthday on the very same day of his party. So I bought everything that they recommended plus some additional supplies too for decorations purposes. I got another call from one of their staff members apologizing for what happened and telling me that they already sent all the items that were missing to me via courier service. I told her not to worry about it since we still have plenty of materials left for our party and thanked her profusely because she was really helpful during our conversation over the phone. And sure enough the following day, the courier came and delivered everything we asked them to send to us. They were neatly packaged in boxes wrapped with plastic covering too so we didn't even need to use any tape or glue when assembling them together. All my friends and family kept on complimenting how nice everything looked like especially my son who loves his ninja birthday party decorations very much even if While I was fortunate enough to find Discount Party Supplies online, they are one of the most popular sites just like any other. This is mainly because their products are cheap and sold at wholesale prices in addition to being high quality with a wide variety of party supplies available for purchase.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Giga Tires

Giga Tires is a company in California, near Los Angeles. They produce replicas of car tires in different sizes and profiles for 1/10 scale rc cars. I have been using their products for over one year so I think it's about time to write a review about them :) First of all here is some information from their website: Giga Tires designs and manufactures the highest quality tires for 1/10 scale off-road RC buggies, truggies & monster trucks, as well as long-distance touring cars. Our tires are used by top team drivers around the world. Giga Tires focus on high performance and realism to bring you the cutting edge at competition level speed and durability! Medium 4mm - Part Number: 2010 (Front) & 2022 (Rear) ----------------- This is the tire used on all my cars including 1/8 buggy, truggy and short course truck. They are very durable with no wear after one year of use. If you hit something hard it will scuf the side wall but that's normal if you want to have long lasting tires :) Heavy 5mm - Part Number: 2020 (Front) & 2040 (Rear) -------------------- These are also very durable tires, almost indestructible just like mediums except they are a little bit slower and heavier in weight. I use them on my Slash 4x4 with Pro-Line PowerStroke Body, perfect match :) Ultra Thin 3mm - Part Number: 2015 (Front) & 2031 (Rear) ------------------ These are very thin and they don't lasts more than 5-7 race days, that's why you need to buy at least 10 front + rear tires because of tire change in every 2nd or 3rd race day when they start wearing out. I only use these when I go to big jumps expecting they will fly off :P So, what do you think? From my experience with Giga Tires tires I would recommend the Medium 4mm for most RC cars and trucks.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Peace Frogs Travel

I can't believe I forgot to write this review! One should always be thankful for the good that people do, but unfortunately it feels like this time I forgot to show my appreciation. I was planning a trip in December 2020 to see family in Sri Lanka. It was going to be me and my kids - 2 years old at the time and 4 months pregnant with our third baby. Due to the pregnancy I wasn't able to fly directly from Finland, so we had stopover flights through Dubai on Emirates Airlines. Back then we were living right next to Helsinki Airport and I was quite nervous traveling with such little kids; having your ears hurt due dehydration during flight is not an experience you want as a parent haha! We've flown once during our first trip abroad to visit my husband's family in Bucharest, Romania. But now we had to fly for 12 hours! I was very anxious. You might remember my Instagram post about the Emirates flight : my daughter spent the whole flight crying due ear pain and given that they have no bassinet available on flight, she just couldn't lie comfy enough - not even with being held reclined sitting on my lap. The entertainment system was just amazing though :) So, back to Peace Frogs Travel . I didn't know anything about them before they contacted me via Facebook , but since their offer seemed to be a good deal and it would help out a charitable cause, I went ahead and researched more about them and promised to come back and write a review if we were happy with the service they provided. It felt like a good idea to support small businesses for once, since we always end up using mostly bigger companies (like Emirates) when booking flights. Additionally I asked my husband's brother (he is married to his wonderful wife Asha ) what he thought about Peace Frogs Travel as he was familiar with them from his years of living in Sri Lanka - and especially since Peace Frogs Travel is owned by local freelancers; those freelancers also happen to be friends that Asha and my husband grew up with! He told me that they had an excellent reputation and that people love their work ethic. So, we decided to go ahead and book our flight through this company. Peace Frogs Travel is a very small business with only two guys who are quite passionate about what they do. They strive to provide quality service for their customers and I can honestly say that our experience with them was phenomenal! Not only did they give us the best price compared to other big companies, but also because of the great service they provided, we were able to stopover in Dubai twice (instead of once) and got extremely nice treatment from Emirates Airlines as well as from Peace Frogs . We ended up having an amazing trip: we got upgraded to 1st class both ways (when booking it through Peace Frogs ), we had really friendly flight attendants on board and we felt like we were celebrities :) My daughter enjoyed spending time at the kids play rooms in all airports and she was able to sleep comfortably in the bassinet in Dubai's airport both ways (although the first time it didn't work very well with her too). So, after we arrived back home I decided to write this review immediately so that Peace Frogs Travel gets rewarded for their amazing service. You can really tell when you deal with people who do their job with love. When something is done out of passion instead of money, you get the best customer experience possible! I also wanted to share this service because my husband and I are huge fans of "5 star hotel" treatment - generally, every kind of luxury :) Well, imagine that kind of service lasting during a 12 hours! It certainly beats spending your time in an economy-class seat! The company has been around for many years and they offer excellent service to their customers. They provide the best possible price for airline tickets while also helping out with charitable causes that need your support.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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European Investment Bank

EIB is excellent bank

European Investment Bank is an excellent online banking institution. I found it on numerous searches and best lists for places to store money. It has very low fees. Interest rates are some of the best for savings accounts as well as cd's. I have savings, money market, and Cds with ally. I feel that my money grows more quickly. It is federally insured as well so I feel secure having my money wth them. Customer support is top notch. They are always quick to assist my needs. I get assistance and help immediately. I have never felt frustrated with this banks. My experience has been great and I have had no problems! I will continue to bank with them and appreciate their awesome service. Thanks EIB!देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank is very rude bank

I'm on my 2nd start up, had a great exit from my first on the East Coast and moved to the Bay area for a great new opportunity with two very talented entrepreneurs. We reached out to Silicon Valley bank to discuss working with them, waste of our time. Arrogant, rude and clueless bankers, it's a bloated organisation that by all accounts is a pale facsimile of it's former self many years ago. In my opinion unsuitable for founders. The small office of this "bank" is in a residential area and I was there with our developers to look for information and a first contact. The office manager / director was sitting in the kitchen and had conversations over fruit in front of the group. So, with all the casualness and modern thinking, we all found it very unprofessional and also felt very uncomfortable. Well, in any case, no professional conversation was held and referred to another bank, and as part of a tech startup I can say today that this was also the most useful tip.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Chase Capital Partners

I have been an on and off again account holder for years. Visiting not just this branch , but others here in Tulsa. I’m sad to have to give any establishment a poor review, but I also tell it like it is. This branch has treated me with a holier then thou attitude. As one other person said , rude and judgmental, with a smile. If a bank such as this one is trying to please it’s customers, this place falls extremely short. I have been giving this place a chance for far too long. They obviously look at me as a lower being. I have no clue why. I’m an honest, clean, genuine person who, in all aspects deserve to be treated better. They work for us, not us for them. I could go one in more detail, but I’ve given them enough of my time. For ANYONE who is thinking of opening an account of any sort at Chase. . I highly recommend for you to save yourself fees and stress by going elsewhere.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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