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I love how easy it is to use, as well as all of their great features! You can create multiple dashboards for different departments or teams within your organization. The reporting capabilities are also extremely helpful in seeing where everyone stands at any given time. There could be more options available when creating reports such as filtering by department/team etc., but this isn't necessarily an issue with other programs we've used previously (like Excel). We have been able to easily track KPIs around team goals set up through our leadership program. It has allowed us to see who needs extra support during onboarding process, which allows me to connect them with mentors from various areas so they don't feel left out once hired into their new roles.Vedi recensione completa

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CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser Fragrance

Cream-gel for washing is something new for me, and I love everything new. I have a miniature, in the full-size version, a more convenient pump dispenser, in my case, just a screw cap. The company is American, but the products are made in France. Sold in many online stores, as well as pharmacy chains. Even the miniature has the brand name stamped on the side. This product is suitable for face and body. I used for the face. At first I considered it as an option for make-up removal, but something didn’t work out, removing makeup with it is a rather long process, no matter how I tried, everything spreads, smears, you can wash it off endlessly, all the same, micellar water is closer and more comfortable to me. In addition, the description contains conflicting facts that it is suitable for removing makeup, but at the same time, in case of contact with eyes, they must be thoroughly rinsed. The next step was to apply after make-up remover to wash off the micellar water (I am of the opinion that micellar water still needs to be washed off, despite the marks of the manufacturers "does not require rinsing"). Cream-gel in consistency is closer to cream, has a light cloudy color. but when applied, it really feels like a gel formula. It is rather unusual to wash with a cream formula, but it is washed off well and quickly, it does not foam at all, so there are no questions about this. There is practically no smell, barely perceptible even if you directly dip your nose into the bottle), and this confirms the absence of fragrances in the composition. The composition contains synthetic components, but such active components that the manufacturer emphasizes as ceramides and hyaluronic acid, unfortunately, are at the end of the list, which means their small amount in the product. What can I say about the effect - it moisturizes very well, I felt it on the lips, now it is winter and the lips require special care, and if in the evening there is a feeling of dryness and tightness on the lips, while washing with CeraVe cream-gel, the lips soften like after a moisturizer , dryness disappears instantly, so the composition, if considered from the side of naturalness, is not very good, but it works. Not bad as a morning care, can also be considered as an option. My face, in principle, is not problematic, so I didn’t feel any special changes, it cleanses, moisturizes normally, after cleansing there is a feeling that I used the cream, but there is no stickiness film, I don’t feel any discomfort during and after washing, allergic reactions were noted. One nuance, this cream-gel could not wash off two-phase micellar water with oils, this should be taken into account. Suitable for normal to dry skin care, given that it removes oil products poorly, I think owners of oily skin should consider another option. What can I say, in general, the product is quite good, I liked it as an option for the last stage of cleansing and moisturizing, given that it moisturizes so well, it is perfect for skin prone to dryness. Of course, it turns out interesting, in my opinion, it is better to apply this cleanser on a pre-cleansed face, this is the only way I feel 100% cleansing and moisturizing, and if there is a positive effect, then why not. Although taking into account that the tool is suitable for lovers of multi-stage cleansing, not everyone will like this care. Vedi recensione completa

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TVsquared Advantage

We've been using this software since 2015 with no issues at all! It's easy enought anyone can use it without any training or prior experience in advanced marketing tools like Google Analytics 360° View (or similar). The support is always available if you have questions about how something works - but also when there are problems within your account/data set up etc- so we're very happy here!! There isn't anything I dislike as such apart from maybe some minor UI changes over time which has made things easier than before. This product does exactly what its supposed to do; give us an overview of our overall data across platforms including online activity too.Vedi recensione completa

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Upgraded Watercolor Washable Non Toxic Beginners

Have a good day, dear readers of my review! In his work in the field Artistically applied craft, I often had to deal with painting material. Today I will celebrate a successful purchase. It will be about watercolor paints. Their advantage is that they retain their color palette after drying. The artist transfers the color he sees onto whatman paper. However, not all tested paints are able to maintain brightness after application. I am satisfied with these. The manufacturer offers color options to help when mixing in a proportional ratio. This is not bad for a beginner watercolorist. The paints themselves are in tubes of 12 ml. Highly concentrated. You can achieve a gentle wash tone to a densely saturated. Work well with squirrel tail brushes. I rate my purchase as excellent. I strongly recommend it to my colleagues in the craft, as well as to young and novice artists.Vedi recensione completa

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Bostitch Twist N Sharp Sharpener Assorted PS1 ADJ

Greetings to all readers who have become interested in my review. In my review, I will talk about the pencil sharpener. Recently, a couple of days ago I went to the Best Price store, to see what they brought new, and maybe buy something. And when I went to the display case with pencils and felt-tip pens, I saw different pencil sharpeners. The assortment was large, and I decided to choose one to buy, since my sharpener broke down, and I use pencils often. So, the Kids Fantasy pencil sharpener that I bought looked like this. This sharpener looks like a small handbag. It has two holes, one for thin pencils, suitable for a simple pencil, and the other for wide pencils. So, I just had a broken simple pencil, and I decided to try to sharpen it. I scrolled several times and it began to sharpen, but not quite as I expected, it sharpened on one side, then I had to take out the pencil and turn it on the other side, and sharpen it on the other side, as a result, the pencil sharpened. In general, I liked the sharpener, but not quite, because I would like it to immediately sharpen from all sides. The sharpener itself is bright and unusual. After the pencil is sharpened, you need to open the sharpener and remove the debris from it. To all readers of successful purchases that will delight you. Vedi recensione completa

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Acrbiutu Compatible Replacement Silicone IWatch

I have one habit. I am constantly eating, sleeping, exercising, swimming, walking, just being lazy in hours. It’s just that when the Apple Watch of the third series came out, I couldn’t resist and since then we have not been separated. With watches I like to use different bright silicone straps. I usually order them on Ali. After all, you definitely can’t buy original ones for $ 2-10, but you want a lot of different ones. And then the trouble came to me. My body refused to feel cheap silicone on my arm every day 24/7 and I got irritated. Agree - it’s not very pleasant that it feels like the appearance of the hand. All this was easily corrected by wearing the original strap - but it is gray, but I want colors, and also by not wearing a watch at all - and I felt like I had no hands, which is even worse. And so I freaked out and ordered three straps from Walmart, exactly the same, but in different colors: black, gold and rose gold. They are not silicone - they are metal. After two weeks of use, there was no irritation. Which is very pleasing. Their price is $ 35 for a little thing, not Ali of course, but the quality is excellent. For some reason, the boxes were badly damaged during transportation, but I'm on my own, so don't care. Yes, and I also damaged the box from the mail to the house so well, first drowning it a little, then stepping on it, and then sitting on it (but only shhh). It also turned out that these are not just straps. What I looked at before is not clear. They also have clothes for the watch itself But to be honest, I didn't really like this idea. So these knobs for the watch will be a dead weight for me. But who is to blame here - when choosing it was necessary to look, the main thing is that it is very difficult not to see. But that's it, I'm a girl, which means I can not be attentive. They are fastened with a magnet, because the strap is like a bracelet and it needs to be tightened. The fastening of the strap to the watch is excellent. In a word, Lapota. Hands have not yet reached the yellow to use, but its time is already close. Vedi recensione completa

enhanced splashproof portable bluetooth radiator logo

Enhanced Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Radiator

Good afternoon. Six months ago, I became the owner of the Mifa A10 + column. After this time, I decided to share my impressions. I bought the column on Alik. Came pretty quickly. Even unpacking this device caused positive emotions. A cool black box, made of normal material (it's nice when attention is even paid to packaging). Usually I don’t keep boxes from devices and gadgets, but I decided to leave this one. Externally, the column has an original appearance, which distinguishes it from a number of similar devices. I chose a graffiti-style color scheme on a metal surface. On the sides of the speakers are triangular-shaped speakers. There are suction cups on the bottom to keep it from slipping on the surface. The control panel is accessible, rubberized. It has an indicator and a microphone among the control buttons. Behind the speaker is a rubber plug, behind which there are inputs for memory cards, a charger, an audio cable. The column came charged, immediately tested. Works norms, paired with the phone easily (even from the next room). MicroSD reads norms, tested up to 16 GB. (More volume is simply not available). This is not the first Chinese column that I have purchased, so there is something to compare with. It is purely my opinion that the Mifa A10 + speaker sounds best at seventy percent of its maximum volume. There is soft bass, high, medium and low do not overlap each other. If desired, you can adjust the sound on the speaker with the equalizer on your phone. who like it. In general, the sound of norms. The Mifa A10+ has a 2200 mAh battery. It takes about three hours to fully charge. The declared power is 20 W (two speakers of 10 W each). The manufacturer also indicates moisture protection, which I personally have not yet had a chance to check. In general, the impression is positive. I am satisfied with the purchase, I recommend. Vedi recensione completa

cablecreation auxiliary compatible headphones iphones logo

CableCreation Auxiliary Compatible Headphones IPhones

My boyfriend and I quite often have to ride in a car and the music always plays. But sometimes the radio gets bored, and there is not enough time to leave the news on the flash drive, but now you can finally listen to music directly from your phone, be it a contact or any playlists. This was facilitated by the InterStep Aux audio cable. I’m sure Ali would cost mere pennies, but in M-video they bought it for 390 rubles. This is what the packaging looked like: It was possible to shove 50 such cables into it, and there would still be room left). Everything is clear on the back. Actually, for what it is needed, there is also information, and in Russian: The choice of wire colors was not very large, but fortunately, there was red and black. The length of the cable is decent - as much as 2 meters, you can use the phone in the back seat and everyone will listen to music from the phone, or you can carefully roll the cable and then the phone will be at hand. We have it just rolled up: In fact, there is such a connector on both sides, one side is stuck into the phone, it is into the audio system. We have it old, so there were no such native connectors, now it seems to already be on standard new systems. Therefore, we have one side in the glove compartment and the ribbon cable is quite convenient, because it dangles freely in the gap of the glove compartment door, does not pinch and does not interfere with closing. The cable works flawlessly, the phone sees it, the car audio system plays music from the phone through such a cable perfectly. Vedi recensione completa logo

I like that this tool has many different options for people who are looking to make their presence known online and build connections between themselves and followers of other sites/platforms. This program is very easy to use as it makes connecting so much easier than having to do all my own work! Not enough features but they plan to continue adding more functions over time which we love because its helping us get connected faster and better! We're solving two problems at once- how fast can a user connect to me? And what's the best path forward when someone does want or need help from me directly?!Vedi recensione completa

sony icfp26 portable am radio logo

Sony ICFP26 Portable AM Radio

I bought it on the eve of the trip for 1485 rubles, urgently and without much understanding of the market offers. AM/FM. Compact durable case 11.8*6.2*3mm, 190 grams - which is convenient when traveling. Long antenna. On batteries. It has a charge indicator, however, it was not required, since the batteries have served the entire trip and are still in good condition. It was required to catch a wave with an online translation into Russian. What the radio did well. Comes with headphones and strap. Loud clear sound, even with headphones. Now it will come in handy on any trip. Vedi recensione completa

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