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entomo (formerly KPISOFT)

Entomsoft is one stop shop for all your HR needs - Employee Onboarding/Offgoning / Performance Management etc., It's very easy to use as well! The support team has been extremely helpful at every step we took with them regarding our onboarding process & PPM implementation too!! Nothing much that I can think about right now but if you're looking out there then definitely try it once! They offer free trial so go ahead give this product some thought before deciding whether or not its worth purchasing :) We have implemented employee self service portal using their products which helps employees perform many tasks like time offs request approval among others without having any help from internal resources who would otherwise be busy solving other issues related within organization. Vedi recensione completa

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Lysol Bleach Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner

I haven’t written reviews for a long time, but just recently I bought a cleaning gel "WC Aktivgel" and it was just "itching my hands", I immediately remembered our favorite ). Because you want people to know what they are buying. Nowadays, there is no particular trust in advertising, and , as always, helps out. This is how it looks The price in a local store turned out to be very budgetary - 60 rubles. And out of curiosity, I decided to buy it. On the back of the bottle, the functionality of this gel is described, which prompted me to buy. I quote: "The highly effective cleaning gel "WC Aktivgel" based on hydrochloric acid is designed to quickly and thoroughly clean your toilet bowl from rust, dirt, scale, lime deposits and other contaminants. This gel will cope with any difficult dirt in a matter of minutes and provide long-term freshness and nice smell". Production Novosibirsk. In fact, it turned out to be the opposite. The lid opens easily, the jet of gel gets where it is needed, i.e., in the most inaccessible places. But these are all pluses. It doesn't have any pleasant smell. no pollution even after careful processing does not disappear, and, moreover, it is not a gel. Well, it's very fluid. After the first use, I threw it in the trash and was inspired to write a review for caring readers. In the pursuit of cheapness, we lose more than we gain. But we are naive, and we want to believe that in our country, as in Soviet times, they still produce quality products at an affordable price. In this case, the hopes were not justified. I don't recommend buying this gel. Vedi recensione completa

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Cedar EasyWring RinseClean Microfiber Cleaning

Good day to all! For a long time, a Vileda mop and a wet cleaning kit hung in my favorites on the website of the Ozone store. To be honest, I could not decide to buy it precisely because of the price - 6600 rubles is, of course, not 1000 and not 2000. I accidentally opened my favorites and the set is 2600 off. Surprised, so surprised! By the way, now it costs 4735 at a discount. I placed the order at the same minute, and then ... I thought. And I want, and it pricks. Most of the reviews are positive, there are also negative ones - it broke, not what was expected, splashes. But the splashes just then put me into a stupor. Why dirty the furniture around! The husband does not understand why the price is so high, dad said that in any store cleaners wash the same, mom says that you should not refuse yourself, if you want to. So, the order is paid. I also added a cloth from this manufacturer + sponges to the set. It was necessary to dial 3000. But the order was broken, as a result, the delivery date of the cloth was postponed three times. I wrote to technical support, they answered that they could not accrue bonuses for the delay - changes in the loyalty program. But, after receiving the mop, I wrote them a review about the long delivery and 200 bonuses appeared on the account immediately. Don't be afraid to stand up. And then Ozone can convert money into points, and break parcels, send used goods. I'll start ... the box is all pasted over with adhesive tape. Not nice, but if you need it for a gift? Either they send thousands of boxes for one package, or they simply wrap them with tape. It's all strange. Instructions only in pictures and only on the box. To be honest, everything is clear. We take a mop and soak it in a bucket of water. And there is also a label where the maximum for water is indicated. Otherwise, there will be splashes during spinning. We wring out our rag by pressing the pedal. 3-4 times will be enough. With such a damp cloth, you can safely wash the laminate. It turns out that when we wash the floors we do not get our hands dirty, we do not touch the rag. Mine, dip in water and immediately wring out. I'll show you the pressing system. Everything is very simple! The mop itself is not that big. Honestly, I thought it would be wider. The rag clings very simply, effortlessly and definitely will not come off during mopping. Of the advantages of this mop, I will single out maneuverability. A gap of 2.5 cm between the furniture and the floor is sufficient. The bucket is absolutely ordinary, made of dense plastic. When lifting by the handle, one side outweighs a little, it is convenient to pour dirty water. The overall impression is extremely positive. But for the price I paid! And now on the shelves: - the mop is maneuverable, comfortable, the pedal does not always work to collect the mop itself; - the rag is fleecy, dense, washes well, is wrung out well. Where to buy a replacement rag - I do not know ... - bucket. Separately, such a bucket costs 1700 in Lenta. Expensive, agree. An ordinary bucket... with a pedal... Splashes, I was most interested in the splashes during the spin cycle. They are not there, not a single drop of water has fallen on the kitchen set. Good purchase, no regrets. If only she washed herself... Vedi recensione completa

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The ability for us as marketers is endless when it comes down to creating custom metrics. I love being able to create my own reports from our data points! It takes some training if you're not familiar with Excel or Google Sheets yet, however there are plenty of resources available online which can help get your feet wet quickly. There's always room for improvement. If you need more advanced tools such as pivot tables then this might be something we will look into moving forward once the basics have been mastered. We use fluency primarily for ad optimization through segmentation. Vedi recensione completa

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Amazon Elements Wipes Unscented Flip Top

Good afternoon to all readers of and those who are reading my review now. Today I want to tell you about "Lenta" baby wipes without fragrance. I bought these napkins in the Lenta hypermarket. I don’t remember their exact cost ... but for the action I paid no more than 50 rubles for baby wipes "Lenta" without fragrance. And so I'll start about the napkins themselves. Very handy packaging with a lid. It is convenient to use opened, took out a napkin, closed the lid. There is also a protective film that does not allow baby wipes to dry out. The wipes themselves are well saturated with lotion (in moderation, and not too much and not too little), which is designed for children's, delicate skin. The lotion itself is 97% water. Does not contain perfume, soap, alcohol or dyes. The material from which the napkins are made is a non-woven fabric. Pleasant to the touch. The wipes themselves do the job well. They cleanse the skin of the child well, without causing allergies and irritation on the delicate skin of the baby. I also want to note the design of the packaging itself. Very colorful and beautiful pictures. Which attract the attention of not only an adult but also a child. I am very satisfied with this purchase. I will continue to buy them. Baby wipes "Lenta" fragrance-free very good quality. I recommend them to everyone, especially the price they have is simply ridiculous. I hope that my review will be useful to you. Vedi recensione completa

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OneOdio Adapter Free Headphones Professional Telescopic

I definitely liked these headphones, because even though they are closed, you can still sit in them for a long time and listen to music and even do it. Good frequency range for headphones for the money, the price is negligible, but the headphones themselves are very cool. The good news is that the headphones have a huge diaphragm, which makes it possible to hear the lowest bass, even at 20Hz, and this is very cool. The headphones have large ear cushions and when you put them on, it feels like you put a pillow on your head and relax, of course there is some discomfort due to the fact that these are closed-type headphones, but this cannot be avoided, it is still important that the sound comes out of the headphones didn't get out. I ordered headphones from alik, they brought it pretty quickly. The headphones were delivered in a beautiful and stylish case, a very cool case to the touch. The headphones themselves are As you can see, huge ear pads and cool design will not leave anyone indifferent. Also included were 2 cords for connection, one 3.5mm to 3.5mm, and the other 6mm to 3.5mm. Of course, a huge plus is that you can insert two aux cords into the headphones at once and listen to music on two headphones. Vedi recensione completa

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HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Lightweight

In general, I decided to buy myself cool ears with music. For quite a long time I searched the Internet for headphones suitable for me, but I did not find anything. But, not so long ago I saw in Vk an entry about the sale of Kingston HYPERX Cloud Core headphones. I bought them for myself for 39 bucks for the original (then I bought them on sale, now they cost about 69 dollars). I ordered and they arrived very quickly! I immediately took out the headset and began to try it on my computer, anticipating the awesome sound and mind-blowing bass. And then I caught a complete disappointment, the headphones worked quite well - very loud and high quality, but the bass is about nothing. My previous headphones (Regular) gave out bass many times more. I was most disappointed, I tried it on a smartphone for a very long time - they play quietly, there is little bass, my phone could not shake them. Now, perhaps you will bombard me with questions: "Why did you give these headphones a five in your review?" And because I turned on the high-quality sound function on the computer and a miracle happened, the headphones began to work in a new way, a cool bass appeared, exactly what I wanted before. After working a little with the equalizer, I still got exactly the sound that I expected when ordering these headphones. Everything, now I'm as satisfied as possible. The kit included a cool gaming microphone (well, or for Skype), and an extension cord of 2.1 meters. Summing up, I can say that this is a very worthy headset. The design is very classy, and the quality is excellent. The arc that holds the ears is made of metal. This will definitely extend the life of the headphones. Well, that's about all I wanted to say Definitely recommend to everyone!Vedi recensione completa

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I like how easy it is to input all my information to get parking passes for each employee. The app works well on your smartphone which makes me very happy. It would be nice if there could be other additional features such as more coupons or parking space availability. It's also good that their is a live attendant available in case you need one. This helps tremendously during the day when we are busy and don't want to look up to see who is available to help us. I like that it is easy to use once you get used too all its features! It's not as user friendly if your new at this program but when we have our own tech person they are very helpful in getting us going quickly!! If there was one thing i would change about parkhub so far nothing really because everything works great. We love using parks hub instead paying out cash or running around trying different companies. ! Vedi recensione completa

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NEX Valet

The best thing about Nex is that it allows you to keep your car in its place but yet, it looks like no one's there! It has saved me so much time because I don't have to go outside everytime my car needs service or whenever someone else wants to use mine. This way I can just get back home and relax while waiting for them to come to where they need my car. Sometimes when I'm not around, people would take advantage of using my car without asking permission from me first. But with this system, I know who uses my car even if i am out somewhere.Vedi recensione completa

cellopark logo


The customer support is really good and always ready to help you with any questions or issues that may arise. When I had a problem with my account, they helped me fix it within minutes! Also, there are some new features that would be great to have! For example, the ability to send an invoice directly from the app and have it automatically created in your account. It would also be nice if you could change your payment method without having to go back into the app itself. We use cellopark to manage our parking payments. This has made our lives easier as we can handle all of them through the app instead of going in person every time. Vedi recensione completa

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