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Why Should You Use TON Bridge? Check This Out

The Blockchain network, as we all seem to have known, is continuously evolving. The signs of this great evolution is greatly evident in almost everything we see around the crypto space today. Some of which includes the introduction of De-Fi, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and Borrowing and Lending platforms. This great evolution never came alone as it seems to have come along with newer Blockchain networks, some of which includes the Polygon, Solana, Harmony, and quite a lot of other networks we have today. Taking a good look at the various Blockchain network, I guess innovative people had to think about a way to handle them all. They discovered that Competition wouldn't help at all but co-existence. This co-existence is what we all know as Bridge (Bridging tokens from one chain to another). When I first got to know about the many Blockchain networks we have today, I got really surprised and began thinking of how disastrous the future of cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain network might finally end up being, my thinking and future expectations all changed when I got to discover the fact that tokens can be bridged from one network to another, this gave me a good feeling of relieve.

As you might have known already, due to my introduction and where I seem to be heading to, I would be talking about a project that does the exact thing I have been talking about: Bridging. This project happens to be in a close partnership with Revain and due to that, are hosting a competition. After discovering that, I decided to take a look at the project, how things works, and what made Revain partner with them (Just as I have said earlier, Revain always partner with Great projects and I was quite sure this one wouldn't be an exception at all). That happen to be my own story behind getting to know about Free TON. For proper understanding of how the project is, what it's all about, and what seem to interesting me in it.

The Free TON is a Blockchain network that doesn't only claim to be decentralized but have proven it in many ways. Some of which includes their community and the manner by which they make decisions. What more do you want from a Blockchain network that complete decentralization? I guess you might want the latest technologies in the blockchain network. If that's what you want, then Free TON has it. They have an NFT Marketplace and a De-Fi section, all these which happens to be the latest trend in the blockchain network today. Another thing I seem to like from them is the fact that they have their Chrome extension available for persons like me who wouldn't love to go through the stress of downloading an application. I'm not quite sure if they have a mobile application available yet (if they don't have, then I guess they have it on the pipeline, moreover the Chrome extension is quite okay; and if they do, that's quite great of them. The Free TON also seem to have a website where they invite Game developers to develop some games on their Blockchain network. They claim to make it possible to develop a game without codes (I made use of the word "claim" because I'm yet to confirm it, majorly because I'm not a Game developer). Free TON seems to have a target of being the one-stop Blockchain network in the world, and they also seem to be heading there. With this, I guess it's better I move on to talking about our major focus here: TON Bridge.

TON Bridge, just as its name tells almost all the story, is a platform that helps in Bridging tokens between the Ethereum blockchain network and TON Blockchain network. I honestly love the fact that they started with the most popular Blockchain network we have today. With this pace, I won't be surprised to see the platform Bridging between BSC, Solana, Polygon, and the many blockchain networks we have today.

Going into details of the Free TON Bridge now, the Free TON Bridge is one that was founded by Broxus. The Free TON Bridge wasn't created just like that but was created for a purpose. As at the first time I discovered that the Free TON Bridge is just between TON and ETH, I thought they made it that way majorly because the Ethereum blockchain network is a very popular. But haven made extensive research about the project, I have discovered that the reason why the Free TON Bridge connects ETH and TON is because of two major reasons, which are:

1. High Gas fees on the Ethereum network

2. Better speed on the TON network than there is on the Ethereum network

Imagine this guys, enjoying two major benefits at a time. We must have all known that many crypto traders and investors happen to leave the Ethereum network for other networks mainly due to their fee, in this case, the speed isn't that much of a problem. I guess the purpose of the Free TON Bridge is to make the TON network a place where these crypto traders can call their "safe haven."

Whenever a crypto analyst hear of a project, the next thing that should come to his or her mind is Governance. Governance in the crypto space deals with the community majorly, this is because the crypto space generally is decentralized and leaves decision, or Governance in this case, in the hands of their community members. Decision can never be made in a community without a token and that's what brought about the existence of the Governance token in Free TON Bridge which is known as BRIDGE. The BRIDGE token seems to be a great one, looking at its tokenomics, I discovered the token has a total supply of just 14,000,000 (14 million). This number alone proves its value in the crypto sphere. The BRIDGE token has already had their Presale done and dusted but you don't have to worry, they still have about 65% of their total supply waiting to be farmed and can still be purchased at TonSwap.

I'm quite sure many traders reading this article out there might be asking questions such as: "Well there are quite a number of Bridging platforms out there, why do I have to choose Free TON?" We might also have questions like: "What does Free TON have to offer me?" If you're one of those persons who have this type of questions running through your mind then I guess you're at the right place to get that. As a means of concluding my review, I would be mentioning some of the advantages traders enjoy by using the Free TON Bridge services.

1. Transactions are executed at a great speed: The rate at which technology grows today makes us anticipate machines that would help us get things done quick. I guess that's why vehicles replaced Horses and 5G replaced 4G

2. You pay NO fee on Free TON Bridge: When something is cheaper than it should be, it gets quite enticing or interesting. But what happens when there's no fee at all? That's what you should be thinking about when using Free TON Bridge. The Free TON Bridge helps to cover fees from the network fees and the interest gotten from the liquidity locked. This way, people don't have to worry about paying a dime. The only fee that users of the Free TON Bridge services have to pay is for granting rights that would turn reserves into interest-bearing assets which would surely recover what you've paid with even more interest to take home.

3. There's a package for BRIDGE Hodlers: Not every token Hodler gets a package to take home at the end of it all. BRIDGE token Hodlers seems to be exempted from this as the tokenomics states that about 65% of the total supply of their token is still waiting to be Farmed by YOU. This Farming has been calculated to take about 4 years and by so doing, gives every Hodler of their token a package to take home. Hodlers of the BRIDGE tokens also have the right to make decisions relating to the project. This makes them core decision makers.

With all these being said, I think you should check out the Free TON Bridge and come give me a feedback in the comment section 😊😊

फायदे नुकसान

  • The project connects the Ethereum network to the TON network
  • Transactions are cheaper and much faster
  • They are completely decentralized
  • The project makes decision based on the community agreement
  • There's no negative quality for me yet
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