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Ontology or ONT is a project created in 2017, creating a platform between the real world and the digital world is the plan. Besides ontology networks will also be connected to public blockchain such as (NEO). Ontology is a multi-level network that allows companies to interact with each other. DevelVedi recensione completa

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The main objective of the ICON project is to link various activities in a country through the blockchain. This project aims to create an open source environment that allows various organizations such as universities, hospitals, government departments and financial institutions to interact with each Vedi recensione completa

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Poor customer service, and no response from the support team. but we can create a dispute and get you your unreleased funds or seized cryptocurrency. contact us today. Poloniex are lawless. They fabricated a lending loss after their systems failed to execute the correct stop losses. As a result, usVedi recensione completa

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DragonEx is a crypto / digital asset exchange that originates from Singapore, it also supports blockchain based technology games. Apart from that, it has its own token, which is named Dragon Token with a total supply of 37,339,500 tokens, with the normal average exchange fees of other global exchanVedi recensione completa

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Wallet and Exchange

lumi wallet is easy to use, has buy and sell features, supports iOS, android and web wallet versions, supports multi wallet and ERC-20 tokens which allows users to store multiple ERC-20 tokens in them. In addition Lumni wallet also has a storage to support ERC-721 tokens, and a standard fee of 40-2Vedi recensione completa

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Userfriendly wallet

ImToken is a wallet that allows users to import keys, pharsa and keystore. During import through the phrase, imToken will prompt the user for the derivation path, allowing two default presets and a custom one that is fully editable by the user. This application also has a serious privacy leak becauVedi recensione completa

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