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After being immersed in the Free Ton ecosystem for approximately 1 month and learning about the valuable products it has to offer to the market, I have come up with one in which, according to my short experience, can become a very important rival for more veteran projects in the industry, and I'm of course talking about the decentralized Ton Swap exchange. Once again, with the help of the Broxus team of professionals and developers and within the framework of the creation of the defi Alliance, DEX has been launched on the market, which complements the Free Ton group of pillars products, such as, Ton crystal wallet, and Ton Bridge, which together allow the user a more comfortable and accessible experience of decentralized finance. Ton swap and its differences from other DEX In the short time that I have known about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, I have seen that new technological trends have appeared in a matter of several months, such as decentralized finance, the yied farming Vedi recensione completa

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There are 2 obvious problems in the cryptocurrency market today and I have no doubt that it has happened to many of us in the last few months. I speak of course about scalability limitations and the high cost of transactions, especially on the ethereum network. In view of the problems already mentioned, there is a large group of projects that today seek to minimize these problems, building more efficient mechanisms, and one of those that is achieving this is Free Ton with the implementation of TON Bridge. This bridge was created by Broxus, one of the most faithful validators of Free TON and is in charge of connecting the protocols of the ethereum blockchain with those of the Free ton network, its greatest attribute being that of allowing the transfer of assets from a Slow and highly expensive first layer network to one that can perform thousands of transactions per second at a small fraction of the price of Ethereum Why Ton Bridge? suffice it to say that the exorbitant priceVedi recensione completa

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The great hype and revolution that cryptocurrencies have had in recent months is impressive and represents an opportunity for many projects and developers to seek to offer alternatives that allow these cryptocurrencies to become widespread, and have increasingly varied use cases. One of these alternatives is cryptocurrency wallets, and today I want to talk to you about the Ton Crystal wallet, which is leading the way in many ways and due to its ease of use, (in an environment where there are hundreds of wallets), it has had a large number of users lately. Birth and evolution of the wallet Once again, the Free Ton community echoes its great possibilities in terms of decentralization, creating through the company broxus, (one of its oldest validators and collaborators), the first wallet for the entire Free ton ecosystem. called Ton Crystal wallet, taking advantage of a large part of the work started under the test gram wallet base, developed by the telegram team and of which they themVedi recensione completa

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The Blockchain environment that began as a revolutionary technology a little more than a decade ago, has had unstoppable growth in recent months thanks to increasingly innovative projects that seek, among other things, the very valuable Decentralization that is usually seen in this ecosystem. Personally and after being a participant in several blockchain projects recently, I have no doubt that Free Ton is one of those projects that needs to be paid a lot of attention because according to my experience investigating more about the entire ecosystem, it seems to exceed the limits of decentralization such as we know now and in this review we will see why I say this. The Origin of TON Most of us perhaps know the intentions of the Telegram company to launch its own blockchain network, which is why it had an income from investors of more than 1.7 billion dollars, which they had to return, because the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), accused the project of violating tVedi recensione completa

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Currently, there are many people in the world who are looking for new alternatives to invest their money and obtain rewards for it, but there are very few who achieve it and even so there is a great risk. Most do not know or have no idea how to invest, or in most cases they do not have enough funds to even start, that is why ROOBEE comes to offer a new and Viable alternative for all those users who want to enter the investment market. ROOBEE is making a titanic effort to make the investment market accessible to all types of users, by offering an investment platform in which anyone, with just a deposit of $ 10, can access a very wide range of investment tools. In which they appear, real estate, investment funds, Opi, stocks and cryptocurrencies of course. The platform takes advantage of the potential of artificial intelligence, and of the blockchain to offer transparent records, analysis, statistics and data when making decisions, and in this way offer the best options to allow users toVedi recensione completa

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In the cryptographic environment, hundreds of new projects are created daily, each one with the purpose of having a different purpose and objectives, and each one with very valuable peculiarities and innovations. In this sense, Nem is a very ambitious project whose main objective is to develop an extremely powerful and technologically efficient blockchain called Smart Asset Blockchain, which serves as an ideal environment to manage data and assets in a simple and profitable way. Undoubtedly one of its main attractions is the particularity of creating smart assets or (Smart assets) what would be the traditional property titles, copyrights or patents that once they are in the Nem blockchain will not need any third party or notary to be transferred or registered, something that will undoubtedly allow anyone to safeguard their valuable data in a world in which data management is today a multibillion dollar industry. NEM or (movement of the new economy) works under a unique consensus calledVedi recensione completa

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Trying to solve the challenges demanded by current blockchains is the main objective of most of the new projects that are coming to the market. Nervos is joining efforts in this regard, providing a unique solution by combining in a public blockchain, the security and decentralization features of chains such as bitcoin, with the large number of use cases that smart contracts of the ethereum network have, but adding structural layers that are much more scalable. The project was launched in 2018, and is focused on the storage of value in the blockchain, by offering and combining public tools and novel protocols to obtain a much more efficient network. CKB or Common Knowledge Base works as the main layer 1 where transactions are executed and acts as the proof-of-work blockchain, but there are multiple layers 2 under which smart contracts can be created. This layered structure of the network allows maintaining decentralization, security and the scalable nature of the entire ecosystem. all lVedi recensione completa

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The fact that thousands of cryptocurrencies have been created in recent years implies that each one of them seeks to compete in being the best and minimizing persistent problems for its better functioning and adaptation. To achieve this, it is necessary to implement innovative technologies that provide efficiency and scalability to the ecosystem, which is why Hedera Hashgraph was born, a decentralized and open source database that aims to compete with the blockchain that we currently know, solving a series of common deficiencies and providing greater performance. hedera, uses an original protocol called Gossio, which is characterized by being more secure, fast and fair. the security of the system relies on a Byzantine fault tolerant asynchronous system in which if any of the nodes connected to the network were to stop working, the system could continue to function normally. In addition, the system is absolutely fair and democratic when it comes to processing transactions, since unlike Vedi recensione completa

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When we watch a video on the internet, it needs to be downloaded to our devices, storing cache data, which is useless and makes our computers slower, in addition to greatly extending loading times and making the experience of watching videos in Hd is sometimes very complex. To offer a solution to this problem, Theta was born, an open source project that uses the benefits of the blockchain to provide a more pleasant user experience when viewing video content on the internet. With theta the cost of bandwidth is minimized, since it allows us to share our cache memory with the closest users and be rewarded with a certain amount of tokens for our contribution to the network, causing the transmission data to be transmitted only once. theta actually makes content on the web more decentralized and thereby remunerates both content creators and viewers. but theta, is not only a token, but also a blockchain platform which mainly seeks to offer responses in the video transmission in a decentralizeVedi recensione completa

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As this new financial system continues to grow, it becomes a challenge for many cryptocurrency projects to reach more users. Despite the great potential that blockchain and cryptocurrencies have, it is still a very complex technology for many people, in addition to their volatility, they are very unattractive to serve as payment methods in many businesses. Taking into account these current problems, Celo offers an ideal solution, since it is an open source blockchain platform with tools that are extremely simple to use, and in which anyone with a mobile device can participate, in such ways. simple like sending a text message. The project works under a POS consensus algorithm and through its protocol, decentralized applications can be created that execute transactions directly with a series of fiat currencies and stable cryptocurrencies. For this they have created an application called Celo wallet, with which users can exchange a wide variety of available tokens, and that has support foVedi recensione completa

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Data management and storage It has become in recent years a multi-million dollar and expanding industry, because data is a valuable resource for many companies. But it represents a challenge, keeping that data safe and unalterable, since nowadays the companies in charge of offering data storage services can access them at any time and because they are stored in large storage devices in private conglomerations. , are subject to any type of incident. Filecoin has created a very efficient, decentralized and simple alternative, compared to those private storage companies, since by using the benefits of the blockchain, any user with extra storage on their devices can participate and serve as a storage source, obtaining rewards for their collaboration with the network. The project, in addition to being a blockchain, has its own token (FIL), and works under a new consensus system called space-time proof (POST) using complementary data storage mechanisms such as the IPFS interplanetary file syVedi recensione completa

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One of the main deficiencies of current blockchains is undoubtedly the scalability and speed with which transactions are carried out, which prevent the use of cryptocurrencies from becoming widespread in daily life. In addition to these two factors, the high cost of transactions currently, such as ethereum commissions, does not allow it to serve as a profitable payment method for users. In this context, Solana comes to solve these problems, since it is one of the most scalable open source blockchain projects in the industry today, having the record of being able to handle more than 60,000 transactions per second and with a commission cost per transaction of only $ 0.000001, something that undoubtedly facilitates its adoption in the real world and is considered today one of the most promising blockchain projects in the industry. One of the key success factors in terms of scalability of Solana compared to other blockchain projects, is its unprecedented consensus system called proof of hiVedi recensione completa

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I had been hearing about this project for some time, but it was not until today that I began to investigate a little more about it, and I believe that we are facing one of the most powerful blockchain projects with the greatest future in the market. It is nothing more and nothing less than Polkadot, a project that aims to bring the advantages of web 3.0 to all users and end the monopolies that exist today on the internet, by allowing the construction of a new generation blockchain architecture , robust and widely decentralized with the help of the web3 foundation. We already know that there are very inefficient blockchains with very little scalability, and that is why Polkadot was born, to serve as a solution to blockchain infrastructures that have not been updated for years and that do not have much scalability in a historical moment in which cryptocurrencies are being massively adopted around the world. It is an open source project, which will allow interoperability with all existingVedi recensione completa

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In recent years, there has been a boom in platforms seeking to reward their users with cryptocurrencies, especially content creators, for their contribution to the ecosystem. An example of this type of platform is HIve, which in addition to being a social network, which rewards its users for the amount of positive votes their publications receive, also has its own blockchain, and associated cryptocurrency, all in a decentralized environment of Open source that seeks to bring the potential of web 3.0 in a massive way to the whole world and in which there is no regulatory entity that controls the ecosystem. The project was born out of a controversy in March 2020, when justin sun, tron's CEO, acquired steemit, a similar platform that rewarded content creators, but the community had certain disagreements and a hard fork occurred, giving rise to HIVE. This new platform would have as a priority to develop web 3.0 giving users a more efficient environment to deploy dapps and enjoy ultra-fast Vedi recensione completa

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The massive adoption of a cryptocurrency project is the main goal and a dream come true for its creators. There are many of the projects that have this vision, but it is not an easy goal to achieve, and it is necessary to have certain characteristics that allow it to be achieved in a short time. Elrond, has been on that path for 3 years, when a group of experts in cryptography decided to create a new generation blockchain, with extremely powerful features and that in addition to that allows everyone to access it due to its ease of use. use . The main innovation of the elrond blockchain is the ability to process and execute transactions 1,000 times higher than current blockchains, with the ability to allow up to 15,000 transactions per second, and with extremely low fees ($ 0.001). Elrond uses a POS consensus algorithm, which generally does not require specialized mining equipment or GPUs like those required to mine bitcoin, and instead anyone interested could do so using their common dVedi recensione completa

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When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, due to market volatility and the fact that many of us may not be familiar with the area, we get stressed by not obtaining good returns. In recent years, many companies have seen an opportunity in the field of trading, and have launched platforms that through the analysis of mathematical data and statistics in the crypto market, and with the use of robots, offer automated trading services to extract the best return on your clients' investments. Such is the case of fox trading, a platform developed by a group of traders and experts that offers trading signals, with the use of artificial intelligence and algorithms to guarantee users long-term benefits on their investments. It basically works with the use of signals, which notify users when it is time to sell or buy assets, but these signals are captured by an auto trading system, in which no manual action by the user is necessary. It is a win-win system in which the platform obtains a percentageVedi recensione completa

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A case of success in the cryptocurrency exchange market, it is very rare lately due to the great variety of this type of platform in the market and the strong competition. The case of Atomars is quite the opposite, since it was only created in 2019 and today it has already taken an important position in the market, managing a daily volume of more than 33 million dollars. Its popularity has been increasing in such a short time because despite being a centralized Exchange, it has tended to the community as one of its priorities, launching airdrops and rewards campaigns for trading that have undoubtedly made it catch every time. more users around the world. According to my experience with this exchange, I must say that it is a good option for those users who are taking their first steps in the crypto world, since it does not take many steps to create an account, and the KYC process is extremely easy. and simple to perform. Regarding the interface, everything is very clear and precise, witVedi recensione completa

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In the cryptographic environment, there are certain projects that share similar stories, especially in terms of their foundation and market launch, such as bitcoin and newyorkcoin, since the whereabouts of their creators is unknown until now. This is something very peculiar in the market, and at the same time it represents a project with high levels of decentralization because it is the community itself that is in charge of taking the reins of the entire ecosystem. Newyorkcoin is an open source project with a POW consensus system, with the use of the Scrypt hash algorithm, which means that it can be mined and the requirement to do so does not usually need powerful equipment. Its purpose is mainly focused to serve as a currency for use in businesses and retail stores since it has enormous levels of scalability, being able to carry out transactions in less than 30 seconds and mostly without any type of commissions, which represents for that market a huge advantage. Since it is an open soVedi recensione completa logo

Today, for many entrepreneurs, who are looking to create a business, it is difficult to choose platforms that serve as payment methods, due to the great abundance of payment gateways in the market. Authorize. net, is not only a common payment platform, but is also a facilitator in the entire online payment processing process thanks to its innovative solutions and the advice offered to its users. The platform has been operating since 1996, and in its long time in the market it has been worthy of several important awards granted to the most outstanding companies in that sector, such as the award for the best API integration in 2018 and 2019 in the Annual Developer API Awards from The Strawhecker Group, thanks to their efforts in providing developers with powerful tools for creating efficient payment systems, without the need for tedious certification processes. Authorize uses a powerful security system, which helps to encrypt confidential information on the Internet called transport layeVedi recensione completa

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In the cryptographic environment, there are various mechanisms used to make the number of tokens in circulation of a given cryptocurrency decrease with each transaction, which is an intentional measure used by the token's creators to primarily provide greater incentives to investors. This token burning mechanism is a deflationary process. Statera STA, is also a deflationary touch powered by the ethereum network and they are linked to an IDT index fund. The STA token is linked with portfolios of different types, and helps all of them evolve and generate liquidity, making the ecosystem competitive, since it works as an asset in an index fund in which the value of the other tokens would generate pressure positive and a kind of balance for statera. The ecosystem is based on an algorithm in which for each transaction carried out with the STA token, 1% is totally burned, making them unusable in the future and that allows that, as there are fewer coins in circulation, they can increase their Vedi recensione completa

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